This is the last chapter of Resurrection; it was shorter than I expected. I thank everyone for the reviews and apologize if you expected the story to be longer. In the future however, I will continue to write more Blue Drop fanfictions.

Chapter Four



My heart pounds rapidly after her soft voice spoke to me telepathically. Hagino? Where are you?

In Blue.

I bolt toward the ship and ran like I hadn't before. My shoulder-length, brown hair whips in the air as Tsubael and Micchi call after me frantically. "Where are you going?" Tsubael yells.

I turn my head around and see them running with me. "Hagino is in Blue!" I shout back ecstatically. I hadn't felt this happy for a long time. I feel that I am alive again. In the background of the voices streaming through my head, I can hear Hagino chuckling softly. I smile to myself.

Tsubael opens the entrance of Blue, and we all run in together. The Arume in the ship are glancing at us with confusion, but none of us explain to them what's going on. They don't understand why their commander, Tsubael, looks so happy either.

I can feel Hagino's presence vibrating in the lower deck of the ship; she draws me closer to her magnetically. The elevator to the lower deck opens for me, and I don't bother to wait for Tsubael and Micchi. The elevator descends, and I can feel my heart beating and beating. In a few seconds, the elevator door opens, and I step out.

Hagino's vibrant blue eyes gaze at me as she stands in front of her ship. Like Tsubael, she only aged a little, but she is still beautiful. She is in her Arume outfit. We stand across from each other as if we are separated by a line, but I am the first to break it.

I hug her, and my eyes moisten. It feels so good to embrace her in my arms, and I close my eyes to sink deeper into her touch. Her cold hands startle me, but as they continue to remain on my back, her touch grows warmer and warmer.

By the time we break the embrace, we both know that Tsubael and Micchi are stepping out of the elevator. But our eyes remain locking onto each other's, and I don't want to let go. Staring into my lover's eyes fills the emptiness of my past; she is the healer of my wounds. My healer.

Hagino is the first to speak. "I expected you to slap me."

I stare at her bewilderedly and cannot tell if she's joking around because her face remains calm. Why does she think that I was going to hurt her? Then I remember the time when I pushed her into swimming pool, and the other impulsive things I used to do to her.

The dark-haired Arume smiles. "I guess I'm not going to be punished then?"

I grin back at her. "Not today," I reply with a wink. "I'll punish you later."

Hagino surprises me with a kiss, and I draw in deeper to her. Then we hear someone clearing their throats in the background, and we turn around to face Tsubael and Micchi grinning at us.

We'll continue to this later, Hagino says to my mind.

A blush escapes my cheeks, and she wraps her fingers around my hand.

"Hagino," Tsubael addresses. "Now that you're back, will you take your place back as the commander of Blue?"

Hagino shakes her head. "I've retired long ago. Blue belongs to you now, Tsubael. She's now in your care."

Tsubael nods her head in respect. "I wonder how everyone else is going to react," she remarks. All of us chuckle; we wouldn't know until we return to the main deck.

"Before I woke up," Hagino says. "I was confused where I was. Then I realized that I was sitting in my ship, but it looked different. I feel like I had been sleeping for a long time and had been waiting for someone to wake me up. I felt really cold, and I realized that I was alive again." She turns to face me and blushes. "And then I thought about you, Mari."

I place my left hand on top of hers and realize that the swelling was gone. I told her about Onomil and how I resurrected her back to life.

Hagino kisses my forehead. "You are still a fool for moping about me for those past years."

I stick my tongue at her and look away from her. "Hmph."

Micchi and Tsubael laughs, and Hagino and I remain grinning at each other. We haven't changed a bit.

It turns out that all the Arume went a little crazy when they saw Hagino alive. But now that everyone calmed down, they kindly left us alone.

Hagino and I are now standing outside in Blue gazing at the stars, and our hands still haven't released. It's so hard to explain in words how I am currently feeling. I cannot find a word that describes what's more powerful than happiness. For now I will keep it simple and say that I'm so damn happy, and there is no doubt that Hagino is happy as well.

It feels like everything is a fantasy, a reverie. But it's real.

"Hagino, I don't ever want to let go your hand again," I whisper quietly to her as my head leans on her shoulder.

Hagino smiles at me as she turns her head to face me. "Neither do I, Mari."

I tell her silently, From now on, we stay together...

Till the end, Hagino finishes.

And when the brightest star in the night sky twinkles back at us, I feel Onomil is watching us with a smile.

Eternal love