Chapter 1:

The Final.

Hannah, Gemma and I waited nervously back-stage, Waiting, Holding hand and hugging each other, We heard Dermot O'Leary saying The public have voted, I am about to reveal the 3 acts who got the most votes, We all had our eyes looking towards One Direction, They looked nervous, Louis was twiddling with his thumbs, the rest of them standing there, Heads down praying, Simon in the middle of them, They each had their arm around him or on his shoulder. I heard Rebecca's name being called She was through, Everyone Cheered, I smiled as she walked off, Congradulating her on her way back, I could see she was shaking, Then we heard Dermot saying One Direction,They were through Hannah Gemma and I jumped up and down screaming, One Direction came off, I hugged each of them, Harry was estatic, I don't think any of them slept last night, Infact None of us slept, We all were to busy thinking about today, We waited to see who was in the final with them, We listened carefully and heard the long pause, the audience were silent, We all heard Matt He was through, The last one. Everyone was so proud. The lads had become good friends with Matt. That ment that Cher was out, Everyone liked her and she was the youngest of them all. 5 months younger than Harry

We were all so excited, Niall Liam Zayn Harry and Louis, Those 5 normal boys, Who never knew each other, Made us all so proud, I was crying, Liam came over and hugged me, Its going to be okay, He whispered to me. Me and Liam became the best of mates during the X Factor, Harry came over to me too, He kissed me on the cheek, Are you okay? He sounded concerned, They all knew what I was going to say next, With big sobs I said I'm so proud of ye, I seriously am and what ever way it goes tomorrow I don't care, As long as ye all stay mates. I could see Zayn in the corner with Geneva. I didn't want to make it obvious but I kinda knew there was somthing between them. Harry followed my eyes and started whistling

The boys were all on a strict rule to be out of the stuido and imditally back to the house, No parties no nothing. Family and Friends weren't allowed visit them in the house, During the day there were allowed leave the house for 1 hour, to go to the shops and then they had to come back and go to rehersals.

We all slowly and gradually left the studios, Hannah Gemma and I made our way back to the hotel, Feeling centemental that this was out last night, Missing the lovely girly night in the hotel rooms, We would be joined back with our boyfriends and in Gemma's case her brother. Mothers Fathers younger brothers and sister, Friends and family would all see their famous son, Brother, friend nephew or grandson soon. I smiled at the thought of seeing Harry again. I've missed him so much. We almost a year together.

We all dressed up for this evening's final, The winner would be announced, I wore a long black dress with my hair curled and pinned back, Hannah wore a long red dress with her hair like mine, and Gemma wore a Long blue dress and had her hair like mine and Hannah's too, We all looked like triplets.

We didn't sleep at all last night, We were to busy imaging what it would be like if they won, We stopped imaging just in case they lost, and tried to sleep, We finally got to sleep for about a hour and woke up again. It was 7am then, We threw our tracksuit bottoms on and got ready to go to the studio, We already had our hair and make-up done. I did our hair, Hannah doing our make-up. We folded our dresses into a dress bag and folded it into our bags, We called a cab and went to the Studio.

Everyone backstage was really nervous, They were all terrified of forgetting their words, egspecially Matt as he normally forgot words at rehersals, Gemma,Hannah and I were the most nervous out of everyone back stage Everyone else was a mixture of really nervous and really excited, We were just saying random things to try make it look like we weren't but we were.

Louis came over and hugged the three of us and told us all not to be nervous before cracking a few jokes, and doing he crazy pat the dog, screw the lightbulb thing, Which deffinatly lightened the mood for us all.

Anne Harrys mum was with us but we seemed to have lost her when we went to the toilets to fix our make-up, We found her eventually. Everyone was nervous and scared about tonight. As rehersals finished it was 5pm, We went into the toilets and changed, there space there was like a changing room, It was for friends, Family and contestants only, We assumed it was just for changing though

After everyone preformed Dermot announced the 2 finalists, We were all shaking, our nerves were getting the better of us by now. All I wanted to do right now was go up and hug Harry who I knew was already crying. 3rd Place hadn't been announce but the comptition was so hard this year, The results could go each way It could be One Direction, Matt or Rebecca, It wasn't our choice, It was the audience, We depended on them to help One Direction win.

We heard Dermot saying the lines werere frozen, All of us froze and stayed silent, I had Harry's phone in my hand. It was buzzing every 30 seconds, constantly. We listened carefully, I turned Harry's phone off. We heard him say, And the first person through to the final is...Matt! There was cheers all over the place, We clapped and hugged Matt as he walked off stage. Everyone went silent again,

The 2nd person through to the final is...We all crossed our fingers, Rebecca! There was Cheers everywhere, we all hugged Rebecca as she walked off and congradulated her, She was crying happy tears,and there it was, Tears streaming down our faces and the lads, We could make out Liam, Crying and shaking. Louis talked as he was the oldest and strongest of them all, This deffintly Isn't the end of One Direction. I felt tears streaming down my face, I looked at the 5 Best Friends, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall, All 5 strong, precious and nice boys, After all that was in the magazines about them. I looked over at Liam, He was walking away from Rebecca, and went to stand beside Harry, The two of them, Tears streaming down their face. It all came back to me, Harry's audition,

I couldn't make it that day, I had to go to a cousin's confirmation, He texted me at 3pm, You busy? xox Hazza :(, I knew it was bad, With the sad face on my screen I felt like crying, I texted him back nope, Ring ya ina few : / xxClaire, I rang him. Heey, I heard screams into the phone, Harry whoever is with ya tell them to shut up, Good news, Bad news? Tell me.

Harry sounded happy, Good! I got through! screamed and jumped up and down I couldn't even finish my sentence Bu-Bu-But What about the sad face when ya texted me. I Just heard a brief Woops down the phone, Sorry ment to be a happy one.

Everyone kept asking me what happened, I told everyone that MYBoyfriend got through to bootcamp in the X Factor. I couldn't explain how happy I was. I kept running the converstation through my head.

My mum drove me home and I texted Harry, Come over, Ya can come to my cousin's if ya want :) xox. Within minutes Harry arrived at my house, A bunch of flowers in his hand, I'd rather be with you right now then be with my Family, He made me smile, Thats how much I love you He kissed me on the cheek and waved his mum off, Comon I grabbed his arm, pulling him into the car, My mum started the car and we drove to my cousin's, He was really dressed properly for a confirmation, But who really cared. He told me everything, That they let him sing Isn't she lovely I was flattered when he told me that it was dedicated to me. That Louis said no, That simon loved him, I was overjoyed. He was wearing, A green scarf looped around his neck twice, A plaine white t-shirt, a grey cardigan, Sleves rolled up,brown trousers and black shoes. When we arrived at his house I grabbed his hand, Led him to the back of my cousins house It was huge, Their back garden huge, It was his first time there but I was sure he would get to know his way around easily.

There was a trampoline at the back, a Big oak tree, home-made swings hanging from it, and in front of us there was a huge, 10 foot,or bigger Bouncy Castle. He whispered to me, The best way to make a great day greater,I hugged him, I knew how much he loved bouncy castles Our hands interlocked. My cousin, Who made her confirmation came up to us, So whos this Clairebear, I blushed, Sarah! He will never live this down ClaireBear...Seriously.

This is my boyfriend Harry, he just had to add in that We were together that he isn't just a friend thats a boy. We all laughed, Soon enough all my other cousins came around us, I laughed as he told them all who he was. Everyone got bored and walked away, I laughed as he made a sad face, Sarah, My cousin who made her confirmation, stayed as we walked around the place, Sitting on the swings attached to the tree, We explained to him how we were related, My Grand-mother's sister is her nanny, Oh I get it! We laughed, He never was good the way people were related.

We all went out for dinner, We went to a restruant. After the meal we had to make speeches, I was used to making speeches as I was the only one able to speak in audiences. Sarah pulled me down, and told me what to say, So, I had to thank everyone for coming, and thanked them for their lovely gifts, It felt like my confirmation all over again, Harry walked up beside me when I finished and whispered to me, Why are you saying this, Its your cousins confirmation. Its a tradition, Our best friend, Which has to be family has to read out the speech. I went on for about 5 minutes. I imagined everyone falling asleep at the end. The only person to really fall asleep was Harry, He musn't have slept last night or I'm extremely boring.

Back to the final, I watched as all their highlights were shown, After the highlights, I looked over at Harry, He was in between Liam at the end and Niall. He was looking over a Louis, I could see the tears streaming down his face. Dermot announced the 3rd place, One Direction, and they walked off Louis, Zayn,Niall,Harry then Liam, I hugged them all as the walked off, I couldn't help feeling sorry for them.

Harry went over to me, Kissed me on the cheek, His eye's blotchy and bloodshot, I knew he was devistated but I re-assured him everything will be fine, The winner would be announced soon and there will be parties, Nobody will sleep tonight I whispered to him, I couldn't make out what he said next, It was all mixed in with sobs, I think it was I love you, I'm not sure.

The break was over and the tears had slowly stopped, The final 2 acts, Matt and Rebecca would go back up and sing their winner single, Matt sang When we collide By Biffy Clyro, and Rebecca sang, Distant Dreamer By Duffy. After they both sang their winner was announce.

I just imagined Dermot O'Leary calling out, and the winner of the X-Factor 2010 is...ONE DIRECTION, It seemed like it was ment to be. We waited long enough. After the break the winner will be announced.

It was finally the time, And the winner is...


Everyone screamed, Matt just jumped back, in Disbelief, I knew he was happy, This year was the hardest year of them all, I really wanted One Direction, Matt and Rebecca to win, and to me they all are winners. Matt sang his winners song, We all knew he couldn't get the notes as he was so shocked that he won, Matt, Aiden Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn were all like brothers.

Everyone gathered backstage, In a big line Ready to run out and hug Matt, Harry tried to pull me out but I didn't, This was between them and Matt, I hardly knew Matt but he seemed really nice. I wanted to get to know him more, but I don't think we will. Even though One Direction left with no record deal, they still left with 2 new best mates, This wasn't the end for them.

We went back to the X Factor House, Family and friends allowed to go now, We had to promise to keep it a secret though, Simon had given Matt, Rebecca and The lads one week to get their stuff packed up and to leave, We partied most of the night in the house. We stocked up on Coke, Fanta and loads more soft drinks, We had no alchol which I thought was fine, So nobody will be drunk and all of us normally sober. There was all of us at the party, Gemma,Anne,Hannah and all Louis', Harry's ,Liam's, Niall's and Zayn's family and friends.

Harry and I sat upstairs trying to somewhat tidy their room , I wasn't sure which was his clothes, Harry didn't know either so we were confused I picked up, Harry's Purple Supra's, You didn't wear them in a while, I smiled at him, Yeah, Zayn borrowed them and didn't give them back till yesterday and I thought I should wear a pair of proper shoes, I laughed, Your a hopeless liar, I bought the shoes for Harry for his 16th Birthday, It was the 1st Of February.

I opened my mouth to say somthing and Zayn popped his head around the door Coming down guys, We're lighting Louis' early birthday cake, We want you two and Hannah to bring it out, Harry and I ran down stairs, I turned the lights off, lit the cake, I wasn't sure what flavour it was So I'd have to wait till we cut it, I lit he cake, Harry, Hannah and I carried it out, Using one hand each. Louis blew out the candles and we all cut the cake, Oh Hazza he said, Whilst rubbing him on the head, We all laughed, Louis came over and hugged me and then went to Hannah.

He sounded drunk, But we alll knew he wasn't, There wasn't any drink in the house. The cake was chocolate, Everyone loved chocolate cake. We handed everyone a slice, The biggest slice going to Louis, It was huge, Chocolate sauce pouring out of it. We all laughed as Louis dropped his face right into the slice, Covering his face in chocolate, Everyone was laughing at him.

We stayed up till 5am parting, It was a wonderful night and Everyone enjoyed it.