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The lamps are lit, illuminating the dark streets. Twilight is overhead. Renee and Charles Swan walk along the dirt road hastily. A piece of paper is in Charles hand as he reads it intently. Renee clutches her baby girl to her chest, wrapped in the hem of the dress she wears. Renee reaches up and rubs Bella s forehead. Her fever has gotten worse. Frantic, she tells Charles and they both hurry to find the Cullen estate.

The white mansion sits at the end of the long rode, hidden from people and everyday life. They open the gate and walk up the pathway. Renee clutches Bella nervously. She has heard rumors of this place as well as Carlisle Cullen himself. If what they say is true then he has the power to save Bella's life. She lets out a shaky breath as they approach the door. Charles reaches up and uses the massive knocker. The door opens and a tall broad man stands before them. His pale blonde hair shines in the light and his eyes are kind.

His smile is knowing. "Hello Renee and Charlie. I've been expecting you."

Chapter 1

"Miss Bella! Wake up child, you've gotta long day ahead a ya. It's your birthday today and your performance tonight at the opera house." My nurse, whom I call Amma, draws back the curtains, flooding my room with light.

I stuff my face into my pillow and groan inwardly. Amma finishes opening the curtains and walks over to me.

"Honey I am a southern black woman, and I will not hesitate to beat you senseless if you do not get your little behind out of this bed right now." She says sternly, her words laced with her accent.

I peek up at her and laugh. "Alright, alright I m up." I said, throwing off the covers.

Amma helps me out of my night gown and into a corset. She stars threading it.

I sigh heavily. "I don't really want to go tonight."

Amma scoffs. "Nonsense it's your big performance. You're a beautiful singer. Not to mention it's in honor of your birthday, you only turn seventeen once ya know." Amma says, her voice on edge. She pulls the strings tighter than usual.

I gasp in pain. "Amma are you okay?"

She plasters a smile on her face. "Of course child, now hurry up, your parents are waitin' for you in the dining room for breakfast." She pulls a dress over my head and finishes tying it up. I wash my face and brush my hair before heading down stairs.

I round the corner and my parents are eating. They look up with strained smiles.

What is up with everyone today?

"Hello dearest, won't you sit down?" My mother asks.

I take a seat and start buttering some toast. My father reads the newspaper and my mother sips her tea. I glance at them expectantly but neither of them looks up. I eat my toast in silence.

"So," my mother says in her usual cheery voice. "Do you think you're ready for tonight?" She asks.

I swallow hard. "Um, I think so." I say.

"Well I know your going to do fantastic as always." She smiles though it does not reach her eyes.

"Is something wrong?" I ask hesitantly.

"Why would something be wrong?" My mother says the same time my father says, "Of course not."

I raise my eyebrows and they look at each other uneasily.

"What?" I ask again.

My mother smiles. "It's just that our little girl is seventeen now, happy birthday darling." She says.

"Yes, happy birthday." My father says.

"Thank you," I mutter.

My mom cleared her throat. "Oh, we will be having a guest come over tonight." She said, going back to her tea.

My father puts his paper down. "Renee..." He said in a warning tone.

Their eyes met and she shook her head slightly, giving him a pleading look. I stare at them in confusion.

"Oh," I say, surprised. "Who?"

"No one you know." My mother says quickly. "But he will be at your performance tonight."

Again I am surprised. "I see, and what is his name?"

Amma walks in. "Now, now child don't be pesterin' your parents. Their business is their own. Come now; let's get you ready for the day." She gestures for me to follow her. I sigh and stand up. We say our goodbyes and I walk up the stairs with Amma in tow.

"Curiouser and curiouser," I quote from Alice and Wonderland. It was one of my favorite childhood books.

"Now don't you be talkin bout all that mumbo jumbo miss Bella, you best keep to yourself." Amma says firmly. I let out a frustrated groan and trudge up the stairs.

Whoever this man is has made me curious indeed.

After I finished changing I passed my father's study and heard voices from inside. I crept up to the door and placed my ear on it. My parents were arguing.

"Charlie we have to tell her." My mother said.

My father is silent.

"You know what will happen if we don't. He requires that she knows beforehand. You know what kind off power he beholds." She says.

"We'll send her away." My father says adamantly.

She sighs. "That won't do any good, he will find her. He will follow her to the ends of the earth. She belongs to him."

My breathing became rapid as I processed their words.

I heard a crash. "She doesn't belong to anyone." My father says fiercely.

"You know that's not true. We made an oath, a promise." She says.

My father remains silent.

"I got a letter from him today," My mother says quietly. "He is most definitely coming to the performance tonight. He's looking forward to seeing her again."

Again? I've met him before?

"Then..." he sighs. "We shall present her to him after the show." My father says hesitantly.

I couldn't bear to hear anymore. I slowly walked away and fled down the stairs as fast as I could. I yanked the front door opened and ran outside into the afternoon sun. I looked up at the sky and felt as if I could breathe again. I walked over to the swinging bench in the garden and laid on it. I dozed off, falling into a peaceful sleep. All the while I could hear someone whispering my name.

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