Part One

Author's Notes: As you heard there's going to be a new Buffy so I'm going to make my own version of the new Buffy…This is what you should know. This story takes place sixteen years later in Trumbull..

Now pay attention:

Buffy in this one she is sixteen years old and let's say looks like Heather Morris from Glee…

Now the Buffy from the series who was played by Sarah Michelle Gellar comes through a different reality for a short time to be Buffy's watcher for a pivotal reason. Buffy will go by the name Anne.

Her mother who is the real Buffy let's say looks like Kristy Swanson and her name in the fiction is Elizabeth Summers. She's like forty.

Now if this fiction seems utterly confusing, the whole point of this is to show how that despite the great cast pick of Heather Morris has Buffy that the other idea of the new Buffy is NONSENSE!

The whole drill team was standing over a man in a leather jacket and is face was one of a vampire.

As they part down the middle, Buffy walked to him.. There would sliver stakes in each of his arms then he looked up to see Buffy kneel down then said, "Now who's on the floor…."