I came up with this story after reading the short on Nick, Fear the Darkness. This is my continuation of the short and my first Dark-Hunter series, I hope you enjoy it. There's no rating as of yet, but it might change as the story progress.



Christine finished patting the dirt around the flowers she was planting and turn to the women calling her, Sister Marcy.

"Yes." she answered in her sharp, high pitched voice.

"Come," said Sister Marcy, taking her arm, and leading her to the baths, "we must get you cleaned up. You have visitors."

"Visitors?" Christine gave the elder woman a puzzled stare. She was bemused by what the sister had said. She couldn't have visitors. In all the five years that she had lived in All Souls Catholic Church, after being abandoned on the doorstep, never once had she left the grounds nor has anyone left. How could she have visitors?

"Who are they?" asked Christine, while Sister Marcy washed the mud from her hands and face and the carried her to her bed chamber.

"They said they're your uncles." said Sister Marcy, her eyes watering, "Here to take you home."


"Yes." said Sister Marcy, changing Christine into a fresh clean white dress with a blue lace tie around her chest.

"How are they my uncles?"

"I don't know, Christine." she softly replied, sitting on the bed and hiding her face. "Perhaps you could ask them?" she choked out.

Christine stood in the middle of her bed chamber and stared at the tearful woman. She went to her and wiped the tears away with her handkerchief. "Why are you sad?"

Sister Marcy gave a loud cry and embraced Christine's tiny body. "They're taking you away!" she sobbed. "OH! How could they?"

Christine embraced Sister Marcy back and stayed on her lap, until Sister Abby entered the chamber and asked, "Is she ready yet?"

Upon seeing Sister Marcy in her state, Sister Abby couldn't hold herself back any longer and ran the short distance to embrace the two. They knew this day would come, but never thought it would come this soon. They have raised her for nearly five years, and now, complete strangers - though they are her real family - are coming to take her away from them. The sisters sobbed as memories of them and the child in their arms resurfaced: of them holding her as an infant, of when she took her first steps, of her when she said her first word...

"Sisters' please! They've become impatient." said Sister Parker, who was standing at the threshold of the door.

The two sisters' kissed Christine's ebony head and reluctantly released her.

"Honestly, I can't believe you forgot to brush her hair." exclaimed Sister Parker, taking the brush from the nightstand and ran it through her soft curls. "Come, follow me." she said in a deep, commanding voice, leading Christine out of her chambers and into the hall. Sister Marcy and Sister Abby sodded louder as they watched her marched off. When they reached the front of their Mother Superior's office, Sister Parker gazed down at Christine. She took the silver cross pendants from around her neck and placed it on Christine. "I'll miss you, my little lamb." she whispered, kissing her head. Straightening herself, Sister Parker knocked on the wooden door and opened it for Christine to enter.

"Christine." said Sister Jane the Mother Superior, motion for her to enter.

As Christine made her way to her seat, she saw two men already seated and they were following her every move without blinking. The one sitting on the left had seemed quite tall, and young, with long blond hair, and gentle silver eyes. He was wearing a black tailored suite, which to Christine, don't look right on him at all. The one sitting on the right also had blond hair but his was a shade darker and had curls, and he was also wearing a proper suite, though his was blue and his eyes were green.

"Hello, dear." said the man in the blue suite, "I am your Uncle Hermes and this," he waved at the man in black, "is your Uncle Ash Ketchum."

Ash smiled warmly at her, ignoring Hermes' pop culture reference. "Actually, it's Acheron Parthenopaeus, but you can call me Ash. Your dear Uncle Hermes here likes to joke."

Hermes chuckled, which Christine found was annoying for some reason, and hit his hand on the armrest. "Oh Ash, must you be so serious all the time?"

Ash ignored Hermes and focused his attention on Christine. "We are here to take you home." he informed her.

"Yes." replied Sister Jane, "It seems both of your uncles are offering to house you."

"But we just couldn't decide who will take you." said Hermes.

"So, we are leaving the decision up to you." added Ash. "It's completely your choice."

Christine looked from Ash to Hermes, and then turn to Sister Jane, "May I speak with my uncles, alone please?"

Sister Jane was hesitate at first but complied with her request and left the chamber.

"Who are you and what do you want?" demanded Christine.

Hermes burst into laughter and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes. "I knew she'd see right through this."

"Never doubted her." murmured Ash, sighing in relief after loosening his tie. Tory, his wife, had suggested he wear the suite since he was going into a convent. She said that if he arrived there clad in his usual leather, biker gear, he wouldn't be admitted in or even get pass the gates for that matter. Not that it would stop him.

"You're not my uncles are you?" stated Christine.

"Of course not." said Hermes. "In fact, I'm your ex-boyfriend." he snapped his mouth shut, regretting what he had revealed to her. Hermes mentally cursed himself. He loved and hated that she had this effect on him. After all these years, one would think he'd get over her by now. The skins of his chest were tingling by the sight of her. But not for reasons one would think.

Christine was taken aback by this knowledge and looked the man over. "How?" She was only five years old and he looked as if he's in his twenties.

"A very good question." said Ash.

Christine turned to Ash. "And who are you to me?"

Ash opened his mouth and closed it. "Well...we are... acquaintance."

"Will, isn't that a delicate way of saying you ruined her life." said Hermes, with a smirk. He hoped she'd interrogate Ash and learn the role he played in her life and she'd get angry enough that she'd reject his offer to live with him.

Ash glared at Hermes and guiltily looked Christine's round little face. She was confused as would anyone be in this situation, yet her eyes told him she understood what they were telling her. Her memories maybe lost but her self-awareness and powers are still there and deep down she knew that they were telling her the truth.

"How did you ruin my life?" asked Christine.

"Yes, Ash. Tell her." Hermes was grinning ear to ear. He'll have her back and living with him in no time. He would finally get to hold her in his arms!

Ash sighed. He didn't think they were going to getting into this so soon. If anything, he wanted to wait until she's at least a teenager before she starts hating him. How could he tell a five year old he caused her to be cursed and ruined her life?

"If you're so uncomfortable about it, you can tell me later." suggested Christine.

Hermes and Ash stared at Christine in shock. "How very..." Hermes' voice trailed.

"Understanding of you." Ash finished.

Christine responded with a nod and turn to Hermes. "You said you were my ex-boyfriend? If so, what happened?"

Hermes was caught off guard and didn't know how to answer her question, without her rejecting him, again. "Ubmm...we...how about we speak about this later, alone. I'll explain everything to you." he half promised. As if he'd tell her everything. If she knew the truth, she'd dump him, again, but that's the least of his worries. As long as she doesn't remember the vows she made him make, everything's good.

"You've got three days." said Christine, "Make up your minds, and tell me the truth and details of your relationship with me. Afterwards, I'll decide who I will live with."

"All right," Ash and Hermes agreed.

"You always know how to take control...my beautiful Queen." thought Hermes, longingly.

"During the three days, I want to be left in peace. That means I don't want to see a trace of either of you." Christine told them point blank.

Both men agreed to her terms and took their leave, vowing they would return in three days.


"The poor bastard..." said Fury, a were-hunter wolf with an animal heart, who could shape-ship into a human.

"I feel him." said Fang, Fury's long lost brother he reunited with.

"I hate being in his shoes." said Dev, a were-bear and Fang's brother-in-law.

The were-hunters watched their friend Nick Gautier sitting at a table in the corner, hiding under the shadows. He had a full bottle of beer on the table. Yet he hadn't even taken a sip, only putting it close to his mouth then placing it back on the table, shaking his head. It was as if he truly wanted to drink it, but was resisting the urge.

"He brought it on himself." said Sasha

The were-hunters turn to look at him.

"Will, he did." protested Sasha, "It was his fault. If he hadn't made that pack with Stryker, Queen wouldn't have to sacrifice herself to cleanse him of their connection."

Fury laughed, "He has to wait until she's of legal age to start hitting on her. You reap what you sow." he held his bottle of beer up in a cheering gesture.

"Technically, she's over nine thousand years old." said Dev.

"But she reincarnated," said Fang, "which makes her...what? Four now?"

The were-hunters cringed at the thought.

"Hopefully those hideous scars on her face didn't follow her to this life." said Dev.

"I don't think those were scars." said Fang.

"If they weren't scars than what were they?" asked Dev.

"Black paint or something," said Sasha, "she put them on herself to mess with Hermes. Astrid said it was something about, not letting him see her face?"

"She did it because Hermes was always spouting nonsense poems about her beauty and wanted to shut him up." said Tory as she and Amiee, Fang's mate, joined them at the bar.

Fang pulled Amiee into his lap and wrapped his arms around her. "Hey, baby." She said, kissing Fang.

"Can you take it somewhere else? Please." begged Dev. He accepted their relationship, but didn't want to have first row seats to their lovey dovey moments.

Amiee ignored Dev and looked at Nick, "He doesn't look too good." she said.

"He's got it bad for her." said Fang.

"Real bad." added Fury.

"It's horrible that he never had a chance to confess his feelings to her before..." said Amiee.

"The only good thing about it is that she's solid now." said Fury.

"Yeah, he can actually touch her." said Sasha.

The were-hunters all turned their heads and looked at Sasha. "I didn't mean it that way!" he said quickly, taking a long drink of his beer. "Jeez! Nothing but filthy minds around here!"

Nick sat at a table in the far corner of the bar and restaurant known as Sanctuary, nervously waiting. Nick felt like he was dying inside - the wait was killing! He should be a little more enthusiastic after finally turning back into his old self and reuniting with his best friend, but he wasn't. He was happy that he and Ash finally made up, yet the events that happened afterwards had him twisting in agony. He had once again lost another woman he cared for and she was the last person he thought he would ever fall in love with. But the more he thought about it the more he began to understand why he had fallen in love with her. She was the one who stayed by his side in his time of need and showed him the truth. She had brought him peace, and took away his pain. She had saved him from making the biggest mistake of his life by scarifying her own self. And never had she lied to him!

During the beginning of the five years sentence, Nick thought time was going by tortuously too slow and begged Ash to tell him where she was. But Ash hadn't sensed her powers yet, therefore he couldn't locate her accurate location because of the spell she had used to protect herself from those who would try to manipulate her. And now, things are going way too fast. Ash finally located her and left to find her before their enemies do. He and Troy plan to adopt her and teach her how to control her powers, hoping that in the near future that she would cooperate with him when she becomes her true self once again. That is, if she could ever get over her dislike of Ash, when she remembers.

Ash flashed into the bar and ordered a beer.

At the sight of Ash, Nick became frantic. What if she doesn't like him? He didn't even want to think about that! All he wants to think about is finally being able to touch her, to feel her warmth, and run his hands through her black curls and... Nick gripped his bottle of beer. But he couldn't do all the things he wanted to do, not until she's older. He may be a lot of things but he's no child molester.

Tory came beside Ash, and noticed that he had returned alone as did everyone else. "Ash?"

"Hermes was there." said Ash

"How'd he find her?" asked Dev.

Nick stayed in his seat, carefully listening to their conversation. He didn't want to seem too eager to hear of her news.

"He was closely watching and waiting for her to use her powers as were we. Just a spark was all it took."

"And?" asked Tory.

"I'm going back in three days. She'll make her decision only after I tell her the truth about our past together."