Chapter 2:

Audrey Street

"Here you go."
I took the keys and sat inside the car. It was a Nissan. A sodding Nissan. Three months ago I had an Audi R8, a Lamboghini and was saving for a Bughatti Veyron, now I had a sodding Nissan.

Still, it was quite fast, which was what I needed for the job.

I turned the keys and drove off into the roads. Tri-City looked pretty glamorous. All the celebrities must live here. Gabriel always liked the big buildings-he wanted to be an architect you see.

I stopped behind a building by the coastline and took the brown envelope out of my black bag that was lying on the passenger seat. There was a hands-free headset, a mobile and a small black sphere. I'd seen those before-mouth mics. Looked like I was becoming a right little agent. I took the headset and clipped it onto my ear and then connected it to the mobile. Then, carefully, I took the mic and put it on my molar.

"My jaw feels weird when you speak…"
"Hit the streets. The more races you win, the better."
"This job does sound quite attractive…"
"And remember, don't play it safe. We want them to see you."
I grinned.
"When do I ever?"

There was a beep and I heard nothing from inside my ear. I grinned even wider and drove off towards the centre of Palm Habour.

I drove down to Audrey Street and saw a group of seven men, all standing beside their cars. I drove up behind their cars and got out.

"Nice ride." One of them sniggered.

That was it all it took. I walked over to him and headbutted him.
"Nice nose dickhead."
He got up to throw a punch at me, but a cleanly shaven man with a black suit put his hand in front.
"Calm down Rex, We all know you're Bruce Lee here."
He grunted in frustration and got into his car, just sitting there.

The suit turned towards me.

"Doing that isn't very smart-especially when one of them is a bit of a hothead."
"I can handle that loser and still have time for more."
"You want to prove that?" said Rex, who was sitting inside his car. He was trying to get rid of the blood on his face.

"I'll do one better you Yankee fucking cun-"

He got out of his car, marched up to me and grabbed me by the collar. I grabbed him

back and just before we could start fighting, three others pulled us apart.

"Rex, the authorities said that you cannot fight for another month remember?"

He looked at the suit angrily.
"I'm supposed to let a lace-curtain motherfucker Scot talk to me like that?"
"I'm Irish you cunt." (I'd decided to go for an Irish accent to help try and make this driver I was pretending to be (codename: Nitro) more realistic).

"How about a race?"

Me and Rex turned our locked gazes to look at the suit.

"The winner gets 2 grand."

I bit the lip in anxiety. I didn't have 2 grand on me, so I'd have to risk the only other thing I had.

"How about I put my car in matching it?"

The man in the suit laughed.
"That's stealing I'm afraid. Very well, let's say $50, 000 to whomever wins. And if you lose, the winner gets your car."

Rex eyed me.
"Nervous paddy?"

Careful not to show that I was having thoughts, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a smoke. I took out my lighter and pop-handed it open. I shut the lighter and blew smoke in Rex's face.

"Let's go."