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Chapter: 1 First Meeting

The year is 2105. Caleb Lansing-Gant has just woken up from 58 years Cryogenic stasis. The daughter of a friend of his from the past, is searching for him in order to fulfil her mother's dying wish: to help him win back Earth's freedom.

"Karin! Karin!" a frightened, female voice crackled and screamed over the radio.

Karin immediately woke up; she would recognise that voice anywhere.

"Katie? Where are you?" she asked. Her head and chest still hurt. The impact of the Roboidz' arm against her chest and then hitting her head on the ground the night before flashed through Karin's memory.

"I'm in a Shade Plant, just south of where we somehow split up. They're trying to turn me into one of them!" her voice sounded higher than usual.

"Calm down, I'm on my way!"

Karin turned to look at her other recruit, the one that was with her still. Eric was strong and brave; however, he was fast asleep and very injured. She could not risk him coming with her so she slipped out quietly and headed south.

Day was breaking when Karin finally reached the Plant. Her legs felt as though they were on fire.

"I have to keep moving," she murmured in pain, "I have to find my other recruit."

The place stank. Dead bodies smelled better compared to this place.

Grunting with effort, Karin moved stealthily in order to manoeuvre her way around the stinking Shades.

She daren't call Katie on her radio. She couldn't endanger herself anymore than necessary, not if she wanted to find her recruit and to survive.

Eventually she found Katie, curled up in the corner of a dark room. The Shades did not seem to enter this room for some reason.

"Karin!" the recruit half whispered, half shouted, "You came back for me."

"Of course I did, why would I leave one of my last two recruits behind?" Karin asked quietly, stunned that Katie cared this much about her.

Katie simply shrugged and clung to Karin as they made their way back out of the Shade Plant.

They arrived at their temporary HQ, where Eric had just woken up.

"Where'd you go?" he asked Karin as she packed up the very few possessions she had.

"To get Katie." she simply said as she helped him sit up, "How's the leg?" she asked.

"Still sore, but I'll live," he muttered, "You should have woke me up," he said furious that she risked her life and did not tell him.

"I'm fine now, so really you don't have to worry." Katie said.

Eric was never good at expressing himself so he simply said, "Yeah I guess." and left it at that.

"Are you guys ready?" Karin asked.

Her recruits nodded and both shouted, "Onwards and upwards."

Karin beamed with pride. She had taught her recruits well, "Let's go then."

It was hot and sticky when the trio finally reached the ocean. The two recruits immediately started to paddle their feet in the cool, refreshing blue water.

Karin stayed alert they were so close. She could feel it. Soon she'd find him, the guy that her mother was determined to find before she died. Karin shuddered at the memory of the death of her beautiful mother. Sarah Knight was a kind-hearted sweet old woman. Despite her pacifism beliefs, she managed to do well with fighting the Roboidz. Then again, she really couldn't really call those kettle-heads people now could she?

A loud noise pulled Karin out of her reverie.

'A Roboidz, just what we needed,' thought Karin as she prepared herself. She cast her eyes round about, looking for her recruits.

They were standing wide-eyed, looking around them.

"What's that noise?" they both asked fear evident in their voices.

"Looks like our break has been cut short." Karin said as she looked for a way to cross the big ocean.

A few miles up the beach, she noticed a speedboat moored to a jetty. Why there was a speedboat there, she had no idea, but she grabbed Eric and Katie's hands and took off running towards it.

"What's a speedboat doing here?" Eric asked.

Both girls shrugged and they got on it. Karin revved it up and they were speeding over the water.

"Do you even know how to drive these things?" Katie asked as Karin stalled for the third time.

"No, but how hard can it be?" she asked.

The two recruits looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

Two or three very long staggering hours later, they could see four large industrial ships in the middle of the ocean. Large Roboidz patrolled the upper decks of the ship and Karin's heart sank. She should have guessed that Future Gate would be guarded by the evil Roboidz. This unexpected turn of events should really have been expected and Karin found herself shaking with fear.

'What if he is long dead? What if he doesn't know any more than I do?' Karin couldn't help it; she knew it was pointless to speculate what had happened to Caleb between the year 2047 and today. She could only hope that he was still alive.

Karin parked the speedboat as near to the ship as she dared and turned off the engine.

"OK, here we are," she said quietly.

Her recruits were uneasy; they had every right to be. Carefully and quietly, they boarded Future Gate.

Karin knew exactly where she was going as her mother gave her the schematics for Future Gate, for her to memorise. Her mother was adamant that she would memorise it. She wanted her to be focused on her mission and not to get sidetracked.

They turned around another corner. Karin bumped into another human being.

He was tall with sparkling blue-green eyes. He was wearing a black t-shirt, a green hoodie and black leather jacket overtop, with black trousers, gloves and shoes.

"Oh, I'm sorry," they both said then looked at each other properly.

"Oh my goodness, you're human!" he said jumping with joy.

Karin stared at him wide-eyed, "You are…?" her heart filled with hope, he looked exactly how her mother described him.

"I'm Caleb," he said, "Leader of the resistance. Well at least I'm fighting the Roboidz; I don't really have anyone to lead just yet, not until I can get recruits here from the past. Although I do have a recruit back in the year 2010 helping me out with gaining access to the Cycon Archive."

"Oh my gosh! It's really you!" Karin was ecstatic she hugged Caleb, "My mum told me everything about you."

Caleb looked confused, "I don't know anyone, in fact I remember nothing of anything that happened before I woke up from Cryogenic Stasis," he said.

"Oh right yeah. You've lost your memory." Karin slapped her forehead, "I should have realised."

"Ahem!" one of the recruits cleared their throats, "You've forgotten something."

"Oh right! Caleb, these two are my recruits, Eric and Katie. They are the last two surviving." Karin introduced the recruits with a sad smile, "The other two were mutilated into pieces, we're still unsure as to who did it as I'm pretty sure Roboidz cannot wield swords."

Caleb looked at them and a boyish grin spread over his face, "It's nice to meet you. At last, I'm not on my own." he said pulling the two recruits into a big hug.

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