Author's Note: So, I was listening to Bruno Mars' album "Doo-wops & Hooligans" and got this idea for an AU fic based on those clips with Curt in the band instead of Kendall. I was also inspired to write it because I read Titled_Heart's fic "Mad World" which is amazing and I recommend you all read it. But a general warning before you begin reading my fic...I seriously hate Curt. have no idea how much. Titled_Heart and I agree it is an irrational hatred (it's because he stole Logie's rap in "Famous"). So, just be forewarned.

Disclaimer: I do not own the boys, BTR, or Bruno Mars. If I did this would be a movie special that would be two hours long.

I smiled as the sun danced on my skin. We were by the pool and Curt's hand was drawing lazy circles into my arm as we sunbathed by the pool. It was just another lazy day at the Palm Woods. The temperature was a perfect 73 degrees, the sun was bright and warm, the wind was soft enough to just feel like a fan blowing, and my boyfriend was at my side. Curt, James, Carlos and I had been here for three months and everything was perfect.

"Today I don't feel like doing anything," Curt mumbled as his hand intertwined with mine.

I made a small noise of agreement before flipping my shaggy hair out of my eyes. Gustavo hadn't given us many days off since we started working with him, so days like these were usually spent doing nothing. Sometimes it meant staying in the apartment in our pjamas without moving.

"What do you want to eat," Carlos asked softly from my right. I turned to him, shrugging lazily.

"I saw these chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs that looked fun," James called from the pool, hair soaking wet. He mused his own hair, messing it up even more than it already was.

"That sounds weird," Carlos called from my other side. "How about we order pizza?"

"That sounds like work," Curt mumbled, pulling his hand from mine and moving to put it behind his head as a pillow. I frowned at the loss but quickly formed a smirk on my lips.

"I'm sure if we go up to the apartment your mom will have made something…you know how she likes to cook," I whispered.

"That's true," Curt smiled at me.

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe you said that to him," came a girl's voice from the doors to the lobby. We all sat up and looked at the voice. It was the Jennifers giggling and talking about God knows what. I rolled my eyes and looked back at Curt, smiling easily.

The look on his face made my smile falter slightly. He wanted them. He told me before we started this relationship that he was bi. Meaning he wanted both guys and girls.

"They're chicks," he began gently. "It's not cheating." He grinned at me and kissed my forehead before jumping out of his chair and running after them. "Carlos, come on," he called over his shoulder.

Carlos glanced at me briefly before grinning and shooting off to follow him.

I kept my smile in place, refusing to let it show just how much it hurt when he went after girls. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see a dripping wet James smiling at me gently. "You okay buddy?"

I rolled my eyes and mumbled, "I'm not fragile James. I'm fine."

He watched me for a second before standing and grabbing his water bottle holding it over my head.

"James don't!" I tried to cover my head with my arms to avoid getting my hair wet. He just didn't understand the amount of time it took to get my hair looking so disheveled! He woke up looking like a Greek god not all of us are so lucky!

He smirked before pouring it on me. "What're you gonna do about it," he teased, his voice going deep and challenging.

I growled and sprang up shoving him into the pool. I grinned at the sight of James falling in.

"So," Bitters began calling my attention to him. He was giving his usual tour of the place meaning there was a new kid moving in. "It's not Minnesota but I think you'll grow to love the Palm Woods." He led the way towards me, a woman with auburn hair smiling as she followed him. She was followed by a little girl with brown hair who looked like she was ten. I was about to turn away when I saw a flash of blonde. My eyes focused again and my lips parted at the sight. He was tall, blonde, and handsome. He held two huge duffle bags on his shoulders which must be some kind of sport thing, but I had no idea which. His eyes met mine and a smirk came to his lips as he looked me over, his green eyes lighting in amusement at something he saw.

"You better-," he began, but suddenly there was a rush of water around my ears. It took me a moment to realize I was underwater. I swam to the surface and gasped in the air and turned glaring at the brunette who was laughing his ass off at me.

"You ass," I growled, splashing water in his face.

"You okay," an amused voice asked. I froze and turned seeing the blonde smiling at me.

"Y-yeah," I smiled, pulling my confidence back in place. "James was just being stupid and trying to get me back for pushing him in."

He grinned at me and my heart stopped.

"Logan!" Bitters screeched. I winced and looked at the older man, "what have I told you hooligans about rough housing by the pool?"

"It won't happen again," I grinned shrugging softly.

The blonde chuckled softly before standing to his full height again. "See you around, Logan."

I nodded dumbly, shocked by the sound of my name coming from those lips, and watched as he followed Bitters and his family disappearing behind the wall leading to the gym.

"Logan's in love," James teased at my side.

"No I'm not," I glared.

"Oh yeah and you two were totally not just fucking each other with your eyes," he laughed and splashed me with water.

I blushed slightly and tried to cover it with anger. "You're so full of shit you know that?" I smirked and pounced on him pushing him down under the water before swimming away from him. My mind traveled back to the blonde as I pulled myself from the pool and moved to towel myself off. I wanted to know more about him. There was just this…weird pull between us. It felt like I needed to know him…it wasn't just a want. I smiled as I dried my hair, promising myself to figure out this new guy's hold on my attention.