It was a lovely day at Central zoo. The penguins are having a day off beause every satuday is a day off.

"Eureka!" Kowalski sauddenly shouted at excitement

Skipper, Private and Rico rushed inside Kowalski's lab. Skipper stained with cofee around his feathers.

"Kowalski!" Skipper shouted while starring at him with daggers

"I'm sorry guys. But I did finished my brand new invention." as he uncovered his invention "It's called the Transportaro."

"what's with the wierd name?" Skipper asked Kowalski

"Do we need to do this again?" Kowalski said with a raised eye brow

"Never mind" Skipper said in a annoyed way

"what does it do?" Private asked

"This transporter can transport us to anywhere we want" Kowalski said as he turned on the machine

"Let's go to the fish market!" Private said cheerfully

"Fish market it is."

As the machine went on the four penguins are getting ready to hop inside the machine. After the four penguins hopped inside thunder storm came to the city blacking out the whole zoo and the penguins went black. After a while finally they woke up from being unconcious.

"Where are we?" Skipper said as he stood up

"I believe were at a nest." Kowalski told Skipper

"What the deuce!" Skipper shouted as he see himself with very long wings and long legs "Kowalski status report!"

"I think we've been turned into barn owls." as Kowalski puts one of his wing tips to chin "I believe something went wrong with the machine."

"But what happend?" Skipper said as he saw another barn owl flew into the nest

"Who are you?" Skipper asked the barn owl

"My name is Soren and welcome to the great tree of Ga'Hoole young tyto's." Soren said as he greeted the four used to be penguins

To be continued...

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