Chapter: 2 Into the Unknown

Hey guys I know its a little late, but here is chapter 2. Internet's been for a few weeks and school got in the way of my writing. Hopefull that's all sorted now and chapter three will be up soon. Enjoy!

Caleb could see tall buildings with bright decorations around him. There were people milling around, wearing warm clothing holding shopping bags in their hands and going into these buildings. He did not know what they were for or what he was doing here. The ground was cemented and smooth. Trees were growing in amongst the bushes further away from him. Suddenly he heard a familiar sound, the sound of Roboidz footsteps approaching. Strangely he felt calm, almost accustomed to the sound and then he saw one of the big, hulking, cans of junk, shuffling its big, heavy feet along the pavement. This one was picking up litter. Caleb would have laughed to see this 9ft tall beast turned into a mere slave, however something was wrong and he could not quite put his finger on it.

Caleb was now suddenly in a parking lot. He wasn't entirely sure how he got there as he did not remember walking. He heard a young girl's voice, pleading with someone or something to leave her alone. Without thinking he ran towards the sound of her voice. A young, beautiful girl with long blonde hair and hazel eyes was being attacked by a group of five older boys. Caleb did not hesitate. He came up behind them, roundhouse kicked one in the head, who then subsequently ended up knocking out the guy next to him as he fell to the floor. That left three. They came towards him with knives and he dodged, punched and dodged some more until they were all unconscious on the floor.

Caleb helped the girl to her feet and smiled his charming smile, "I'm Caleb," he introduced himself, concern filled his eyes, "Are you alright?"

The girl nodded slowly, "Yeah, I am now. Thanks," she said, her voice was like a wind chime caught in the breeze, "I'm Sarah Knight."

Caleb then found himself back on Future-Gate, however there were lots of people walking around. A woman turned down the same corridor that he was walking in.

"Oh Caleb, who's this?" she asked.

Her voice sounded familiar, 'Cybele?' he thought, 'But that was impossible, Cybele was an artificial intelligence. Their voices did sound similar though.'

Caleb looked at the girl by his side, "This is Sarah Knight, I saved her from a group of boys that were attacking her," he said.

She looked at Caleb hard, "I do wish you wouldn't get into fights Caleb." she chided him, "However, I am glad to see that you're alright," the woman said to Sarah…

Caleb woke up with a start. It was only a dream and yet it had felt so real. That woman, why did she sound very similar to Cybele. Why did he feel so relaxed when he had the Roboidz shuffling down the street?

He got out of bed and looked around him and sighed. He was going to have to get used to this. Not knowing who he is, not being able to remember anything. It frustrated him. Cybele had told him not to worry and that he was a good kid, but... He couldn't help but wonder, what was he really like? He looked at his left arm, the one with the cybernetic implants. Was he even human to begin with? He only woke up out of Cryogenic Stasis, three weeks ago. Everything had been so new to him, he couldn't even remember his own name.

Caleb shook his head to clear it. He'd go to Cybele, she'll help him make sense of it all.

He quietly walked out of the room so he did not disturb Karin and her sleeping recruits and stealthily made his way deeper into Future-Gate. He arrived at a small set of steps attached to a gangway. Here was where he called for Cybele.

"Cybele? Cybele?" Caleb called.

"What is it Caleb?" her reassuring voice answered as light spilled through the corridor.

"I had a strange dream," he began, "It felt so real, I don't understand it."

"It was most likely nothing Caleb," Cybele tried to reassure him.

"It involved Roboidz and a girl," he paused, "I'm sure I've seen her face before, how I just don't know."

He described his dream to Cybele. She remained quiet throughout his description. When he was finished she said:

"I'm sure it was nothing Caleb, go back and get some rest. You mustn't let these things bother you, after all, you are the chosen one, the one to defeat the Roboidz."


"Caleb, you must rest," Cybele interrupted him, "You need to remain focused on your mission." the light faded away.

"Yeah, ok," Caleb said and then left heading back to his command post.

He could hear Karin and her recruits playing some sort of game as he walked into the room. He walked over to the new people. Something else he would have to get used to. New faces, voices, and personalities. The prospect of having people to talk to was both terrifying and exciting.

He watched them playing with cards. How could they be so relaxed?

"Oh Caleb, there you are," Karin said, packing up the cards, "Where'd you go?"

Caleb yawned and sat down next to her, "I had a strange dream and went to talk to Cybele about it."

Karin's eyes widened, "Cybele? As in another human?"

Caleb shook his head, "No she's an artificial intelligence, she woke me up from Cryogenic Stasis and is the only friend I have."

"Had," she corrected him.

He stared at her blankly.

"We're your friends too," she explained.

Caleb slapped his forehead, "Of course you are, I'm still not used to having other humans around."

He looked around him, "Anyway, how can you guys be so relaxed?" he asked, "There are Roboidz here on Future Gate, I'd never be able to relax until they are all destroyed."

Karin smiled, "My mother had always told me to find time to relax," she replied, "That way I wouldn't be too stressed to continue fighting with the Roboidz. Anyway, life isn't fun if you don't relax."

Caleb didn't know how to have fun, or even what it felt like to have fun.

"Right," Caleb said.

"Caleb, what do you know about the Roboidz?" Karin asked.

"They've been here far longer than I've been awake."

"I remember my mother talking about the Roboidz toys of 2020. She said that her mother had one." Karin said.

"Toys? There were Roboidz toys at one stage?" Caleb was flabbergasted, "Can't imagine the Roboidz ever bringing happiness to anyone," he said rather gloomily, he shook his head "On a brighter note, you guys are here now, so we can begin to eliminate the Roboidz. Together we'll find their weakness and take out those metal heads."

Karin looked somewhat doubtful, "Exactly how do we that?" she asked, "I mean it just feels like such a huge responsibility for the four of us. "

Eric and Katie nodded, "But we are willing to do whatever it takes to bring them down."

Karin smiled, "Yeah, no matter how hard it is," she agreed, "Although with that leg of yours, your staying put until it mends."

Caleb led Karin and Katie through cold, dark corridors. The place stunk with the filthy, creepy Shades. Caleb did not know what would be waiting for them as he turned around another corner. His instincts were on high alert as they continued walking. All this was still awefully new to him.

"Caleb exactly where are we going?" Karin asked as they turned around yet another corridor.

He stopped walking for a few brief moments to explain.

"I thought we should go look for the central computer, it should have all the information necessary to destroy the Roboidz," he answered.

"Caleb, I hope you do realise that most of the time, it's never that easy, I mean, back in 2098 I tried to hack into one of the main computers in a Roboidz compound on the mainland and I inadvertently set off the main security systems. Let's just say it wasn't very pleasant."

Caleb looked thoughtful, "Well, we'll just have to hope we can get into the system without any hiccups."

Karin sighed, "It still won't be that easy," she muttered.

The group continued making their way stealthily through Future-Gate. They saw many Roboidz patrolling the corridors. Roboidz of different classes, doing different tasks. Karin shuddered at the sight of so many Roboidz all in one place. She couldn't wait until each and every one of them were destroyed.

Caleb stopped suddenly and groaned, "The door is being guarded by a lot of Roboidz."

Katie peeked around his shoulder, "What are they guarding?" she wondered aloud.

"My guess is something important. Really important." Caleb speculated.

"Haven't you been in that room before, Caleb?" Karin asked.

"Not yet, I haven't gotten around to exploring the whole of Future-Gate just yet," he replied, "It is big after all."

Karin nodded in agreement, "So are we gonna try and get passed them?" she asked hesitantly.

Caleb considered for a minute and then shook his head, "As much as I would love to take them down, I think it might be better if we were to try to find another way into the room, " he said slowly, "That way it should minimise the risk of injury by a small fraction."

"Good plan," Karin agreed. She wasn't ready just yet to physically fight another Roboidz.

Will Caleb find another way into the room or will he end up having to fight the Roboidz? What is the meaning behind his dream? Is it a supressed memopry from so long ago? All will be revealed in the following chapters^^