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"God damnit. Why?"

I look up from my book at Jasper's whine. "What's wrong?"

He sighs, leaning back in his seat, glaring at his laptop. "Nothing," he mutters.

Placing my hand on his shoulder, I struggle to keep a straight face. "Still no luck, huh?"

He looks at me, pouting slightly. "No. I hate having to sign up for a thousand and one sites, and I'm sure as hell not paying to be able to see something that's free elsewhere. I know it's out there."

I bite my lip. Jasper's been trying to stream his favorite show for weeks now.


"Dying for your Gubler-fix, love?" I tease, tickling his side.

He bats at my hand, blushing slightly through his scowl. "Maybe," he mutters.

I chuckle. He's been hooked on Criminal Minds ever since we house-sat for Rose and Emmett. They have cable, whereas we don't. Neither of us sees the need for the expense, since most shows and movies are online anyway.

We're not poor, by any means, but we're careful with the money we have.

Mussing his hair, I grin. "Could always go over to your sister's to watch."

His eyes widen. "And deal with her commentary? No thanks!"


I glance at the clock, smiling when I see that it's close to midnight – almost Jasper's birthday.

It's Friday night, for which I'm grateful, since it means that we have the whole weekend to ourselves without worrying about getting up in time for work.

Putting my book down, I pat his leg. "Want something to drink, sweetheart?"

He nods absently.

After grabbing a couple of beers, I sneak into our room to get his gift. It's been difficult keeping this from him, but it's worth it.

Sitting down again, I put the box gently on his keyboard.

"Happy birthday, baby."


Frowning, he says, "But it's not my birthday 'til tomorrow..."

I lean in, kissing the corner of his mouth, and point to the clock. "It's midnight. That means it's officially your birthday, love. Unless you want me to take this back?"

I move to take it from him, but he grabs it with a quick, "Oh no, now's good."

He grins. I chuckle.

Anxious, I bite my lip as he unwraps his present.

He opens the lid and gasps, lifting out one of the two boxed sets of DVDs.

"No way!" he whispers with awe.

"You like?" I tease, grinning.


He turns to me, eyes wide. "Are you kidding? I can't believe you got me the first two seasons! Thank you!"

Before I know it, Jasper's put his laptop and his gift on the coffee table and has climbed onto my lap. His hands cradle my face as he leans in, his lips a hair's breadth away.

He whispers, "You are the best boyfriend ever," before claiming my lips.

He shifts, wrapping his arms around my neck and making his shirt ride up. My fingers tease the exposed skin, causing him to squirm.

Pulling away, he murmurs, "I love you."


I smile, pecking his lips. "I love you, too."

He bites his lip, his eyes flickering from my face to the DVDs.

Laughing, I pat him on his ass. "Want to watch a couple of episodes now, baby?"

"Really? You don't mind?" he asks.

I chuckle. "Sweetheart, it's your birthday. You call the shots today. That's how it's always worked, and now is no different. So...Gubler?"

He kisses me hard before getting up to hook the laptop to the flat-screen TV.

I watch in mild amusement as he mutters under his breath.

He looks up. "I still can't believe this..."


Shifting so that my back's against the armrest, I stretch my leg along the length of the couch and hold my arms open for Jasper.

He smiles and puts the laptop within reach, then snuggles up against me.

I wrap my arms around him, kissing his neck.

"Happy birthday, love. I'm glad you like your gift," I murmur.

Jasper turns in my arms and cups my cheek. "I love it, babe. Not only can I ogle The Gubler any time now, but I get to do so with you."

He winks.

I can't help myself and laugh, shaking my head.


We spend the next several hours curled up on the sofa. At one point, I pull the blanket my mom had made for Christmas last year over us, so we're comfortable despite the drop in temperature in the middle of the night.

After several episodes, and much commenting and many kisses later, Jasper yawns. He burrows closer to me.

He turns around, and I tighten my arms around him. Smiling, he cups my cheek. "Thanks, babe. I love that you did that for me."

Kissing him lightly, I smiled. "It's worth it to see you happy, baby. I love you."


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