It was a quiet winter day when she went up this long-familiar hill. The trees were just as she remembered it, even the slope hasn't changed a bit.

It was almost a decade since she last attended to this place. The leader was now a strict government official, surprising everyone with her young age; their transferee got into a butler managing business, and a successful one to boot; their mascot, as the leader oft called her, became an actress, much to the said person's embarrassment; their member, was now a writer, and is quite famous right now, if she may say so herself.

She ended up being a librarian. He said it was quite a surprise, seeing her entertain the patrons of her library with all sorts of things she did. She said it was nothing difficult.

But every winter, she comes back here. To this lonely, desolate, school. Moving about as slow as she is, helps her remember what she did to him on a similar time a few years back.

She slowly walked up the hill, reminiscing, or more accurately, recalling in vivid detail, what she did to him on that time and place. Every where she looked, there was a simple memory waiting to be accessed by her highly advanced self. That lone afternoon classroom; that quaint corridor; even the steps of the stairs; a memory was present in every single space she looked at. She remembers her little slip up in that place, but he said that it was unnatural for her. It was disheartening, if she dare say so herself, to hear that from him, especially now that she was no longer just an entity.

She smiled sadly at every recall, as if to reassure herself that it was not in vain. She had many suitors now, especially since she was doing that nightly singing gig that the odd transferee set her up with. She was getting confessions at an alarming clip, even at work, both day and night. She supposed it wasn't a surprise, really. He did say that she was pretty, and the only thing that intimidated others to her was her reluctance to speak. Even so, she wanted him to notice, not others. She thought that it was odd, really. None of their clique had something good on that part of life, yet. All of them were alone. For now.

It was hard for her to fit in after her "humanization". All of those previously unknown emotions flowed out of her, magnified to a high degree. Despite this, she continued her work: watching over her and gathering data. Not that having emotions were a hindrance to it, of course.

But since then, she always thought that there was something special between them. After all, he defended her from the entity and everything. But she supposed that it was normal for him, since he cared for all of them like a family, really.

It was already nightfall when she left the campus, and her namesake was already falling from the sky. Her white coat practically camouflaged her well in it, even if her now long violet hair was supposed to now be a glaring beacon against the scenery. She finds this odd, as it always snows when she leaves the school, as if to make her remember their small exchange in that place. She shakes her head subtly, almost unnoticeable to anyone, except by him.

She then looks up at the sky, saying just one small prayer.

"Please, don't forget."

With that, she goes home, slowly as she came up to this hill of memories.