This is my first "Lie to me" fanfic.

I do not own any of this characters.

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Chapter 1: Marry me!

„But Dad! How will you prove it to Sarah? She won't believe, you have a girlfriend.", Emily asked.

Cal looked franticly around. And suddenly he saw Gillian passing by his office, reading a file while walking. "I have an idea. Follow me.", he told Emily and he hurried after Gillian.

"Oi Gillian! Will you marry me?", he called after her.

"Nice try, Cal.", Gillian answered casually without looking at him and entered her office.

Cal looked at Emily confused, who gestured him to follow Gillian.

Both of them went into her office. Gillian sat at her desk, tipping something on her laptop.

"Uhhm.", Cal said and Gillian looked up. He got her attention. "Well,…. Look… it's…uhm…", he babbled but Emily stopped him.

"Gillian, there is an old friend form my Dad coming over from England and staying with us for a while."

Gillian was not quite sure what to make of this information: "Good." She simply said.

"NO! NOT GOOD!", Cal said loudly and then fell into the seat in front of Gillian's desk. "She.. Sarah was my fiancé. And she is staying at my house." He tried to explain.

Gillian shrugged: "So, what's the point? If she was your fiancé, you should be used to having her around." She was annoyed by all the woman in his life and he knew it.

"She want's to see me! She want's to get me back, and I told her I was married." Cal explained.


"So? So? I'm not married any more. I do not want her, but she is coming. Gillian I need a wife!"

"What about Zoe?"

"Yeah, like she is gonna help me. Please Gillian, if you do this for me,…. I'll… I'll, hell, I don't know, but please marry me!"

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