It was a stormy night at the Central park zoo of New York. A huge flash lit the sky that almost woke the other zoo animals. Skipper and his team including Kitka are now back at their home world.

"Kowalski, status report." Skipper said

"It looks like our owl forms are still in effect." Kowalski said

"When will this forms end, Kowalski?" Rico asked

"I still don't know." Kowalski replied "For now we should rest at the HQ."

The five owls descended to the penguin habitat.

The owls now landed at the stone cold surface of the penguin HQ. They quickly went inside and checked every equipment. The HQ's backup generator has overloaded from the storm's lightning.

"Kowalski, can you fix the generator?" Skipper asked

"And if you asked me if I can make a dematerializer then yes I can fix it." Skipper rolled his eyes "Don't worry ,sir, I can get this running about two hours."

"Here's the plan me and Rico will go on aerial recon, while Private and Kitka help Kowalski fix the generator." Skipper said

The two owls now flew to the stormy sky of the Central park zoo. Rico spotted the lemurs still awake and a saddened look at their faces. Rico thought of a plan to let them sleep peacefully every night.

"Skipper," Rico called "Why don't we threaten the lemurs so in the future we could catch some winks."

"That may be a good idea, Rico." Skipper said

The two owls landed in the bush near the three lemurs. Rico told the rest of the plan in scaring the lemurs. First they have to listen on what the lemurs are saying and wait for the right moment to unleash their plan.

"What is being the point of shaking our booties if there is no music playing." Julien said

"Julien! Your time has come." Rico shouted from behind the bush

"Maurice, go and check who is speaking to the king." Julien ordered, as Maurice checked the bushes two owls surprised them

"PREDATOR!" Julien shouted

"The sky spirits sent us." Rico said

"Why have they sent you messengers of the sky spirits?" Julien asked

"To claim your soul and bring it to Hagsmire." Skipper darkened his voice so he can't be recognize by the lemurs

"Is that a place where the great kings go?" Julien asked

"It's the place where worst kings go!" Rico said

"It is a place where you will suffer for the stupid things that you have done and that is the sky spirits final decision!" Skipper added "But there is a way to stay in this world."

"King Julien himself is to selfish to do this." Rico said

"Please be telling me messengers of the sky spirits." Julien begged

"For starters if your going to shake your bootie you should lower the volume so your neighbors could sleep well." Rico said

"Do not go near the penguins if they are conducting any operations." Skipper added "Or until they need your assistance."

"Don't order your servants to much." Rico said

"Is that all?" Maurice asked

"We will come back if there are more." Rico said, the two owls flew away from the lemur habitat

"Thank you sky spirits." Julien yelled at the sky

"For some reason that owl with the mohawk looks familiar." Maurice said

"Yeah, he is looking very familiar." Julien said

The two owls quietly churred as they fly above the zoo. After an hour Skipper realized that Rico was already sleepy. Skipper ordered Rico to go back to the HQ. At first Rico declined, but Skipper said they have practice tomorrow morning and he did flew back to the HQ leaving him flying alone. Skipper actually tricked Rico so he could rest for a while. Skipper percherd at the top of the zoo entrance soaking wet. Skipper used his eyes to scan the whole zoo as he spots the otter habitat. Skipper flew to the habitat to see Marlene.

"Should I?" Skipper whispered to himself, he silently walked inside the habitat and suddenly Marlene faced the entrance of her habitat, but she was still asleep. Skipper changes his mind then walks out of the habitat. As Skipper walked out a huge thunder blinds him and suddenly he slipped towards the pool "Anyone help!"

"What the?" Marlene woke up and suddenly spots an owl drowning in her pool "Don't worry I'm here."

"Help!" Skipper screamed, Marlene quickly dove in the pool to save the owl

"Don't worry your gonna be fine once I pulled you in the cave." Marlene carefully dragged Skipper to safety in her cave "Are you alright, sir?"

"Marlene? Is that you?" Skipper said dazingly

"How did you know my name?" Marlene asked

"Marlene, it's me. It's Skipper." Skipper said

"How should I know if you really are Skipper?"

"You mostly do imaginary concerts every night." Skipper paused for a moment "You also like cotton candy and you're sometimes addicted to popcorn and your cute and naive in your very own way."

"Only a couple of animals knows my secret and my likings with popcorn and cotton candy and only one penguin calls me cute and naive." Marlene gasped that the owl was her penguin friend Skipper "It really is you! But how did you turn into an owl?"

"It's a long classified story." Marlene stared at Skipper "For you half of our classified documents can be revealed including the story, if you answer one question."

"And that is?" Marlene raised an eye

"Do you like me? I mean really like me?" Skipper asked

"Really like? You mean to ask if I really love you?" Skipper nodded "Of course I love you. That's one of my classified secrets."

"I love you to, Marlene" Skipper hugged Marlene with his huge wings

"The truth is even your an owl you still look cute and cudley." Marlene giggled

"So, do you want to hear the story?" Skipper asked

"Let's take this armor off first." Marlene helped Skipper take off his helmet and battle claws. After that Skipper told every detail of their adventure to the wonderful world of Ga'Hoole "I can't believe that there is such world. The world where there are peace, war, hope and brutality."

"Marlene, can I sleep with you tonight?" Skipper asked

"Of course you can, Skipper."

The two animals now slept together under one roof. Meanwhile at the penguin HQ Kowalski and the others are starting to worry about Skipper. Private and Kitka volunteered to search Skipper. The two owls searched every habitat except for the lemurs and Marlene's. Private thought for a while the reason why would Skipper visit the lemurs? So Private told Kitka that they should search the otter habitat.

"There he is." Private saw his leader's wing wrapped around Marlene and her shoulder was wrapped around Skipper's feathery neck "Reminds me of Eglantine and me."

"Private," Kitka whispered "can you keep a secret?"

"Sure." Private said

"I going to lay an egg soon." Kitka said

"It's natural for birds to lay eggs." Private paused "So what's the secret there?"

"Skipper's the father of the egg, Private." Kitka said

"When did this happen?" Private asked

"Back at the Ga'Hoole tree. When we got drunk and went in the hollow and went a little overboard." Kitka said

"When are you planning to tell this to Skipper?" Private asked

"If the time is right, Private." Kitka said "I don't want to disturb their relationship."

"I promise that I'll keep my beak shut about that secret. We should go back to the HQ and rest. Let's leave the two of them alone for a while." the two owls flew away from the otter habitat and reported their finding at the penguin HQ and rested

As the sun rose next morning the penguins were surprised to see their penguin forms again, Kitka was also surprised to see her falcon form again. At the otter habitat Skipper woke up and saw his flipper wrapped around Marlene.

"Morning, Skipper." Marlene placed a paw at his penguin face

"Morning, beautiful." Skipper also placed a flipper at Marlene's face

"What's your plan for today?" Marlene asked

"Spend the whole sweet day with you my otterplum." Skipper said

"What about let's visit your HQ and check on the guys." Marlene said, the two animals now walked inside the HQ and Skipper was carrying his helmet and battle claws. Marlene was a bit surprised to see Kitka inside

"Marlene." Marlene and Kitka hugged " How are you?"

"Just fine." Marlene said "What about you?"

"I'm fine too." Kitka said "Maybe I should head back to my nest. It's a very long time since I saw my nest."

"So, mostly everything is back to normal." Kowalski said

"Not much." Skipper placed his flippers at Marlene's waist and kissed her

"Your a good kisser, Skipper." Marlene said

"I know." they kissed again and forgot that there was a young penguin watching them "Oh, sorry, Private."

"It's okay, sir." Private said

"Now everything is back to the way it was." Skipper said

"Well, have fun with your relationship you two." the penguins and Marlene bid their farewell to their friend Kitka. Kitka now flew towards the city to her nest

"The truth is, sir, you guys remind me of Eglantine and me." Private said

"I'm sure she's thinking of you right now." Marlene said

"I declassified that story to her and to her only." Skipper said "What about let's talk about our first date, otterplum?"

"We'll start our date tonight, Skippypie." Marlene said

This chapter if the story is now close. Mostly every night Skipper and Marlene are always out on a date. One night Skipper finally poped the question and Marlene happily accepted his request. And Private always think about Eglantine everyday. And the same goes for Eglantine.

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Summary: Weeks had pass since the penguins had been transported to the mysterious owl kingdom of Ga'Hoole. Kitka left New York city but also left a parting gift for Skipper and Marlene. But the questions are: What is it?, Will it change their lives forever?, Will these be a blessing to both of them?

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