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I sat there, still dressed in my dishevelled dinner suit.
"Look, Mr," I read the name tag "Keller, I'm sure you have nothing against me personally, so if you don't mind taking the cuffs off-"

"Personal?" Keller looked up from the paperwork he was signing on his desk. "I grew up here in Tri-city."

"And you decided to become a cop?" I said, half-sarcastic. I guess it was out of habit, I'm quite a sarcastic person-like any other guy my age.

He leaned back in his chair, rubbing his chin.
"Why did I become a cope?"

He observed me like a scientist does to an unknown fungi.
"You know, I ask myself that question a lot. Well, I did my time in the military and when I came back- well, it wasn't the same place my mom brought me up in I'll tell you that."
I hated the American accents…it's MUM.

"Gangs everywhere, these crimelords start taking over."

I guess he knew who I was-I mean, how many teens have enough money to buy an Audi R8? Well, the insurance wouldn't cover the damage anymore…I don't think it could even be identified as a car anymore.
"Little kids shouldn't have to worry about going out and playing in the front yard."

I noticed he started stroking a gold wring on his third finger. Married? Widowed? The cracking in his voice suggested something about his past.

"People shouldn't have to worry about working for three years just to get a down payment on their car, only to have someone steal it."
I guess I was starting to feel slight sympathy for him. Only slightly. The guy had destroyed my car. Besides, no one can blame me for leaving England- after Gabriel left everything just seemed to fall apart…
"If you don't address this cancer, it will spread. And if it spreads, it could be fatal for Tri-City."
He then looked at me in the eye, the anger was trying to break out and strangle me.

"So yeah, I would say I take it personal. I take it real personal."
He then stood up and two officers entered the room, took me by each arm and lead me out.

2 Hours Later

I found myself waiting in an elevator, going up to the 23rd floor. Appearently the charges against me were being dropped. Or something along those lines. I walked forwards out of the elevator, accompanied by an officer. He walked me to the door, opened it and left.

I looked around, slightly confused.
"Ta." I grinned and walked inside.

"-arrests are up 30% then last year and you people are just going to waltz in and do whatever the hell you want to do?"
"This is not up for discussion."
I stood there scratching the back of my dark hair.
Keller looked over to me, and so did an asian woman in a black suit. She had long raven hair and flawless features. She looked quite divine next to an aging slaphead.

She walked over to the black glass desk, where papers sat with a photograph of me on top. My filed presumably.
"You've had quite an impressive run. Speeding, Reckless Driving, Driving off-road, assault, Vandalism, Joy-riding, streetracing, avoiding arrest and theft," She looked up "all in one year."
I shrugged "I aim to please."
"Well you're aiming for a life sentence-" started Keller.

"No he's not." Said Linh. Keller's vein must have popped right then, because he choose to sit down instead of collapsing.

"These local police operations can take months if not years to execute. I don't have that time. We only have a couple of weeks."
"No pressure then." Said Keller, looking towards me. What did that mean?

"The FBI is stepping in-I'll be your new-"
"Look lady, pardon me for butting in here, these crews here, they don't do that kind of smuggling-"

Keller looked at me and opened his mouth, only it was Linh's voice who answered my question.

"We suspect that one of the local streetracing crews may be involved in international smuggling ring."

Keller opened his mouth again to reply, but once again, Linh cut him off.

"You know Keller, my office doesn't really care about turbo-charged street racing thugs, we're looking to recover evidence that we believe is linked to a shipment of cars stolen from the dock a few weeks ago. This evidence will convict a network of crimelords in half a dozen countries and we have reason to believe that one of the cars may be in possession of one of the street racing crews."
He sank back into his chair, defeated.

"Now," she said, turning back to me "they're going to need a wheelman."

I looked at her, utterly dumbstruck.

"Not. Fucking. Happening."

"Your job is to drive. My job is to get you in." She put the files into a briefcase that was on the table and looked at Keller "Nothing more, nothing less."
She picked it up and walked over to me.
"Let's go."

With one last look of Keller, and on a moment of impulse and recklessness, I walked out of the office behind Linh and left the old William Marlow-poor little rich boy who had the broken family- and became the new Billie Marlow- Streetracer in Tri-City.

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