Author's Note:

Don't even ask me where this came from…I think it came from a lack of sleep.

"Dearest/little bird" can be whomever you want/think it is...

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto…I am not rich

All For You

Why are you screaming?

Why won't you answer me?

Oh…I guess you can't anymore.

You know why I ate you, don't you? I can't imagine that you don't…that was a silly question of me, wasn't it dearest?

I couldn't help myself I suppose. Your flesh smelled so delicious, I couldn't resist.

I would say that I am sorry, but you were simply the best morsel that I had ever had. It was delightful, the way that the tendons and bones crunched under my jagged teeth, and the way that you writhed and screamed in a pool of your own blood-

No, this is a private moment for us, one in which shouldn't be shared with others. Something special, sacred. A wedding of our blood, a ceremony of the most intimate.

Now I can feel tears in my stomach…how many times have I told you to not? Why are you sad? You know that it was so that we can be together forever.

Just listen little bird, and I know that you'll understand everything once I am through.

You see, it was to protect you. All for you, dearest heart.

The world was too cruel, and I had to save you somehow. See? It was all for you!

And I can see now that you understand, as I slip the last piece down past my lips.

Rest now, you must be very tired after all that struggling you did.