Part Four

"Those would vampires, I mean the real thing not the sparkly kind.." Buffy said and Anne responded, "No. Not the type that sparkles." "I never knew I could do that." Buffy said and Anne shook her head because she knew what her soon to be daughter meant by that. "Was my mother always a red-head?" Tara asked…

Buffy and Tara walked into the house and Buffy's mother walked from the bedroom

"Why are you guys late?" Buffy's mom asked and Buffy just flat out said, "I killed two vampires tonight."

Buffy's mom paused and then looked at her daughter. "You did what?" Buffy then listen to how her mother asked that and it was one of those I believe things. Buffy told the story of how it happened. Buffy's mom looked at her and said, "This is a first. A Summers girl that didn't lie after she killed a vampire."

Buffy then paused for a second and realize if her mother came from the past to meet her then…

"Where is the younger…Where is the other me?" Buffy's mom asked and Buffy told that Aunt Willow said that they can't be in the same room together because mom will blah to past Buffy who's named Anne about what to look out for in the future. "Tara, can you call your mom.." Buffy's mom was about to asked. "Right here." Aunt Willow popped in and said, "Finally I get to used my powers in front of Buffy."

"Hi mom." Tara said and Buffy saw how relaxed everyone is.

"Wait! Okay this is a little overwhelming! To review these three weird looking guys that look like Frankenstein and Justin Bibrer had sex almost kills me and Tara. My mom from 16 years ago helps me to kill them I have the ability to kill there ass like freaking La Femme Nikta. My mom is out there and in the car but she can't come in because my mom here will blah about something in the past that might screw up me being born. My aunt I think is a witch and my cousin knew about it." Buffy blurted and everyone shook there head.