Gillian had not been really tired as it had seemed to be. And she had only pretended to sleep. It was part of her plan. When she walked down the corridor to the stairs she met Emily.

"You okay Gillian?"

Gill grinned: "I'm fine. I'm off to make your dad drool. I hope Sarah is still downstairs?"

Emily nodded: "What are you planning?"

Gillian opened her bathrobe and gave it to Emily.

Emily was amazed: "Uh yeah, that's gonna make him drool for sure. Wait, I'll just bring the bathrobe back into the bedroom and get my camera."

Gillian just grinned and made her way downstairs. She sneaked though the dark kitchen and found Cal and Sarah still in the living-room. Sarah was trying hard to seduce Cal and it made Gillian angry. So she pulled herself together and lent against the doorframe.

"Cal, come to bed." She said with a sexy voice.

Cal and Sarah looked up and saw her. Nobody would have had problems to read his face now. First he was surprised and then… Gillian noticed with joy the desire in his eyes.

Cal was unable to close his mouth. There was Gillian, lascivious leaning at the doorframe with nothing but a very tight and sheer bra. Only at the parts where it was beset with lace the eyes were not allowed to see the skin underneath. A short veil was fastened to the bra and revealed more then it covered. The panties –Cal hoped it was a string- matched the whole appearance perfectly. And she wore suspenders in the same color. RED! Seductively she played with the veil.

Within an instant his pants grew tight. Without looking back at Sarah, he got up and walked over to her, taking her hand.

"Night Sarah." He said as he led Gillian upstairs.

In the bedroom, Gillian took her bathrobe and got dressed.

"What are you doing?" Cal asked almost shocked.

"You had your fun for today." Gillian answered and sat on the bed.

"But… but… you cannot…" For a short moment he reminded her of a child who had been promised a great gift only to find out that some other kid got it instead. "You cannot do that, making me hot and then…then…"

"Cal, that was just a show." Gillian said pushing down the suspenders beneath the bathrobe.

"And what happens when Sarah come eavesdropping at our door?


"She has to believe we're having sex!" He exclaimed, knowing that just pretending would be hard tonight.

Sarah stepped angrily into the corridor and went past the bedroom door, she only stopped shortly to listen to the noise of pleasure that came through it.


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