Title: Dormant Siren
Author: HigherMagic
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Dean/Sam (mentions of/non-graphic, non-Wincest)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The bar erupted into applause again as the dying chord rang out and Castiel dared to open his eyes and turned to see Dean. Castiel bit back another desperate, wanting sound. "One word, Cas, and he's ours. I could have him disappear without a trace by midnight," Gabriel growled, and Castiel bit his lip again, and nodded.
Notes/Warnings: Prompted by earth_heart, who wanted Top!Vampire!Cas and Turned-Vampire!Dean. Contains dub-con and very dirty things like blood and stuff :D THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DO THIS TO ME, BENNY. *blames him completely*

Um…alright, guys, this is not my best work. I mean, it turned out okay, but it's not my best *awkward pause.*

So many dirty things in here though…Oh sweet Lord, I can't even… *runs away* This is so…NOT what I was planning for! Still, I hope you like it! *cowers and slinks away into her corner*
Unbeta'd. All mistakes are my own.

Castiel saw him before he heard him.

A long, uninterrupted line from the slight curve of his relaxed spine to the strong extension of his outstretched leg, bracing himself against the bar stool he perched on with carefree effortlessness, the heel of his other booted foot resting on the foot rung and keeping himself upright. His legs were encased in comfortable but flattering jeans, clinging to the full curve of his ass and the tempting tease of his tensed thigh, muscles straining to balance his weight.

His torso was covered by a thin, tight black t-shirt with an open green-and-black plaid button-down over that. The shirt choked his biceps and the button-down was rolled to just past his elbows, giving him a kind of country, rustic casualness that Castiel could appreciate. His boots were a dark tan like those issued for BDUs in the Armed Forces, loosely laced. His entire posture was of relaxation and carefree happiness.

His t-shirt collar was stretched slightly from many instances of being pulled over his head, and had loosened so it dipped in the middle, exposing where his neck became his chest, a teasing glimpse of skin and the hollow of his throat. There was heat between his legs, under his arms and around his neck where he was beginning to sweat from the heat of the overcrowded bar, but not enough to begin the dark stain that Castiel could see down the backs of several other patrons in the bar.

His forearms were exposed and lightly smattered with blonde-brown hair, ending in large hands that caressed and held an acoustic electric green-and-black Epiphone guitar. There was a silver ring on the third finger of his right hand, and the fingertips of his left were calloused. He held the guitar like a lover, plucking a few of the strings to check for tuning. The notes were pure and clean, blending together as he played through a little Metallica riff –

The A string was a little flat.

There. Perfect ear. He adjusted the A string to play the perfect note, plucking a C chord for a moment before smiling in a satisfied way. His left hand slid up and down the neck like a caress on skin, one that Castiel imagined he could feel as he watched, soft guitar music playing in through the amplifiers and around the settled ambiance of the bar.

He sat on a raised platform with one other man who mirrored his position; only instead of a guitar he just had a microphone. The guitarist, too, had one. The stage floor was criss-crossed with electrical wires and the mic was picking up the duo's muted sounds of laughter and chatter as they waited to begin to play. It was simply but effectively lit, with two amber-yellow lights and a white one in the center. The guitarist sat in the middle of the left-hand yellow light, stage right, and the amber lightly kissed his skin, making it golden. He looked exotic with his full, flushed lips and the high rise of his cheekbones, stained red with the beginnings of a blush from the heat, and the shadow of his short, spiky brown-blonde hair falling across his forehead, making one eye flash bright green and the other a darker jade.

As Castiel watched, the second man that he didn't even pay attention to adjusted his microphone and it squealed softly as everything must in a setting like this, and the room went quiet. There was no introduction – there didn't need to be. This was a local bar – everyone who came here always came here. There was hardly ever a new face. As Castiel watched, the guitarist started plucking a soulful little riff, the notes coming out of the amps that were pointed stubbornly towards the rest of the bar, quietly enough that it could be ignored but loud enough that someone could hear it even above the constant susurrus and laughter.

The riff kept going, getting a little more complicated for a moment, the guitarist's fingers dancing over the strings and he dipped his head, lips parting and foot-runged boot tapping out the beat, slow and melodious, and his eyes fell closed, just feeling the music for a moment. A minor chord, a Seventh, and the second man started to sing;

"He deals the cards as a meditation, and those he plays never suspect…"

Castiel smiled, knowing the song, liking it, but too enthralled with the guitarist to even notice when his Second, Gabriel, sidled up next to him, following his gaze with a flash of golden-hazel eyes and an upward turn of his sharp, sly mouth.

Castiel licked his lips. "He's pretty," he said softly, barely audible.

Gabriel's mouth twisted a little, and he pursed his thin lips, nodding. The action sent his slicked-back honey-blonde hair tumbling forward and he pushed it back with his fingers again before replying; "Which one?"

"The guitarist."

And Gabriel nodded again.

It was just a few words exchanged, but that was all Castiel needed – a few words. It was a code and way of his speaking that Gabriel had learned long ago, when Castiel was just getting started, when he had first sank his sharp second set of teeth into his brother's carotid and feasted himself on his blood, when he'd slit his own wrist with their father's old Bowie knife and held it to his famished, thirsty brother to drink and fill himself and join him forever. Castiel took the prettiest, the talented, the loyal and the strong. He took them and made them his children, his followers, his kind.

'He was pretty' meant 'I want him, but I'm not sure which way yet or if it's even worth the risk'. Blood lust or carnal lust, Castiel, as a creature of darkness and base instinct, had to think about which one each person would ever satisfy. He could desire this new target as a Child, as someone he could teach and train and make strong, or as someone he could mould and love, fuck, break. Someone he could turn. But of course, if it seemed like the blame could too easily be pointed his way, he wouldn't make a move. It wouldn't do to get Hunters on his trail, after all – Hunters were getting stronger and so were other creatures like him. It wouldn't do to just go through towns and cities on a massacre and fall prey to his whims, turning anyone and everyone he took a liking to. No, that wouldn't do at all.

He liked finesse.

"The sacred geometry of chance…The hidden law of a probable outcome…"

Gabriel cocked his headed to one side, looking towards his brother and Alpha. "He is," he replied, which meant 'I might make a move if you don't'.

Castiel's eyes narrowed and he licked his lips again, like a dog. "Yes," he said softly, and then turned away from the alluring sight of that guitarist making his instrument sing for him. First things always came first – recon, learning the new target and learning what stories or people they would have to take care of before taking him away forever.

The bartender was always the best option. Castiel was new in town and the man watched him with narrow eyes as he approached, giving a little huff of acknowledgement and not even looking away when he set down the polish-in-progress glass, instead leaning on the other end of the bar.

"What's yer poison?" he asked in a rustic accent, rough around the edges.

Castiel smiled, flashing a little too much teeth. "Just whatever's local," he replied, not giving a care for the alcohol because, to be honest, it was all good to him. He had yet to try a drink and not like the taste. Nothing special ever leapt out at him but nothing was ever bad.

The man grunted and set down a bottle of beer in front of him, taking off the cap. Castiel didn't even look at the label before taking a swallow. "That man up there," he said, gesturing with his bottle, pale fingers curled loosely around the neck. "What's his name?"

The bartender raised an eyebrow. "There's a lot of men up in that direction," he replied, not giving Castiel an inch, wary with his reply and hesitating like he knew just the type, could get the vibe from Castiel and knew when any information was too much. Castiel just smiled. "The singer's name is Jake. The guitarist is Dean. He's my boy." There was a growl on the end of that and Castiel smiled, holding up his free hand in a peaceful gesture.

His eyes flashed back to the duo, and that's when Castiel heard him.

"I know that the spades are the swords of a solider…"

His accent was Mid-Western, maybe from Kansas or Nevada in origin, and when he sang in a harmony he threw his head up, tendons arching in his neck, shadow and light playing over his skin like a happy child, touching and caressing and his – Dean's – fingers flew over the neck of the guitar, barely pressing on the strings but the notes that came out were so lovely and strong.

"I know that the clubs are weapons of war…"

Castiel couldn't help but smile, hearing his drawl through the microphone, blending so prettily with his friend's baser voice and the hum of the guitar. It was beautiful. Simple, but beautiful.

"I know that diamonds mean money for this art –"

"So what brings you here, stranger?" the bartender asked, snapping Castiel out of his haze. It was amazing – no human had ever struck him so quickly. The creature blinked his bright ocean-spray eyes and smiled in apology, taking another gulp of his icy beer because the press of humans was making him feel warm. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Gabriel hovering, watching him and the crowd all at once because Gabriel was good like that.

Castiel smiled back at the suspicious-eyed man, watched his eyes narrow and his lips turn down. "I'm just passing through," he said, adding a country inflection to the end of his voice, trying to tone down how out of place he was – he couldn't help it, but sometimes his accent just slipped through and he had to remind himself to stay with the times. It was harder the older he got. "Me and my brother were driving down to Vegas. He's gettin' married next week." A large grin and a childish roll of his eyes and the man relaxed, accepting the story and going back to the glass he'd been polishing before Castiel's arrival.

Unbidden, the creature's eyes flashed back to the duo performing as the song drew into the middle eight; "I met a man with too many faces. The mask I wear is one…"

"Not to pry or anything, but he looks kinda young to be hanging out in a bar."

The bartender smirked a little. "He's my boy; as long as he doesn't get himself into trouble he's welcome here. Been coming since he was a grasshopper's height. Easier to keep an eye on him this way."

"He old enough to even be drinkin'?" Castiel asked, prying for just that little more.

"He'll be twenty next month and that's good enough for me."

Castiel nodded, smiling as he finished his beer. "Well, thank you for the drink," he said, fishing out a five and leaving it on the smooth oak bar. "We'd best be going. I'm not convinced Vegas won't disappear if we wait too long."

"That's not the shape…shape of my heart…"

The bartender smiled a little, the one song enough for Castiel to worm his way into the man's heart, and pocketed his money. It was all the creature ever needed – smooth talking and a little green. "Nah, stay a while. I'll get you and your brother another drink."

Castiel smiled and gestured Gabriel over, turning so he was leaning against the bar and facing Dean and Jake as the singer waved towards the scattered applause. Dean, he noticed, just ducked his head demurely, fingering the strings as though nervous, antsy to play some more.

"Alright, guys, we're gonna pick up the pace a little now," Jake said, smiling into the microphone, and then he sat back, gesturing to Dean again, who bit his lower lip. Castiel stiffened, watching him as he did so; white teeth sinking into the soft, red flesh, letting it slide through his teeth and out again. It was as though in slow motion, the edges just catching on the slightly raised skin of his chapped lips and then releasing, making it red and slightly swollen. Castiel sucked in a breath, digging his fingers into the oak bench behind him.

Dean smiled over at his friend, doing it again, and then slid effortlessly into another song, and it was faster. Castiel watched as a few of the patrons started nodding their heads to the beat of the song, set as Jake took a Djembe drum that had been resting on the side of his own stool, placing it between his legs and batting out a mildly Cuban-style beat.

After eight bars of intro Dean scooted a little closer to the edge of his stool, leaning over the guitar to start singing; "Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell – it was love from above that could save me from Hell."

His voice was whiskey-gravel, blended into one low, rough growl that held a melodious edge that enthralled Castiel. The vampire straightened, eyes wide and set on Dean. His lips fell open, his breath grew short, and his nails dug gouges into the defenseless oak bar.

"He's beautiful," Castiel gasped out, staring at Dean like a starving man eyeing a steak.

Gabriel nodded, putting a hand on Castiel's shoulder and turning his Alpha away from the sight, towards the two beers that had been set behind them at some point. Wordlessly he grabbed Castiel's beer and handed it to his brother, eyes silently ordering him to drink and to calm himself down, to get control of himself.

"He's beautiful, Gabriel," Castiel groaned into the label of his beer, eyes falling closed, and he bit at the meaty part of his thumb, stifling another whimper like it was causing him physical pain to stay still, to not rush up and claim that beautiful man with an audience. Gabriel's hand settled, warm and heavy, on his back. "Fuck, do you hear him?"

"-started to dance, every soul in the room keeping time with their hands and we sang-"

"You want him," Gabriel stated softly, already knowing, and Castiel nodded. The older vampire – only older because he physically had five or six years on Castiel before being turned – leaned in, his lips just touching the outer shell of his little brother's ear; "Then take him."

Castiel's eyes flared open again, darkened already with lust and desire, and he swallowed, taking another swig of beer to try and get control of himself. He could feel himself becoming more aware, as he always does when about to feed. Every heartbeat, every voice and sound, all were for him to hear. Dean's rough drawl of a song carried to him, musical and brilliant to his ears. He imagined he could hear the steady, rhythmic slide-rasp of his fingers playing along the strings of his guitar and his fast but lovely, steady heartbeat.

"And we danced on into the night!"

The bar erupted into applause again as the dying chord rang out and Jake tapped a drum beat to finish. Castiel dared to open his eyes and turned to see Dean, flushed a little, resting his hands on his guitar and holding it close to his body like it was a shield, eyes turned bashfully downwards, his long lashes catching the light and playing shadows across his cheek bones. Castiel bit back another desperate, wanting sound.

"One word, Cas, and he's ours. I could have him disappear without a trace by midnight," Gabriel growled into his brother's ear, and Castiel bit his lip again.

"He's mine," the Alpha vampire warned; "I want my blood to be his craving."

Gabriel nodded, melting away into the shadow of the crowds, out through the door, and Castiel was left to enjoy the rest of the show.

Dean and Jake played song after song, taking turns with who led the vocals, but it was always Dean with the guitar. Dean, playing over that instrument like it was precious and a living, breathing thing, making it whine and shiver and sing for him, brought alive under his magnificent touch, those strong, capable hands coaxing lovely tunes from the bronze-steel strings. Castiel knew that it was only surface desire that made him covet the man, the man that he'd never spoken to, never touched or met before, but his instincts were very difficult to ignore when they were that strong. Castiel didn't even know what he smelled like, or was like.

I bet he smells like oil, Castiel mused to himself, eyeing the black residue, slowly stroked to the surface as Dean played, the bronze coating being rubbed away and left behind on the calluses of his fingertips. And…and…

"Alpha." Castiel was snapped out of his thoughts by Uriel, Gabriel's first turned, sought for turning purposes only. Castiel's family was large and varied, spreading out throughout the entire Americas and a little in Europe as well. He was by no means the dominant race, but he was pretty close, bested only by werewolves and demons. Blue eyes flashed to dark, deep brown. "Everything is set."

Castiel smiled, and it wasn't a particularly nice one. "Good," he said, eyeing the guitarist once more before setting down his long-empty beer. The bartender was nowhere in sight and as time had gone on the bar had begun to empty. There were only a dozen patrons left. "Then let's not delay."

"Okay, that's almost it from us," Jake said into the mic as the last chords of their latest song faltered and died away, ended by the flat of Dean's knuckles over the strings and putting a halt to their hum. Castiel found himself wishing Jake would let Dean talk instead of blathering into the microphone – he'd rather listen to the other smoky stranger than his kind-of-whiney sidekick. "We're gonna bring it on home with a favorite of my boy Dean's."

Not your boy, Castiel thought to himself with a sly smirk on his face, mine.

"Dean-o, take it away." A twist to his mouth. He didn't like being called 'Dean-o'. Castiel made note of it. The Alpha vampire sat back, smiling to himself as the soothing beginnings of 'Nothing Else Matters' began to sing to him through the amplifiers, not cheapened at all by the static because his sensitive ears could pick up the true song of the guitar, unmuted because of the acoustic side of it, so he could actually hear the real resonance in the hollow black-and-green shell. Dean's voice was beautiful, singing the song so prettily, not overriding the softer tones of the single guitar. The lack of drums or second guitar didn't deaden the beauty of the song at all, or at least, not of Dean's version. Castiel stepped closer, unable to help himself, winding through the bar to that hypnotic riff, and when he got closer…

That's when he smelled Dean.

He was, by no means, the most enticing scent Castiel had ever smelled. But it was the one that, combined with the outer packaging, demanded Castiel's attention the most. Mouth-watering, tempting, base. Chemicals and science could never achieve something that this Dean made so effortlessly. For a brief, split second in a moment, Castiel hated Dean, because no one human should ever be that tempting. He smelled like oil, like machines. He must have worked near them or spend a lot of time around them, but he also smelled like an animal, like sex in a forest or long runs down asphalt, like a warm bed and a welcoming body. He smelled like heat and Castiel would lay his money and immortality on the bet that he tasted even better.

Castiel stopped himself at the second row of tables, finding one empty, and Dean's fingers played over the strings softly, and the other patrons of the bar sensed the sunset in the air, as they began to pay their tabs and leave, trickling out one by one over the course of the song. Castiel could feel Uriel's eyes at the back of his head and he knew that somewhere Gabriel was lurking too, waiting to spring their net for the soon-to-be-newest member of Castiel's family. The Alpha vampire felt himself, for the first time in a long time, grow impatient, wanting, lusting after those final notes, desperate for the song to end, longing for the finale even though it meant Dean would stop singing with that beautiful voice.

He'll scream so prettily too.

It ended eventually, as things often must, and those remaining in the bar – three or four – shared their applause for it, and Dean smiled, finally parting with his guitar and setting it down on the stage. He clapped Jake on the back, his cheeks flushed from heat and performance, sweat trickling down his back and along his temples, plastering his soft hair to his forehead. Whenever he moved he stirred eddies of scent Castiel's way, and it was hard to control the lust the Alpha vampire was feeling. He had to get control of himself – he was better than this, damn it.

"See you later, man," Jake said, going backstage to turn off the amps, and Dean smiled, watching him go, before the lights were shut off and the main room lights flared to life, and Castiel winced at the sudden change, and Dean flinched as well, putting a hand to his forehead to shield his eyes until they adjusted, blinking in the comparatively low light.

When the human's eyes flashed to Castiel's, it was blue meeting green, lust meeting surprise, but the vampire shifted his body, smiled, calmed himself. Dean's heartbeat jumped a little, seeing such a predatory gaze focusing all on him and Castiel forced himself to appear friendlier and less, well, less like a predator. He couldn't scare the man, after all.

It was bad business.

He's so young, Castiel thought, watching the man – boy, even to human men – watch him back, before Dean bit his lip, making it redder as it had throughout the course of the night, his skin no less golden in the lighting of the room, his lips no less full, his eyes no less bright. So young, so pure. There was a low undercurrent of arousal in the air and Castiel was pretty sure that it was not just from him.

Castiel smiled when Dean slunk off the platform, wincing at the stretch of muscles that hadn't moved for hours, and cracked his knuckles loudly, shaking them out. He was deliberately not watching Castiel, unsurprised when he looked up to find the man suddenly there.

"You play very well," Castiel noted, his lips turned upwards, but he looked like someone who had never smiled much before, his body burning and his teeth elongating, ready to feed now. He had to hold himself back and it was proving difficult – up close, with less than three feet between them, the boy called to him more than ever, and Castiel began to wonder if his instincts were telling him that Dean was more than just a new Child. He held his hand out, wanting to feel the human's warmth. "Castiel."

The boy flushed at the compliment, green eyes flashing down and then back up, and he met Castiel's hand, warm palm sliding against his cooler one, and work-sweat against lust-damp. "Dean," he replied, smiling around the edges of his shy, wary demeanor. Castiel cocked his headed to one side.

He let his eyes travel. He didn't need to be so close to take in every detail of Dean, but in this proximity the human would be able to see him admiring. Nineteen, the age of hormones and school and stress, of work and play and fun before life became a shithole. Young enough to be daring and old enough to be smart about it. Pure but lustful.


Castiel's attention was drawn again by Dean biting his lip, his cheeks blushed in the most gorgeous shade of red, and the boy looked down, sucking his lower lip into his mouth, his hand tightening just a bit around Castiel's. The vampire smiled, unapologetic for his blatant, lustful stares, and decided to go one step further – maybe this wouldn't be as difficult or complicated as he had planned for. Maybe it could be simple. He pulled Dean closer by the hand and let their bodies collide together; the teen caught off balance and sent reeling into Castiel's hard, welcoming body. Vampires ran cold but when full of blood and around humans for long enough; they took in the heat from their food and their company, and could almost seem human, warm and soft around the edges, if it suited them to be so.

Dean's warm breath skated over Castiel's skin and the vampire shivered, overwhelmed at the feeling of a warm body against his own, and he indulged himself, allowing a small inhale at the boy's neck, bringing his free hand up to drag through the sweat-dampened hair.

"You're a beautiful young man, Dean," he whispered, uncaring how it made him sound because Dean couldn't fight him off even if he tried. The boy stiffened in Castiel's arms and the vampire inhaled, sensing a whole new range of scent coming into play, lust and fear, anxiety and arousal, Dean's breath coming in quickly and pushed out shakily, his eyelashes fluttering a little against Castiel's cheek when he turned his face inwards, his body relaxing, just a little, into the vampire's addictive siren call.

Then, he tore himself away, flushed from embarrassment, staring at Castiel like he'd just told Dean he killed puppies for a living or something. His hand and body slid away from Castiel and the Alpha immediately missed his warmth, and stepped forward in pursuit, but Dean skirted away from him, putting a table between them. His heartbeat was ricocheting in his chest and his breathing was coming fast, lust and fear in equal measure, adrenaline and oxytosin. It was delectable and Castiel licked his lips once more.

He smiled a predator's smile, leaning casually forward, bracing his hands on the back of a chair. "Something the matter?"

"I have a mate," Dean snapped, and it caught Castiel by surprise. Not that Dean was taken – oh no, that didn't surprise him in the slightest…Jesus, look at the boy – but that he used that particular word. He blinked at Dean, cocking his headed to one side.

"A…what?" he hazarded.

"A mate," Dean repeated, brow furrowing in a slight frown. "That's what you things call them, right? Significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, life partner, whatever the hell it is. I have one, okay? So…" Dean paused, shaking his head, looking down for a moment, lips falling open and breathing labored. Castiel smiled just a little at his target's flushed state. "So just…whatever it was you're trying to do, stop it."

"My apologies," Castiel said in a genteel voice, straightening, his smile lined with razors. "I didn't know you were claimed. You didn't smell mated in any way, and I didn't mean to be so presumptuous." He paused again. "I take it your mate is supernatural then?"

Dean nodded.

"And you have no problems or reservations about that?"

Another nod.

"Interesting," Castiel mused, and in a flash he was next to Dean again. The teen made a surprised noise and tried to shy away, but Castiel had already gotten him, grabbing Dean's arm, ignoring him when the human tried to fight back, and slammed Dean onto his front on the table he'd tried to protect and shield himself with. He was over Dean in a flash, twisting the human's arm up behind his back to the point of being at risk of dislocating his shoulder, his hips pressed flush against Dean's ass and the teen gasped, shaking his headed, though whether it was in refusal or shock, Castiel didn't know or care. The vampire's lips grazed Dean's ear when he spoke; "That's a lie, Dean, and you can't lie to a vampire." A choked off gasp greeted his words and Castiel smiled, his teeth elongating in his mouth as he treated himself to a little nip at the pulse point below Dean's ear, just barely breaking skin. "I see you've at least heard of my kind then. Anyway, that's a lie – any creature like me wouldn't think twice about claiming you, about biting you or marking you in some other way and you are not claimed." He jerked Dean's arm a little, almost angered by that. "You don't smell it, you don't look it, and I know you aren't. So…that leaves two options I can see." Another small bite to Dean's neck and the human gasped, trying to shake Castiel off, but the vampire wouldn't let him – Dean tasted of sex. He didn't understand it because every human had a taste, and the hormones of fear and fight usually made the blood bitter, but Dean tasted like sex. Castiel felt like he was fucking him, drinking down his blood, it tasted that fucking good. Even with the small kittenish licks he was indulging in he was getting hard, so hard, grinding himself like a mindless animal against Dean's ass, and the human was trembling underneath him like a Goddamn virgin. "Option One – you're lying to me about being okay with this 'mate', if he or she exists at all…" He nipped at Dean's ear, causing the human to jerk his head to one side to try and avoid it, and Dean pressed his cheek against the cool wood of the oak table, eyes closed, cheeks flushed, breathing deeply to calm himself. "Or, Option Two – you don't actually have one. Each option makes you a liar, Dean, and I don't appreciate being taken for a fool."

Dean swallowed, and Castiel watched the bob of his Adam's apple as though enthralled. There was sweat gathering at the back of the human's neck and he dragged his nose along the beads of moisture, licking them up with soft, kittenish licks, and Dean shivered, sensitive all the way down his spine.

"He wanted to wait," Dean whispered, fist clenching so tightly that he was in danger of drawing blood. "Until I was old enough, some stupid shit like that, but he's definitely fucking real and if you don't let me go I'm going to make sure he hunts you and your entire fucking Coven down."

Castiel chuckled again, purring at the scent of blood and sex in the air, burying his nose in Dean's lightly bitten neck, his hand relaxing from Dean's wrist just a little, dragging Dean's arms up to pin them above his head on the table. "And why would you do that when I'm obviously so willing to give you what he wouldn't?" the vampire purred, liquid venom trickling into Dean's ear when Castiel grinned, feral around the edges. "One sip of my blood and you're mine."

"He'll smell you on me," Dean growled, but his anger couldn't hide his panic as his eyes flashed open again. "He'll hunt you down no matter what happens to me."

"And you take solace in this."

Dean swallowed. "I might."

Castiel grunted, cocking his head to one side at the absurdity of human logic sometimes, and sighed lightly, rolling his hips once more against Dean's, and the human gasped, clenching his eyes, jaw and fists tightly shut as he shied forward, trying to get away from the touch and the reciprocation his body betrayed him with, bucking his hips into nothingness at the very sound of Castiel's voice, so rough and low in his ear, so different from Sam's, so much more…carnal. Sam was gentle, too afraid to do more than kiss Dean and yeah, Dean could get that, but it had been four fucking years. A guy has needs and vampires weren't exactly the most repulsive supernatural race out there.

The vampire's blue eyes darkened, feeling his brethren draw closer, anticipating his newest Child and already making arrangements to transport him and get rid of any evidence that Castiel was ever there. He didn't have time to waste.

"I can give you what you need," he whispered into Dean's ear, confident in that, and while the human swallowed and shook his head, his body told Castiel all he needed to know, and the vampire smiled when he took both Dean's wrists with one hand, slender fingers wrapping around the joints, and bit into his own wrist, tasting his blood that he was always thought tasted kind of like peppermint patties (weird, he knew, but still). He sucked some of his own blood into his mouth, and then pulled away from Dean, flipping the human over before he could think, and then he was at Dean's mouth, biting his way into a dominating kiss. His extra set of teeth caught on Dean's lips and the human let out a choked little gasp, but he couldn't help himself because there was something primal about blood drinking, from the first drop of his Creator's blood in Dean's mouth the transformation began.

It was actually quite extraordinary.

From the first touch, the first contact, Dean tasted the blood and it changed him, sunk into his very pores, plundered his veins, and Castiel's hold tightened while his newest Child cried out, poison in his throat, burning him. He held Dean's back but the Child was stronger than he realized and Dean shoved him off and rolled onto his knees, shoving two fingers down his throat to try and vomit up the poison, but Gabriel was faster than that and he pulled Dean away before he could, forcing the human to just whine pitifully and take it. Dean threw his head back, trying to crack it against Gabriel's and the vampire smirked. "He's a fighter."

"He should be," Castiel replied, grinning as he knelt in front of the writhing man, taking his chin in hand and admiring him for a moment before his strong, flailing legs could catch the vampire off guard again. "He is beautiful." He stood, nodded to Uriel and his other children, and they came forward and held Dean down, tied him up and took him to the van. Castiel bared his teeth, the ruckus drawing the attention of Dean's father downstairs. That would have to be taken care of. "Don't wait up, alright?"

Gabriel nodded to the rest and let them go, and he stayed behind with Castiel because he always stayed behind with Castiel. The Alpha vampire smiled down at his brother and Child, petting through his hair once, briefly, before they headed down towards the basement, heard the man pottering up the stairs, and bared their teeth, feral. The bartender wouldn't make it home tonight.

When Castiel returned to the settlement that he had claimed as his own personal house, Dean was locked up and well on his way in the transformation. Gabriel stood as a sentinel outside of the changeling's cage, watching his thrashing, writhing body with a kind of stoic look that made Castiel wonder what he was thinking about.

The lesser vampire turned, smelling his Alpha, and smiled a little in greeting when Castiel approached, before both men turned to view the changeling. Dean's body was drenched in sweat, plastering his clothes and changing the color so the green was darker, the black different shades. His jeans were muddy and his shirts were ruined with blood and sweat, his fists clenched as his body tried to reject Castiel's venomous blood, tried and failed. For now there was no screaming – there wouldn't be until the final stages. This boy was stronger than that. Castiel smiled at the thought, watching as Dean's body arched, tendons standing out in his neck and forearms, raising the pale flex of his muscles and marring the pattern of his veins, and he let out a pathetic animal-sound, akin to a growl or a mewl. Castiel licked his lips, not bothering to hide how much he was enjoying the show – the scent of arousal was heavy in the room and next to him, Castiel could hear Gabriel's breathing pick up, smell his brother's answering scent.

Castiel and Gabriel had never slept together, but desire was an unavoidable side effect of drinking the Alpha Vampire's blood, or the blood of the vampire that turned you. Since Castiel was both to Gabriel the effect was double, which was another reason Castiel never doubted Gabriel's loyalty – he was the Second, turned for companionship. Because of that link, Gabriel was uniquely attuned to Castiel and, though nothing ever came of it, was helpless to reject his Creator's call when it was sounded.

That was why Castiel had wanted to turn Dean himself. He wanted the boy to need him back and get a taste of his own damned medicine.

It would take a full day for Castiel's blood to make it all the way through Dean's body, but building up to that, Dean would start to become a little more aware. Probably already able to sense Castiel nearby and hear the vampires talking.

"How's he been doing?" Castiel asked, just to see if he'd get a reaction. He did. Dean's eyes flared open, glassy and glazed over from pain and sensation and he gasped, body arching as though Castiel's voice alone was a physical lightning strike through his spine. He rolled away in defense, trying to curl in on himself and fight off the invading force, the poison, but he couldn't and Castiel smiled in victory.

Gabriel returned the smile, flashing hazel eyes over Dean's body in a predatory way, admiring the beautiful arch of his spine, the trembling of his muscles, how he shuddered around his breaths and seemed to fight for every damn one. So intense was his look that Castiel almost growled at him in protective defense, guarding his kill. But of course Gabriel would never touch something that belonged to the Alpha. The lesser vampire dipped his head slightly, baring his neck, and let Castiel know he meant no threat by admiring the view, and Castiel subsided, satisfied by his brother's submission.

"This is the first time he's opened his eyes. He was relatively quiet once we got him in the car and gave Uriel little trouble." A swallow of excess saliva. "He managed to injure himself, though…" Castiel's eyes flashed to Gabriel's face. "He reopened your bite and it's been bleeding more heavily than it should be."

Castiel nodded – that explained all the excess blood. He inhaled, nostrils flaring to pick up and memorize Dean's new scent as it twisted and sharpened, growing spines that stung Castiel's nose and made sure he remembered them.

Gabriel continued after a moment – "Do you want me to look into this mate of his? We wouldn't want any trouble or attentions sent our way." The Alpha vampire nodded, smiling, and Gabriel straightened a little. "I'll get right on it, then," he said, before placing a kiss to the knuckle of his first finger and then pressing it against Castiel's unbitten, unmarred neck, and then took his leave, disappearing through the only exit and entrance into Castiel's private room.

Castiel waited with Dean while the boy changed, sitting just outside the bars of his cage – for his own protection, of course. Castiel had placed Dean within his private suite – no one was allowed in unless given explicit consent, and even then only Gabriel ever dared come close. The suite was grand but not lavish, with a large central area, a bathroom that was never used extending off to one side and stairs ascending to Castiel's bedroom and another smaller living area. Underneath the staircase was a large storage room that Castiel had adapted to become a cage for changelings that he took a particular liking to. Like Dean.

A vampire's heart will start beating if it is distressed or aroused or around humans for too long. That was why the only sign that let Castiel know of Dean's change, of his completion into becoming a vampire, was the fact that he sat up. Castiel's eyes zeroed in on the motion, watched his new Child take in his surroundings with bright and clear eyes devoid of the glazed look he'd had before, using muscles that protested the acidic venom still lingering in his cells. Castiel smiled, and waited, letting Dean get himself used to his new state of awareness.

Dean took in a quick, sharp breath, and winced at the pain in his chest. His body felt like he'd tried to make it run a thousand miles then got the crap beaten out of it. Lactic acid build-up, except he knew it wasn't that. He knew it wasn't just soreness from exercise.

He'd never known that being a supernatural creature would be so…intense. He grimaced, smelling himself. He smelled like stale sweat and mud and blood – God, how could Sam stand it? And around him was the scent of saliva and semen and oil and old wood, older paper, paint drying, mint and chocolate, ink, more paint, a different kind of paint, clothes –

Mint and chocolate.

He whirled around, meeting the eyes of his Creator, backing himself away so his back was pressed against the far side of the cage. Castiel watched him go with a vaguely amused smile. "Good…evening, Dean," he said, eyes flashing to the wall for a moment where a large ornamental clock was squatting on a shelf. The ticks echoed off the white walls. "How do you feel?"

"How do I-?" Dean started, then cut himself off, wincing at the burn in his throat when he tried to speak, dried out from screaming and with a ragged-sharp pain on his neck. With shaking fingertips he pressed against his neck, feeling the edges of Castiel's bite. "You changed me, you son of a bitch!" he growled, eyes flashing a darker shade and Castiel grinned, cocking his head to one side. "I'll kill you!" Still, despite his threatening words, he hadn't moved, just continued to glare at Castiel from behind his bars.

The Alpha vampire smirked. "I'm sure," he purred smoothly, leaning forward and his smile widened as Dean leaned back, biting his lip and trying to keep away. Castiel kept approaching, flicking the mechanism that allowed three of the bars most away from Dean to slide down into holes in the ground and Castiel stepped through. The changeling's breath hitched for a brief moment, smelling his Alpha and the pheromones for a moment before he shook his head, pressing more against the cold stone wall. His eyes flashed to the small opening in his cage but before he could do anything the bars slid back up and locked into place, trapping him.

Dean's eyes darkened, his scent heavy with fear, his heart slowing down as the transformation fully began to take effect and he cooled from his body heat, and Castiel smiled, kneeling down in front of Dean, watching him for a long moment. "What are you going to do to me?" Dean whispered, because he'd heard horror stories from Sam and his Pack about what vampires did to their prey, even after turning them. He didn't know what would happen to him if he managed to escape and ran to Sam, but he didn't want to die either. Plus, with the way Castiel was looking at him, he honestly feared for his future at the hands of this powerful creature.

So many possible responses to that, Castiel thought with amusement. "There'll be time for that later," he purred, leaning a little closer to his new changeling and Dean flinched away when his hand reached forward, trailing his fingertips along the boy's cheek. "For now, rest up and sleep. The transformation and first days take a lot out of a young vampire."

"And you won't…do anything?" Dean asked, fearful eyes skating over to Castiel and away again to focus on the bars that opened and closed the cage. "While I sleep? You'll leave me alone?"

"I promise," Castiel replied, smiling a little more before he moved back towards the bars, again flicking another mechanism that he made sure to keep hidden from Dean as he left and waited until the bars resituated themselves before he turned his back on the cage. "Rest, Dean," he said, walking out of the room; "I shall return shortly."

When a vampire turns another, a connection is formed. In time, if this connection is not maintained or renewed, it fades and becomes background noise. That was why Castiel managed to feel it when Dean became distressed again, and hurried to his new Child's side.

Dean was clawing at his throat, drawing in dry breaths and shuddering on the exhale. He was gaping, looked like someone was trying to choke him, looking like a fish out of water, on all fours facing away from the bars. Whatever air he managed to get in became a cough and his body was trembling from…he didn't know. Dean's body burned, he felt hungry, thirsty, so fucking thirsty…He needed, he wanted.

When Castiel entered the room, he knew immediately what was happening. When young children are hungry they will cry – when young vampires are hungry, they hold it in their scent. One inhale told Castiel all he needed to know as he approached the cage and slinked inside, turning Dean to face him.

Wide, terrified eyes met the Alpha. "What…?" Dean coughed again, dipping his shoulders as he coughed into his hand, trying to shield his body and protect himself. He made a small, distressed sound. "What's happening to me?" he asked, fear heavy in his scent and voice.

Castiel smiled, threading a hand through his Child's soft brown hair and jerking Dean's head up. "You need to drink and sate yourself," he told the new vampire, watching for a while before comprehension dawned on Dean, and the boy tried to jerk away but Castiel's grip held firm and their eyes remained locked.

"I'm not drinking human blood," Dean growled in defiance, interrupted by another cough, one that racked through his whole body, and he was shivering and sweating as though fevered. "I…I won't…can't do that…"

"I never said anything about human blood," Castiel quipped in reply, bringing his other hand to his mouth and biting down on the inside of his wrist, shedding his blood. At once Dean stilled, new, sharper senses picking up the scent of the blood that had turned him, that changed him, that rode in his veins now and the vampire that he'd associated with it. His lips fell open, his nostrils flared and he stopped struggling, staring with wide eyes at the little drop of crimson welling up around Castiel's lips, desire unlike he'd ever known slamming into his body full-force, making him gasp. His eyes darkened and he growled a little, this time in want, his body shifting more into an attack stance, getting his legs under him, fully prepared to pounce on his meal.

He was on Castiel in a fraction of a second, licking like a dog at his Creator's lips to get at that scent, Castiel's blood. What was astounding was how the Alpha let him – relaxed against the cold stone floor and let Dean ravage his mouth, tear at his lips, the boy's tongue dragging along his own and learning his mouth. Dean found and explored the divots in Castiel's gums where his second set of fangs extended, half-out already from biting himself and Dean mewled a little when his tongue was pricked, shying away, becoming a little more chaste with the kiss for a moment as his hands kept moving, trying to find comfortable places to settle on or around his Alpha's body. One of them landed under Castiel's unbitten arm, the other by his opposite hip, close enough to feel Dean's arm there but not so close as to actually grip Castiel's body. Even out of his mind with bloodlust, such a young vampire wouldn't dare touch his Alpha in such a dominating way without permission.

Castiel's arms went around Dean's shoulders and the changeling stiffened when he smelled more of Castiel's glorious blood. He withdrew from Castiel's flushed, bitten-red lips, panting fast and breathing hard, staring down into bright ocean eyes, sharing his breaths with his Alpha, feeling Castiel's heart beating in excitement and arousal, and Dean turned his head, finding Castiel's wrist where it rested on his shoulder, and pushed at it with his nose, finding the taste with his tongue and he began to lap it up like a kitten, purring like one too. Castiel smiled, petting through Dean's hair as his Child drank, delighting in how quickly he'd gotten Dean to cave.

The Alpha pushed his Child away very suddenly, sitting up, and Dean whined pathetically, blood smeared around his lips and eyes bright with want, crouched in front of Castiel and staring at his Alpha with pleading eyes. "Come here, Dean," Castiel purred, holding out his wrist and the vampire licked his lips, eyes flashing between Castiel's eyes and his wrist before he crept forward hesitantly, suspecting a trap. His hands connected with Castiel's wrist and he licked over the wound again, starting to drink and Castiel moved closer. Dean shied away. "Easy, baby, easy…" Castiel coaxed Dean around so the changeling was resting, back against Castiel's chest, holding Castiel's wrist in front of him and Castiel's other hand wrapped around Dean's chest, holding him close between Castiel's legs. The Alpha vampire was hard, aching, and rubbed lightly against the small of Dean's back, but didn't press for his own need as he watched his Child drink, smiling to himself in a satisfied way, and his other hand snaked down between Dean's legs, pressing against the hardness he found there, able to smell the heat and musk of Dean's arousal as well.

The Child gasped hard enough to drop Castiel's wrist, arching back almost over Castiel's shoulder but the Alpha kept him still, shushing him gently in a whisper. "It's alright, baby, my beautiful Child," he purred into Dean's ear, biting down gently on the lobe, and Dean shuddered, tossing his head, eyes clenched tightly shut as Castiel continued to rub him through his jeans. "So beautiful, Dean, did you know that? From the moment I first saw you, I knew I had to have you, knew you wouldn't disappoint me, and you haven't. You're perfect, perfect," Castiel breathed, leaning down to inhale Dean's scent at his neck and the boy whimpered, biting his lip harshly enough to draw blood with his second set of teeth, and Castiel's nostrils flared as it began to run down the side of Dean's face, along the firm line of his jaw and then down his neck. Castiel's tongue snaked out to lick at the trail. "So young, so responsive, and your blood." He groaned into Dean's neck, pressing down a little harder on the boy's erection, earning another pained whine as Dean writhed in Castiel's arms, hands finding Castiel's thighs and gripping tight enough to break a human's bones. "Come for me, Dean, let me see how much you need it," Castiel demanded, and Dean's eyes flared open, his lips parted in a soundless gasp as he stared up with sightless eyes, and the scent of come exploded in the air in front of him. Castiel could feel heat and dampness against his fingers where they rested on Dean's hardness. The Alpha purred. "Such a good boy, Dean."

Dean's body trembled through the aftershocks, Castiel continuing to croon little endearments and commands and praises into his ear, and when he returned to himself, and the haze of lust had faded from his mind, he squeezed his eyes tightly shut and turned his head away, forcing himself more upright. Castiel let him go and followed.

"What are you doing to me?" Dean whispered, tears slipping out from under his eyelashes, running down his flushed cheeks. He flinched when Castiel ran a hand up his spine, and turned his head away so he didn't see the vampire's face.

Castiel leaned forward and Dean shivered when he felt the cold breeze of his exhale on his skin, raising goose bumps. "Whatever the hell I want," the Alpha replied in a low, deadly voice, making Dean flinch again and whimper at the powerful undertone, hating how it sent little shivers up and down his spine. "You're mine in blood and in venom and soon you'll be mine in body as well."

The Alpha vampire's cold fingers took a hold of Dean's chin and forced him to look at Castiel, bright grassy eyes sparkling with dewy tears, a delicious mix of fright and want on his face and Castiel leaned forward, brushing his lips chastely over the boy's full, bloodied ones and nosing along his adorable virgin's blush.

"You're going to force me, aren't you," Dean muttered in a deadpan voice, making it less of a question and more an inevitable truth. Castiel found it amusing.

"I am many things, Dean," he began, brushing chaste little kisses against the boy's jaw and around his salt-lined cheek. "A liar, a thief, a murderer in the strictest sense of the word, a tyrant…but I am not a rapist." He chuckled as though the idea was funny. "I don't need to be – you'll invite me to lay between your legs soon enough." Dean sucked in a breath, about to protest or push him away but Castiel's hand reached out, gently covering the bite mark on Dean's neck, left by Castiel's fangs as the vampire continued to kiss him lightly. "My blood flows through your veins and my power is your craving. Eventually you'll want more from me and I will not deny you. I will give you what your other mate refused to."

Dean shivered, swallowing loudly, a small, desperate sound escaping it at Castiel's touches, despite how innocent they might have been; his words and his voice just made Dean shiver and he hated his response, how sure of himself the vampire seemed and how, thinking of his reaction and the events that had just passed, Dean didn't think himself strong enough to resist for long. Supernatural creatures made their lives out of taking and breaking people like him and they'd had a long time to get good at it.

He closed his eyes, thinking of Sam, how worried he must be, how he'd be looking for Dean right that very second, and it gave him strength. He swallowed and pushed at Castiel's shoulders until the other vampire leaned away.

"I'd like you to leave now," he whispered, not meeting Castiel's eyes, and he didn't relax from his position until Castiel acquiesced, leaving and locking the cage and exiting the suite, leaving Dean on his own again.

"How goes it with the newest turned?" Gabriel asked when Castiel joined him in the main room of the building – a large, industrial-looking place that had large prison-like cells set into each wall, three of them along the three walls holding up to five vampires in each with blood bags attached to the outsides, like water in a hamster cage. The air reeked of warm and cooling blood and Castiel wrinkled his nose at the smell, standing next to his Second.

"He's fighting but he'll break soon enough," Castiel replied with a slight smirk, cocking his head to one side. "Have you any news on the hunt for his supposed mate?"

Gabriel shook his head. "There were no scents around his place of work or his home that suggested anything remotely supernatural, and he lived solely with his father who we took care of." Castiel's mouth twisted in dissatisfaction, realizing he'd just gotten rid of the only other person that would lead him to his newest Child's mate.

"He will not be willing to tell me who it is," Castiel mused aloud, licking his lips as he thought. "He will think I am out for blood."

"Well," Gabriel chuckled, "you are."

Castiel smiled in grim reply. "Yes, but he doesn't need to know that." The Alpha vampire sighed. "Perhaps it shall merely be a case of wooing him. Seems simple enough – people do tend to warm up to me even when I've put them in cages."

"You have a knack for it," Gabriel added in agreement, then snapped his fingers as something occurred to him. "I almost forgot." He disappeared from Castiel's side, reappearing a moment later, holding out the guitar Dean had been playing the night before like an offering towards his Alpha. It had a light smattering of dust on the body but otherwise it looked exactly the same. Castiel was able to see tiny chips in the glossy finish at the head where it must have been knocked around a little, well-loved and well-used. "I remember how much you loved his music, Alpha. Perhaps you can both get pleasure from this."

Castiel smiled and accepted the guitar, holding it up for his inspection. His fingers left bloody prints on the neck and strings as he plucked a few of them. "I think this will do very well," he said, looking towards his Second. "Thank you, Gabriel."

The other vampire flushed a little at the praise, and then nodded and turned back to watch over the newest changelings, who were kept here unless a specific elder vampire took an interest in them, until they were ready to be released into the world after the first arc of bloodlust had faded. Castiel wrapped his bloody fingers around the back of Gabriel's neck and pulled his brother closer, placing a light kiss to the bite marring his neck and Gabriel shivered, eyes falling closed, head dipping to bare his throat more, but Castiel didn't take it further because Gabriel was his brother and it would be inappropriate. He pet once through Gabriel's hair and then took his leave with the guitar, back around the rest of the house to make sure everything was in working order, before he went back to his Child with the gift.

The air reeked of tears when Castiel returned to his suite, and he paused for a moment, knowing Dean must have been crying. There were no sounds coming from Dean's cage and he approached slowly, finding Dean curled up towards the back of the cage, as far away as he could get, his legs folded up to his chest and his arms around his knees. He tensed when Castiel's body blocked out the light of the room and his eyes flared open, green finding and holding blue. Castiel set the guitar down outside Dean's cage when the changeling bared his elongated teeth at his Alpha, aggressive and angry and hungry. His nails were digging hard enough into his legs to draw blood and tear the fabric of his jeans.

"You thirsty again, baby?" Castiel asked in a whisper, mildly surprised that Dean was hungry again so soon, but he wasn't going to complain because every drop of blood Dean consumed just made the connection to Castiel grow stronger. Dean made a low sound of anger, one hand moving to hold his throat and he winced. He wanted, but he didn't want to ask. Castiel smiled and opened the cage, slinking in, and Dean flinched away, trying to press himself as far back into the wall as he could, as far away from Castiel as he could. His eyes turned wide and wary, and he shook his head, either in denial or refusal, trying to turn his body away but Castiel's call was strong and potent and unless Dean stopped breathing, he couldn't ignore it. His eyes flashed to Castiel's neck, the only part of the man that was bare, and he swallowed, able to see the dark line of his vein, and he licked his lips, following it with a bite to his lower one, whimpering as he fought back the urge to just attack and take and drink.

Castiel noticed him staring and he grinned like the Devil, slinking closer. Dean whined lowly and turned his body away, but instead of moving his legs between him and Castiel so he could kick the older vampire away if necessary, he turned to the side so Castiel had unrestricted access to his neck, his back and the entire left side of his body. Dean shivered when Castiel's hands landed on him, his eyes closing tightly as he swallowed around a dry mouth again.

He was trembling, and Castiel shifted so his body was behind Dean's, his arms following the line of Dean's so he was covering his Child, his left leg extending to trap Dean in and the younger vampire whined again, trying to curl in on himself to make himself smaller. Castiel leaned forward, burying his nose at the back of Dean's neck and licking along the top knobs of his spine, earning another involuntary shudder.

"Are you thirsty?" he asked again, firmer this time, carefully pulling Dean's arms away from himself so the younger vampire was forced to lean back against Castiel's chest, and Castiel pulled Dean's arms back until they landed on Castiel's hips and clenched, finding something new to dig into that didn't cause himself pain. Castiel nosed along Dean's neck and held his wrist against Dean's mouth, inviting.

The younger vampire tried to lean away to avoid it; his eyes opened and he rested his head back on Castiel's shoulder. "The bite's gone," he said after a moment, panting loudly by Castiel's ear and the Alpha shivered, intrigued at how this Child made him react. He could feel just a little of his normally perfect control slipping, just slightly, and Dean wasn't even doing anything.

"My own bites don't harm me," Castiel whispered back, lowering his voice as he branded the words into the thin, sensitive skin along Dean's jaw, making his Child mewl and shake against him. Fuck, but the power trip was like being drunk. Castiel knew he had complete control over what happened to this boy, how he got to feel, what he got to do and it was just divine, really. "I don't have to bear the mark." Dean made a little sound in the back of his throat. It sounded…disappointed. Castiel smiled in victory, resting his teeth against Dean's racing pulse. "Do you like the idea of me being marked up, Dean?" he purred, loving the little whimper his words elicited from the boy, how Dean gasped and his hips bucked just a little, how the scent of arousal in the air went from soft background to overwhelming. "Like the idea of me getting bitten, of wearing someone's bite? Your bite, maybe?" Castiel taunted, smirking when Dean mewled again and shook his head. "No? Well, I think your body is in disagreement, baby," he said, moving his wrist away from Dean's mouth and starting down his chest, flattening his palm over Dean's thundering heart.

"No," Dean whimpered, grabbing onto Castiel's hand and trying to pull him away. "Please. Don't touch me."

Castiel laughed harshly. "I said I wouldn't rape you, Dean, not that I wouldn't touch you," he snapped with another smirk, relishing Dean's little desperate, fearful sounds. "I know you want to bite me, Dean," Castiel continued, lowering his voice again, making it smoky and sultry, whiskey and gravel in Dean's ear. "Know you like the idea of laying your claim on me; of making me hurt, of getting some of your own back for what I did." Dean gasped, his breathing close to hyperventilation now – Castiel would have been worried had Dean been human. "So come on, baby. Bite me. Rip me apart."

Dean snarled at the words, his pupils completely overtaking the rest of his eye, and Castiel's neck was actually so close to him that it was easy to turn his head and catch his teeth at the hollow of his Alpha's throat. Castiel swallowed, letting Dean go and the changeling wasted no time, turning and pinning Castiel down onto the cold floor again, like the last time. His legs fell either side of Castiel's hips, the heat between his legs falling in line to ride beside Castiel's aching cock and the Alpha growled, grabbing Dean's thighs at the same time Dean's teeth sheathed themselves in Castiel's neck.

The Alpha vampire had only been bitten once in his life and that was by a woman he had considered briefly for a mate before she ended up betraying him and he'd killed her himself. That bite had healed away and his body was unmarred. Dean's teeth sank deep into his neck, as deep as the changeling could get them until the rest of his mouth stopped their entrance, and Castiel moaned, arching his body into the younger vampire's touch, his eyes falling closed as he suddenly remembered why being bitten was something his Children always enjoyed from each other.

It was like his nerves leapt into overdrive, focused on that part of his neck. Everything else became so much more intense than it usually was, and for a vampire, that was saying something. Dean's body over his was a steady weight, his heat and heartbeat burning and deafening, his teeth painful but so good, and he started drinking, greedily sucking down Castiel's blood like a dying man, one hand resting on the other side of Castiel's neck to hold him steady, the other bracing himself against the floor.

Castiel let himself relax, knowing it was impossible for Dean to take too much, and instead entertained himself by driving his newest Child out of his mind. He almost smirked as he remembered how resistant Dean had been to his mention of sex and how eagerly Dean was spreading his legs for Castiel now, riding his Alpha's cock in smooth rocking motions of his hips. Castiel moaned, tightening his grip on Dean's thighs and drove his hips up, and Dean made a sharp sound, choking around his mouthful of blood as he gasped at the sudden lance of pleasure in his gut. "Alpha…" He growled the word, sounding wet and wanting as he whispered it against Castiel's skin, whimpering pathetically as he began to participate, because with Castiel's blood in his mouth, sliding down his throat, and the vampire's hands on him, it felt like nirvana. It was impossible to think logically when he was like this, so driven out of his mind with bloodlust and carnal lust and he couldn't stop himself driving his hips down against Castiel's, desperate for more, harsher contact, anything Castiel would give him.

The Alpha vampire moaned when Dean gasped out his title, biting his lower lip hard as he tossed his head back, driving his cock up against Dean's again. They were wearing far too many clothes, but Castiel was waiting for Dean to make the first move – after all, he was a man of his word…on occasion. He wanted to prove the point that Dean couldn't resist him and he couldn't do that by forcing himself on the boy.

But fuck, did Dean make it difficult to resist and restrain himself. He still wore the clothes he'd been changed in, crusted with sweat and dry come in his underwear, blood leaking down below his knees where his fingers had dug in hard enough to break skin and dirt on his body from being manhandled and kept in a cage, but he was still the most tempting thing Castiel had ever touched. His lips were flushed and red like he'd been kissed senseless, his chin lined with blood both old and new, his eyes black with lust, golden skin flushed and sweaty and his muscles trembling, his body shaking with desire, he was divine, carnal temptation, desperate and wanting in a virgin's body, and Castiel was touching him in places no one else had, driving him to feelings no one else could make him feel. The Alpha wanted more, fuck did he want more. His hands tightened on Dean's clenching thighs, moving up higher so his thumbs just teased along the line of Dean's erection and the boy shuddered visibly, choking again. He was starting to slow down how much blood he was taking from Castiel's body and the vampire knew his Child would be sated soon.

Dean's body was burning hot, his heart racing when he finally pulled away, cheeks flushed with fresh blood and panting, breathing heavily through his parted, blood-wet lips. Castiel smiled at his dazed Child and threaded his fingers through Dean's hair, pulling the boy down for a long, passionate kiss that tasted of blood and desire. Dean opened up to him so willingly, so eager to please as he parted his lips and let his blood-slick tongue slide along Castiel's, sharing his dominant sire's taste, and didn't protest when Castiel rolled them over, pressing Dean down onto his back, falling between the boy's lax legs, spread wide open, his hips still working against Castiel's to bring them both pleasure.

"Mmm," Dean purred against his lips, drawing back for air he didn't need, his eyes greener now and hooded as he nuzzled against Castiel's mouth, letting their lips brush together just lightly, sucking his Alpha's lower lip into his mouth with a light, wet sound. His hands found Castiel's shoulders, gripping tightly as he gasped, arching his spine in a beautiful bow that had his chest rubbing against Castiel's, hard muscle against hard muscle, and he was coming, filling his jeans up again with a choked-off gasp, finding his sire's lips again and claiming them, whimpering when Castiel kept up the pressure through his orgasm, forcing Dean through the aftershocks until he stopped shaking.

It took all of Castiel's willpower to stop after that, drawing away without seeking completion himself, and he stood, making his way over to the bars of the cage.

"Alpha, wait!"

Castiel stilled, turning, his face unreadable but his eyes were still near-black with lust and Dean crawled forward on his hands and knees, still breathing hard, and he didn't stop until he was kneeling in front of Castiel, pinning the Alpha against the bars of his cage. The Alpha vampire bit his lip, sure he was going to come just from the sight of Dean on his knees in front of him, with flushed cheeks and full, bitten-red lips and blood smeared around his mouth, he looked like sin and innocence and it was such a fucking turn on.

"What is it, Dean?" he asked in a controlled, tight voice, and Dean's gorgeous green eyes flashed up from under long, thick lashes, and the boy swallowed before his hands trailed up Castiel's thighs towards his groin, fumbling at the belt and fastening of his trousers.

"Wanna make you feel good, Alpha," he mumbled, the words muffled as he pressed his mouth against Castiel through his pants, the damp heat making Castiel moan and buck his hips involuntarily, his control slipping just a little more. He managed to hook his fingers in the top of Castiel's trousers and pulled them down, just far enough along with his underwear to free his hard cock which was already dripping precome. Dean nuzzled at the bunch of Castiel's clothes just under his cock, smiling like he'd managed to achieve his life's ambition, and flashed eyes that had grown dark again up to Castiel. "Wanna taste you. All of you." His hands found Castiel's hips, holding him against the bars, and Dean smirked like the cat that got the cream as he licked a long strip up the underside of Castiel's cock, making the Alpha hiss and jerk forward involuntarily, stopped by Dean's hands.

"Goddamnit," Castiel growled, and Dean chuckled, flushing a little in delight at having pleased his Alpha. He wrapped his lips around the head, suckling lightly as he tongued the slit, exploring Castiel's cock and licking it like a Goddamn Popsicle.

The bitter taste of precome exploded on his tongue and he moaned, eyes fluttering closed, lashes kissing his cheeks, making him look far more innocent than he had any right to be, with the things he was doing with his mouth. Fuck, but that boy had a mouth made to suck cock. His full lips were stretched around the head as he sucked, cheeks hollowing out and he moved one hand to fist the base, nostrils flaring as he breathed through it and began to take more into his mouth. Castiel hissed at the wet heat and tightness.

"Fuck," he growled, putting a hand on the back of Dean's head and pushing him down a little more, and the boy took it without gagging, moaning a little at the treatment. "Done this before, haven't you? You little slut." Castiel bit his lower lip harshly, fangs digging into his own skin as he rocked his hips forward, trying to make Dean take him deeper, to see how much those pretty lips and that mouth could take. He hit the back of Dean's throat but the boy just opened up and kept taking more of him, moaning like it was a fucking reward. "I wonder how you managed to get so good, huh? Maybe playing around with your mate more than I'd thought. Or practicing on Daddy's friends at the bar. Some of those guys were big – you got a thing for big guys? Men that can throw you around and show you your place?" Dean whined around Castiel's cock, dragging his mouth back up and catching the smooth skin just a little with his teeth. "Fucking whore."

Dean groaned again, his lips now wrapped tightly around the head as his eyes flashed open again, lust-black meeting lust-black, and his cheeks hollowed once more, sucking Castiel for all he was worth, his tongue teasing just under the head at the sensitive bundle of nerves, making Castiel shudder. He tongued along the slit; fisting Castiel's cock and dragging the tight ring of his fingers up, letting his hand push his mouth away from Castiel's cock. He was panting heavily, jacking Castiel off as he smiled up at his Alpha, giving a 'come hither' look that put all of Castiel's previous lovers to shame.

"Come on, Alpha," Dean growled with a Cheshire cat smile, staring up at Castiel from under his lashes, his other hand moving from Castiel's hip to play with his balls, caressing and fondling them lightly. "You told me you'd give me what I need." He made his voice softer, playful, like a taunting child and Castiel snarled, fisting his hand in Dean's hair and yanking the boy up to seal their lips together, lust clouding his mind for a brief moment. Dean continued to squeeze and stroke his cock, purring into his Alpha's mouth, and Castiel only allowed himself a moment at Dean's mouth, feeling his orgasm overcoming him, and shoved Dean down to his knees in time to come all over Dean's face, marking the boy up with the thick milky ropes. He painted Dean's face like the finest canvas, golden skin contrasting beautifully with the white, pearly fluid. Castiel traced the line of Dean's cheek with his dripping cock, shot a string of come over his nose, into his hair, and then marked up his pretty, pretty lips.

Dean smiled when Castiel finished, sagging against the bars and breathing hard, running the hand not in Dean's hair through his own as he tried to gather up the shattered remains of his control. His Child purred, nuzzling into Castiel's spent cock, licking at the excess that hadn't landed on his face and Castiel hissed, oversensitive, shoving at the boy until he landed sprawled out on the floor of his cage. Quickly Castiel opened and stepped through the hole in the bars, resetting them before tucking himself back into his pants and turning back to face Dean.

Something was happening here, something wrong. Castiel shouldn't have lost control like that, shouldn't have bent to his Child's coaxing and Dean shouldn't have been so eager, so soon. And he definitely shouldn't be making Castiel doubt himself so.

He watched as his Child pushed himself to a sitting position, licking his lips of blood and come, tongue trailing over his top lip deliberately slowly before he bit into his bottom one, letting it drag out from between his teeth like he had that first night, seemingly unaware that Castiel was watching him, but the Alpha knew he knew. Castiel snarled, angered by his own lack of self-restraint, and carded a hand through his hair again.

"I will be back shortly," he muttered with a dry mouth, swallowing, and Dean didn't seem to hear him, too caught up with licking the remnants of blood, sweat and come from his hands and face. Castiel swallowed again and took his leave, Dean's guitar remaining on the floor just outside his cage.

"You must find Dean's mate as soon as possible," Castiel said by way of greeting when he found Gabriel again, this time in his brother's own rooms. The Second looked up from where he was sitting reading either a magazine or a book – Castiel didn't know nor did he care – before he stood and approached his frazzled brother.

"I have all my resources on it," Gabriel said, holding his hands up in a placating gesture.

Castiel growled, making a slashing, dismissive motion with his hand. "It's not good enough, not soon enough," he said, frustration making him harsher than usual towards his brother, and he turned away from Gabriel, going over to the largest window in the manor, facing out over the back garden that was dead and monochrome in the winter times. "He's not…not usual. Not right. I suspect something must have happened to him in his human years to make him this way."

There was a pause, then; "Does he react badly to you, Alpha?" Gabriel's tone clearly suggested his surprise at even the notion of a Child not wanting his Creator's affection and attention. Even one who had been changed against his will never stayed angry or hateful for long. "Does he gag on your blood or refuse your advances?"

"…No," Castiel replied, shoulders slumping a little as he turned back towards his brother. "No," he repeated, voice a whisper, "quite the opposite, in fact. It's…unnerving. He's more…base. I've never turned anyone already mated to a Supernatural creature – I need to find his mate and know if something could have happened to make him this way."

"I don't understand," Gabriel said after a moment, clearly pained at the idea that he didn't quite know exactly what his Alpha was asking of him.

Castiel approached slowly, a small smile on his face, and placed his hands on his distressed Child's shoulders, and laid a kiss upon his brow, then over his bite. "Don't trouble yourself with the 'why', Gabriel," he whispered into his brother's pale skin, "just get me results."

Castiel was almost hesitant returning to his rooms, only lured there by the soft sound of guitar music and humming. When he entered Dean had his back against the bars of his cage, his guitar in his lap, bracing under his arm and across his thighs, legs bent up at the knee to support it. The song wasn't one he recognized but the melody was beautiful all the same, Dean's soft voice muted a little in Castiel's quarters.

" - though I haven't seen you, are you still there?." A pause, Dean plucking a sad little riff to the chord his left hand held, pressing down on the perfectly in-tune strings. Castiel had to wonder if the guitar was just that high quality or if Dean had a perfect ear to retune it so well. "I cried out with no reply and I can't feel you by my side, so I'll hold tight to what I know – you're here…and I'm never alone."

"That's a beautiful song," Castiel said, startling Dean out of the pause he'd gone into at the end of the line, the boy bending over his guitar, his shoulders tense and his voice growing sad. The Alpha had a passing thought that the song must hold some significant emotional value for Dean. The changeling flinched away from the bars, cradling his guitar like he had in that bar – like it was a shield. Castiel noticed that every speck of dust had been lovingly wiped away. Castiel came forward and sat down on the other side of the bars, comfortably resting his back against the wall that it joined into so he was facing and mirroring Dean's position. "Who taught you it?"

"My…My mother would always sing it to me," Dean whispered after a moment, swallowing and looking down at the strings, which he plucked absently but no sound came out as his palm was muting it. "She was religious, always thought Angels were watching over me, liked the song 'cause it meant God was always watching even if you didn't think he was there." He smirked a little, the expression bitter. "She died when I was four."

"I'm very sorry," Castiel said honestly, watching Dean's face as the boy shook his head, sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose tightly, obviously fighting back his sorrow. "But it happened a long time ago." Dean nodded in agreement. A pause. "Will you sing for me some more, Dean? I loved your voice when you were performing the other night – you are a very talented musician."

Dean's eyes met his Alpha's, suspicion warring in them. It seemed he had returned to his previous defensive mindset, only reverting to that base creature that had so thoroughly rocked Castiel when greeted with the sight of his Alpha's blood. Castiel wondered briefly if Dean had some sort of split personality disorder or other psychological damage, but the thought was fleeting and passed quickly when Dean began to play again, the same song, his hands flying over the neck of the guitar and picking out a beautiful, melodious rhythm, albeit a little more complicated than it should be for a guitarist's part – it took Castiel a second to realize that Dean was actually playing the notes for a piano, managing to keep the rhythm and make it interesting at the same time. He must have learned the guitar when he was very young.

"And though I cannot see you, and I can't explain why such a deep reassurance you've placed in my life – we cannot separate, 'cause you're part of me…" Dean's eyes flashed to Castiel's, a sudden darkness in them, as though he knew exactly what the Alpha was doing every time Castiel shed his blood and let Dean drink. "…and though you're invisible, I trust the unseen." Dean paused again, letting a chord ring out, and then returned to the chorus. He let the song end on a sad chord, making it sound incomplete, and Castiel lamented the song itself as much as the fact that it actually had to end, meaning Dean would stop playing.

They stared at each other for a long time before Dean cleared his throat, looking down at the guitar again. "Do you believe in God, Castiel?" he murmured, flashing the vampire a look from under his lashes.

Castiel shook his head. "I don't have to believe," he replied. "Vampires don't have souls. I'm no longer God's problem." Dean frowned. "Do you believe in him?"

The boy shrugged, shuffling his foot a little, letting one leg extend so the guitar dipped, the head almost touching the floor and he rested his arms over the guitar, leaning forward. "I guess," he said noncommittally. "I never really thought about it. I guess I have all the typical questions – why so much evil if he's there and he cares? …But I guess it doesn't matter for me now." He sighed again, looking up to meet Castiel's eyes. "Does this mean I have no soul now? Being a vampire?"

Castiel cocked his head to one side. "It means that, by the time you do actually die, you will have damaged your soul so irreparably that eventually it will have just fled your body or become so scarred and misshapen that neither Heaven nor Hell will want you." Dean swallowed at that, looking away. "But that is not for many millennia, if at all." Castiel shrugged. "Another thing I am not is a fortune teller."

Dean snorted, smirking a little bitterly. "Right," he said, biting his lower lip as he stared at the door to Castiel's quarters, the one that led to freedom, for a long moment before he sighed and shook his head again. "When will you let me out of here?"

Castiel shrugged – there seemed to be a lot of that going on lately. "When I feel you are ready and willing to come out."

"I'm more than willing," Dean said lowly.

"But you're not ready. Not yet." Dean made a low sound of anger and Castiel sighed, straightening against the wall. "Tell you what," he said, meeting Dean's eyes. "We can work out a deal." Dean raised an eyebrow. "For every question you answer for me, honestly, I will let you out for an hour. That sounds fair, doesn't it?"

"Quid Pro Quo, Castiel?" Dean asked in a mocking tone, straightening up as well with a small smirk on his face. Castiel just nodded. "Yeah, alright, that sounds fair. But I want something about you too. Anything. For every question I answer, I get a fact about you, and an hour of freedom." His eyes held a challenge and Castiel was never one to refuse. He smiled.

"Deal." Dean nodded and gestured for him to proceed. Castiel paused for a moment, debating on what to ask. He could either start off small and let Dean warm up to him, racking up his hours of freedom – but that could make him less likely to answer the big, important questions that Castiel wanted answers to. Conversely, if Castiel started off big Dean could close off completely and refuse to tell him anything, freedom be damned. It was a knife-edge moment. "Do you have any kind of psychological disorder?"

Dean raised an eyebrow, a confused expression on his face. "What kind of question is that?" he asked, disbelieving and scathing. Castiel rolled his eyes.

"Just answer the question."

Dean chuckled, shaking his head. "Yeah, okay. No, I don't have anything wrong in my head. You go."

"Very well," Castiel said, leaning his head back, thinking of something he could tell Dean that was fairly innocuous. "I was born as the result of an illegitimate meeting between a claimed woman and a man who was not her 'husband', so to speak, in the year forty-six-hundred BC." Dean's eyes widened at the date, and his eyes raked over Castiel appraisingly as though seeing him in an entirely new light. "Were you ever sexually abused as a child?"

Dean blinked, frowning. "These are some weird-ass questions," he muttered, "but no, I was never sexually abused. You go."

Castiel sighed, thinking again. "You know that book, Jekyll and Hyde, and the lawyer, Gabriel?" Dean nodded and Castiel's smile widened. "That author was inspired by an encounter with my brother and I."

"No shit," Dean said, leaning forward again, setting his guitar to one side so that he could sit closer to the bars, leaning against them to see Castiel better. Castiel smiled, knowing he had piqued the youth's interest. "No, that guy said he dreamed up the story. How could you have inspired it?" Castiel's smile widened and he tapped the side of his nose, and Dean made a frustrated sound, knowing he would have to answer another question to get more information out of Castiel. "Fine. Question," he said in an irritated tone.

"What species is your mate?" Dean tensed at that, his back going rigid as he looked at Castiel with eyes dark and narrowed with distrust. Castiel raised his hands in a placating gesture. "Come, now, Dean, I just wish to learn more about you, about what other kinds of creatures you invite to your door."

Dean was silent for a while longer, and for a terrifying moment Castiel thought that Dean wasn't going to tell him, and then it came out whispered; "Werewolf," he said, looking away again, and Dean sighed heavily. "He's a werewolf."

"Hmm," Castiel replied, leaning his head back against the wall, staring at the ceiling. "That's an interesting choice, Dean," he said, more curious than anything else. "Don't you worry about him during the Full Moon?"

"You haven't told me your fact yet," Dean snapped in reply, leaning back again, arms folded over his chest.

Castiel rolled his eyes. "Very well." He paused for a moment. "I was there when Jesus was crucified."

Dean's eyes widened. "Jesus was real?"

"Quid Pro Quo, Dean," Castiel reminded him in a smug voice, smiling. "Now answer my question; do you every worry for your safety or the safety of your mate during the Full Moon?"

Dean shook his head. "It's not like that," he said, arms curling around his bent knees again defensively. "He's not like a…well, not like in the movies and stuff. He's, like, an original or something – always in control of his body even when he's changed." Dean took a deep breath, shaking his head again. "He would never hurt me."

"That's a very naïve thing to think."

"All I can say is I've spent the night with him on the Full Moon. The only thing that was different was Sam woke up in the dog bed instead of his own," Dean snapped in reply, and then his eyes widened, realizing what he'd just said. He clapped his hand over his mouth in a ridiculous giveaway.

"Sam Wesson?" Castiel whispered, shifting forward a little so he was right behind Dean, and the boy shied away, shaking his head but his hand still remained over his mouth. "You're mated to the Alpha werewolf?" Within a moment he was on his feet. "I have to go," he said when Dean made a surprised sound, turning so that he could see as Castiel left the room. Dean's cries of protest fell on deaf ears – Castiel had to find his brother.

Things had just gotten a whole lot more complicated.

"He's the mate of a fucking werewolf, Gabriel," Castiel snarled, storming into his brother's room again. Gabriel cocked his head to one side, looking at Castiel. "The Alpha werewolf's mate," Castiel reiterated, waiting for Gabriel to make the connection.

The Second shook his head in disbelief, rolling his eyes and replacing the bookmark in his novel, setting it down and straightening in his chair. "Fucking hell, Cas, you sure know how to pick them, don't you?"

The Alpha rubbed his temples, making a frustrated sound. "And…damn it." He hurried over to the vast bookshelf that dominated one wall of Gabriel's room, holding every kind of book on every kind of creature known to man and then some. Everything anyone would ever need about a creature was somewhere on that shelf. Selecting a large, thick tome, he carried it over to Gabriel's desk and opened it, turning to the section on werewolf mates. "I remember reading something like this," he murmured, fingers running down the page as his eyes followed, trying to find the passage he was looking for. "The Original werewolves are very select with their mates. Most of them already have one…"

"Yes, I remember," Gabriel said, nodding and joining Castiel, leaning over the other side of the desk so he could read the same page upside-down. Castiel allowed it only because Gabriel spent way more time in here than he did and had read the books several times over. "But Dean is male – surely he would only be selected for breeding purposes if at all, and the Alpha werewolf is a man, I know it."

Castiel's hand stopped, looking up at Gabriel. "Dean's mate's name is Sam Wesson," he whispered. "That is the Alpha werewolf – I will remember that name forever." He shivered a little, because he and Sam were far from strangers. "Can't believe we didn't smell him there…" His eyes returned to the book, and a thought suddenly occurred to him. "What if Dean wasn't there for breeding, but for healing?" he asked, looking up at Gabriel. The lesser vampire frowned in confusion. "When the Alpha is wounded, maybe with silver or something, he would want a safe place to go to lick his wounds and heal himself." Gabriel nodded, gesturing for Castiel to make his point. "What if that place wasn't a place…but a person?"

"A…place to heal?" Gabriel's brow furrowed. "A host of energy that would follow him around?"

"Or maybe a creature that knows how to give and receive it."

Gabriel's eyes widened in horror as he finally understood what his Alpha was saying to him. "Dear God, he'll be an Incubus," the vampire whispered, eyes wide in horror, face even paler than usual. "Or something like that."

"Just a keg of energy and powers waiting to be lit on fire," Castiel finished, mouth twisted, lips set in a thin line. "And I just added fuel to it, pouring fucking lighter fluid all over the fucking barrel of gunpowder." He sat down heavily, his head in his hands and screamed into his palms. "Damn it!"

"It's alright, it's okay, maybe we can fix this," Gabriel said, hurrying over to the vast bookshelf again. Gabriel fished along the 'I' section, picking out the thinnest tome there was. There wasn't a lot on Incubi but it was enough. "Maybe it's not too late to reverse or drain him."

"Drain him?" Castiel repeated, looking up at his brother with a mix of anger and disbelief. "You don't just go up to something that powerful and drain it, Gabriel. Where would all the energy go? We'd end up right in the middle of a fucking nuclear bomb."

"Calm yourself, Alpha, I'm just throwing ideas out there," Gabriel snapped back, going to his desk with the thin book and flicking through it, eyes skimming over the words with vampiric speed.

'Incubi' were, basically, large hosts of energy. They fed off of and then replaced energy used up by life itself, and supernatural creatures take up and give more energy than natural ones, because they are essentially dead and dead things take more energy to move around than live things. Making an Incubus into a supernatural creature such as a vampire was like taking a powder keg and, as Castiel had said, pouring lighter fluid on it. Just for some extra 'boom'.

The creatures themselves were often unaware of their other-worldy existence. They and their mates could live happily without knowing that they were anything other than human, because the secret to their existence was to be inconspicuous, so much so that they themselves were unaware that they existed. Otherwise things could harness that energy and kill them off, and no species wants to die.

Castiel couldn't keep feeding Dean, as that would add to the energy and possibly overwhelm the creature – it would explain why Dean was so hungry so quickly; his body was adapting to the excess amounts of power that came with being a vampire and as such needed more to sustain itself. Castiel couldn't keep feeding his Child but at this point he couldn't kill him either, otherwise who knew what could happen?

"How could we safely drain him?" Castiel whispered, looking up with wide eyes to his brother. "Could we…change him back? Maybe make him human again? Would that work?" Already Castiel could feel the burning in the back of his mind that meant Dean was getting hungry again, and with the amount Castiel let him take last time, there was no telling how large his appetite might be now. "There has to be something."

Gabriel ran over to his shelf again, bringing out one of the many tomes he had on vampires. "I think I remember reading something about a cure," he muttered, frowning in concentration as he opened the book to a bookmarked page, scouring through the tiny black writing for the correct incantation. "It won't work if you've fed him human blood, though."

"No," Castiel said, shaking his head. "No human blood. Just mine." He swallowed, unable to believe that this was happening – of all the creatures in the world to covet, he had to pick Dean! And now he was so invested and so eager to see the creature Dean could become that he didn't even want to do the smart thing and kill the son of a bitch. That's what happens when Incubi are around. They're such benign creatures but they create such chaos.

"Alright," Gabriel said in reply, snapping the book shut. "There are some things I'll need to get, but until then maybe you should try and see if you can make him get rid of some of his power."

"How do I do that?" Castiel demanded.

Gabriel smirked a little, raising his eyebrow and shrugging one shoulder. "I don't know – be creative." His smirk widened a little. "Wear him out. I'm sure you know how to do that."

Castiel was determined, going back into his quarters, and Dean was still as he'd left him, kneeling in front of the bars. His hands wrapped around two of them for the leverage to stay upright and peer through them. Dean let out an angry, irritated growl at Castiel's arrival. "If you've hurt him I swear to God…"

"You don't believe in God," Castiel replied, flicking open the mechanism to open Dean's cage, and then he stepped back. "Come on."

The boy – creature, Castiel had to remind himself – hesitated, eyeing the hole warily. "What are you doing?" he asked suspiciously, but his caution didn't stop him crawling over to the entrance of the cage anyway, hovering just beyond the border of it and watching Castiel with dark green eyes. Castiel swallowed, having to fight back his desire already, feeling disgusted now that he knew why he wanted Dean so much – Dean needed things like him to survive.

"You earned a few hours of freedom," Castiel answered, thinking fast, and he held his hand out to Dean. "Come on – I'm sure you'll want to clean yourself and stretch your legs." He wasn't sure if his smile looked as forced as it felt, but Dean's eyes narrowed and he bit his lip, considering, then he took Castiel's hand and allowed the Alpha vampire to pull him to his feet. It seemed like now Castiel knew, he was hyperaware – Dean's scent held another level, a base, purely instinctual call that had Castiel's mouth watering, his grip turning a little more harsh than it should be. Dean watched him with cautious emerald eyes.

"Alpha?" he whispered, and God, how was it fair that he managed to make that one word the dirtiest, most sinful thing in the world? How was it fair that just a confused tilt of his lips made them look that much fuller, that much more kissable, and how his flush made him so adorably innocent when Castiel knew from fact that wasn't true. Dean was far from innocent.

He wondered briefly if the boy even knew he was what he was, or if he was just that good of an actor.

Dean swallowed, wincing at the dryness in his throat and rubbed at his neck with his free hand like he had something stuck there, like it hurt. "Alpha," he said again, this time stronger, "it burns."

I bet it does, Castiel thought with a snarl, and his upper lip curled back as he took in the faint bloodstain on Dean's face, trailing down his neck, and knew he wouldn't be able to deny Dean his blood. Not when it made him so pliant and needy and made Castiel so hard. Damn this creature and the effect he had over Castiel – two could play at this game. He yanked on Dean's arm, heading up the stairs that curved above Dean's cage. The boy stumbled but followed, because it was either that or lose his arm.

"What -?" Before Dean could get another word out Castiel whirled around, slamming Dean against the banister of the stairs. The polished wood creaked alarmingly under the blow and Dean's hands flew back to brace himself on the weakened wood, his eyes wide at the sudden change in attitude.

Castiel's lips were on his within a second, hands leaving Dean's body and holding his face instead, keeping him there. Even after all Dean had done, he still tried to refuse his Alpha, keeping his lips firmly shut when Castiel tried to coax them open, and he struggled, turning his face away. "You said you'd wait," he growled, making it an accusation, but his body didn't lie – Castiel could smell the pheromones in the air, Dean's pheromones, so potent and irresistible. How Castiel hadn't figured out what Dean was before now would forever be beyond him. The Alpha smirked against his Child's jaw, moving one hand between them to cup Dean's hardness and the boy hissed, bucking into the touch before he could stop himself.

"Circumstances have changed," Castiel replied, using the hold he had on Dean's neck to tug him after Castiel again, towards Castiel's bedroom. The boy dug in his heels and fought him every step of the way. "I've recently learned that feeding you the conventional way is dangerous unless I wear you out first."

Dean halted completely, tensing up. Castiel turned to look at him and Dean swallowed. "What are you talking about?" he whispered in a low voice.

He really doesn't know? "You feed off energy, Dean," Castiel said, deciding that perhaps a gentler method was better if he was to be successful in getting Dean back to safe, manageable levels again. He didn't know if his theory was true and, if it was, how he could even begin to take energy from Dean, so he had to do it the classic way. "By changing you into a vampire and feeding you as much as I have, I've been inadvertently exacerbating your condition. It's no longer safe for you or any of us to exist as you are now, so we have to work on getting rid of some of this energy in a safe, manageable way."

"So…what, I'm a bomb just waiting to go off of something?" Dean growled, trying to pull away but Castiel held firm. "Then…for God's sake, send me running or something! Put me on a Goddamn treadmill!"

Castiel smirked a little. "There's no treadmill fast enough for a vampire," he whispered. "And I can't guarantee that you won't run away if I just let you go, or you wouldn't be killed for this energy. You're shining like a beacon with it." A lie, but Dean didn't need to know that. Castiel pressed a hand over Dean's heart, which was starting up out of fear and need. "I promise, Dean, that I will take care of you, but you have to trust me, just this once."

"Why should I do that?" Dean snapped.

Castiel rolled his eyes. "Not to sound cliché but your life kind of depends on it. And…if you do this, if you let me help you, I will change you back into a…into the way you were before, and I will let you go." Dean's eyes narrowed in suspicion at the slip, as Castiel had stopped himself before he could say 'human'. Dean had never been human.

He brushed a hand over his Child's cheek, and Dean closed his eyes, taking a shaky breath. His body was trembling and it was obvious he was afraid, not understanding, but Castiel's patience was wearing thin. The boy opened to him with sweet surrender when Castiel kissed him once again, coaxing Dean's lips open and his tongue to come out to play. The vampire, now that he was aware of it, could kind of feel a weird tingling in all places their bodies touched, and he wondered if this was just because it was Dean or because of what Dean was.

He guided Dean towards his bedroom and the boy followed, focusing more on Castiel's touch than where it was going to lead, concentrating on the now instead of letting his nerves overtake him thinking about what was going to happen. There had only been kissing and heavy petting with Sam – he'd never had sex before because he and Sam had been together since Dean was fifteen and Sam had always been able to smell when another person was getting too close to Dean, and Sam wouldn't sleep with him until Dean could be bitten. He was insanely territorial and Dean swallowed back his guilt, hoping Sam would understand this when he found Dean.

Dean's shaking hands came to rest on Castiel's shoulders, too nervous to really touch and explore, but Castiel didn't seem to mind when he closed his bedroom door and pinned Dean against it, dirtying their kiss until he was ravaging Dean's mouth, tasting and learning every part of him and Dean whimpered, shoulder's dipping, hips bucking into the maddening, unmoving pressure of Castiel's hand. The Alpha smiled into the kiss and moved his hand from Dean's erection to the back of his thigh, lifting it up to settle around his waist, giving something for Dean to grind against. The boy whined, rutting against Castiel shamelessly, losing himself in the scent and feel of his Alpha, his Creator, of the pulse singing in Castiel's veins, so tempting but too far away – Castiel wasn't going to let him feed unless Dean did this. The sooner Dean satisfied Castiel, the sooner he could be let go. Sam would understand.

Castiel's hands were shameless – he tore at Dean's clothes, baring the skin he'd been fantasizing about since first laying eyes on the boy. Dean's chest was toned but not overly muscled, his skin smooth and there was a thin scar trailing from just under his collarbone, over his head and ending just above his abdomen. Castiel laid his hand across it. "This is the mark, isn't it?" he whispered against Dean's jaw, and the boy shivered, eyes falling closed. Castiel 'hmm'ed at that lack of answer, then ignored the scar and tore at the rest of Dean's clothes, making goose bumps raise on the changeling's skin with every new inch bared. He wanted to lave at the skin, mark every inch of it with his teeth and tongue and so thoroughly devour Dean that, even after all this, the boy would have no doubt as to who he belonged to, but there was no time. Thousands of years Castiel had been alive and now he had no time.

When Dean was naked, his clothes lying in tatters on the floor, Castiel pulled him to his bed, pushing the boy down onto his back. Dean gasped, feeling exposed under the vampire's predatory gaze and shied away, trying to crawl up the bed but Castiel held him down easily, rolling Dean over onto his stomach – his own cock was hard and straining in his pants, demanding he take this beautiful creature and claim him permanently, but that was just the problem – if he fucked Dean and came inside of him or let Dean swallow him, it would just be counterproductive, giving Dean more to feed off of. He had to wear Dean out completely before even thinking about his own pleasure.

He could do that, though. He'd had years of practice.

Dean mewled, his hands clawing at the satiny sheets on the bed as Castiel rocked against him, all hard warmth and power bearing down on him, and the boy tossed his head to one side, baring his neck for his Alpha, his eyes falling closed as his body began to surrender to the desires singing through his blood. It was insane, how much this older vampire affected him, and Dean knew it must be something to do with being a vampire, but he wouldn't think very well right then and all he knew was that he needed. Something, anything – his throat burned and his body felt fevered and empty. He bucked up against Castiel, feeling his Alpha's hard need against him and he whined again.

"Please, Alpha, please…"

It was so swift a change it almost caught Castiel off guard, but he recovered quickly enough, biting his lower lip and placing a soft kiss over Dean's bite – the sign of affection he used for all his Children. Dean shivered at the electric contact, arching his body to rub along Castiel's in a teasing little bow that had the Alpha snarling into his neck.

"You're such a teasing little slut," Castiel growled, unable to stop himself as his hands began running over Dean's body again, touching like the boy belonged to him, and Dean whined when Castiel's teeth scraped along his neck, little pinpricks of pain joining with the shards of pleasure coming from whatever random place on his body Castiel happened to touch. "So greedy for it – I guess it makes sense. Things like you need this kind of crap and even despite thinking you're human, you can't fight it…won't fight it…"

Castiel's hands went under Dean's belly, forcing him up onto his knees, ass in the air and face buried in his bent forearms, just offering himself to Castiel like a whore. The Alpha bit his lip, growling and kneeling between Dean's spread legs. His hands moved to Dean's spine, stroking down the sensitive skin, nails digging in to leave little red lines behind and Dean moaned into his arm.

"Please," he whined, pressing into Castiel's touch desperately, and the vampire smirked, bending down to nose at the small of Dean's back, his breath ghosting along Dean's skin and making him shiver. Castiel moved a little lower down, the bed creaking as he shifted, and spread Dean's ass cheeks with his hand, licking just above Dean's entrance, his tongue swirling teasingly across the tight ring of muscle. Dean shuddered, caught between shying away and pressing back, and Castiel could feel his body jerk at the unexpected but fantastic sensation. Castiel licked him again, flattening his tongue to cover Dean's hole, tasting musk that was just a concentrated scent of Dean. Having come in his pants twice over the past two days, Dean's thighs and groin was already crusted with his come and it was just so dirty that Castiel shivered with it, smiling as he began to lick into Dean's hole, spreading him just a little wider and Dean cried out, clenching in surprise, unsure how to react to the sensation when Castiel's tongue penetrated him. Castiel's hand snaked between his legs, grabbing a hold of Dean's cock and finding it rock hard and leaking. He smirked.

"Like this, don't you," he growled, pulling away to place a harsh bite to the fleshy part of Dean's ass, making him squeal and jerk away, but his cock stayed hard. Castiel snarled into the smooth, un-tanned skin, kneading Dean's other cheek with his free hand, squeezing a little before landing a hard smack there. Dean cried out but wiggled his ass back into the pain, liking it. "You're such a slut, Dean," Castiel said, almost awed by it, "willing to take anything I'd give you, aren't you?" He moved his mouth back to Dean's hole, hand rubbing the stung skin, already reddening from Castiel's hit, and Dean moaned brokenly, shivering and trembling, but staying still like a – "Good boy."

When Castiel leaned in to taste him again, Dean opened up a lot more readily, his body shuddering with the need to be filled by something, anything, and when Castiel deemed him ready enough, he slipped in a finger beside his tongue and Dean graciously accepted that too. He spread his legs a little wider, rolling his hips into the tight ring of Castiel's fist and then back to fuck himself on Castiel's face. It was hotter than Castiel would have believed, seeing this untried creature so wanton for him and Castiel had barely done anything. Dean was shuddering through his orgasm within minutes, spilling all over Castiel's hand and the bed sheets below him, his body tensing around Castiel's finger, inner muscles clenching so tightly and Castiel bit his lip just imagining that heat and tight squeeze around his cock.

Dean whined as he came down, still rocking himself into Castiel's hand and the Alpha was amazed to find that Dean had needed barely any recovery time – he was hard again in seconds, just as desperate as before, and Castiel had just enough to think that it must be because of the excess energy before Dean was begging for him again, fucking himself against Castiel's finger desperately, greedy hole trying to take more, take him deeper.

"You want more, baby?" he whispered into his Child's ear, plastering himself over Dean's body and biting down hard enough on his neck to draw blood. Dean jerked, his body trembling as he held up both his own weight and Castiel's, pushing up so he rested on his hands as well to give Castiel more access to his neck, writhing underneath him like a desperate bitch in heat, moaning and begging and fuck.

"Please, please, Alpha…Castiel…God, fuck me, please!" Dean cried, eyes clenched tightly shut, teeth bared, and body so warm and in so much need it was painful. He didn't know what was happening – had never done this before – and it was terrifying him but his body knew what it wanted, even if his mind didn't seem to. "Please, Cas, I need you."

"Shh," Castiel coaxed, removing his finger from Dean and the boy made a whining sound of protest, bucking to try and find it again, and the friction against Castiel's cock was maddening, making the Alpha bite down harder into Dean's neck. The boy shivered and bit his lip to stop himself coming again as Castiel's hand kept stroking, kept Dean constantly in motion with his gloriously perfect touches. Dean felt Castiel's fingers press against his neck, and he shuddered when he realized Castiel was going to slick him with his own blood. It was so dirty that Dean moaned, almost collapsing face-first onto the mattress again, so desperate to just get fucked, as in yesterday.

"Please," he whispered, just to drive the point home, and met Castiel's eyes when he turned his head, his own black with lust and shining with a silvery sheen and Castiel growled, closing his eyes. Dean's blood was sliding down his throat like sex and honey, and Castiel was just about ready to fuck his new Child into the mattress, to 'wear Dean out' as much as physically possible before they changed him back and Dean became too fragile to risk being so rough with.

Castiel pressed two slick fingers into Dean's hole in one smooth motion, the boy whimpering at the sudden burn and stretch, and Castiel soothed him gently, nuzzling into his bite and licking along Dean's neck where he was still bleeding, and up under his ear and below his hairline. The boy was trembling but he wasn't trying to push Castiel away and that would have to do for now. His hips were rolling in a teasing, sensual grind against Castiel's hand, trying to force him deeper, Dean's breathing heavy and harsh but honestly Castiel was doing no better, too much teasing and half-satisfaction blending together and building up to be too much. Castiel growled, letting go of Dean's cock and undoing his pants just enough to free his cock, spitting into his palm, slicking up his own erection, and he pulled his fingers out. Dean whined, trying to follow him, looking over his shoulder to meet Castiel's eyes, and lust-black met silver when Castiel took a tight hold of Dean's hips and lined himself up. He paused, waiting for Dean to invite him in (because there are some things Castiel likes to humor himself with) and only did so when Dean bit his lip, pushing his hips back so the head of Castiel's cock just started to press against his hole.

Dean was a vampire. He was more than that, in fact. He wouldn't break with a bit of rough handling, so when Castiel started to push in, he didn't stop. Not when Dean whined and shied away from the sudden intrusion, so much bigger than Castiel's fingers and not nearly as wet as he would have been comfortable with. He didn't stop when Dean reached behind himself, finding Castiel's thigh and pushing at him, trying to force him away, and he didn't stop until he finally bottomed out, once again bending himself over the sweating, shaking boy who was gasping into too-hot air, his throat burning with thirst but his body's hunger momentarily satisfied, feeling more full than he'd ever been in his life. It was painful, sure, but he was honestly so full and sated that he didn't care, for a brief moment. A line of sweat rolled down the side of his face and Castiel licked it away, rocking his hips into Dean and earning another breathless gasp.

"There we go," Castiel breathed, his own words ragged-edged and tense as he fought the urge to just pound into the boy until he came, filling Dean up. The point was to wear Dean down, not feed him, and Castiel had to stop and get control of himself otherwise this would be over way too soon. He pet down Dean's flank, taking pleasure in how much the boy was trembling, purring into the side of Dean's neck when he rocked his hips again, pressing against something inside of Dean that made pleasure flare up inside of him, hot and heavy, and made Dean jerk in Castiel's arms.

"Alpha," he gasped, breathless.

Castiel smirked and did it again, pulling out just a little and then pushing back in to build up a shallow rhythm. He wrapped a hand around Dean's cock once more, fisting it back to full hardness, his other hand creating bruises on Dean's hips as he began to fuck his Child in earnest, wanting Dean to come again as soon as possible. Dean was hot and so tight, virgin tight, around him, beautiful and breathless and Castiel was going to have his fill.

When Dean finally came for the second time, Castiel had to pull out in the middle of it so that the incessant, gloriously tight heat of Dean's channel didn't send him into his own orgasm inside of Dean, and ended up jerking himself onto the sheets. When Dean tried to lick him clean, desperate for anything to soothe the fire in his throat, Castiel didn't let him, and instead used his release to slick himself up and fuck Dean again. It took one more round before Dean finally collapsed, exhausted and – Castiel thought with satisfaction – drained. He ended up coming all over Dean's chest, marking up that scar that lay over his heart and then licking it clean, making sure Dean had nothing to feed off of or satisfy himself with that Castiel didn't provide intentionally. The boy was so exhausted he could barely move, just laid on the bed staring at Castiel as the vampire cleaned him, swallowing every now and again to soothe the ache in his dry throat.

"Alpha?" he asked, sounding very young and afraid again and Castiel's eyes flashed to his. They'd reverted to their normal jade color. "Can I…" Dean swallowed. "Can I feed now?"

Castiel smiled, plastering himself over Dean's body and nuzzling into his Child's mouth, kissing Dean slowly, drawing it out until Dean was mewling underneath him, trying to get his unresponsive body to react to the pleasure of Castiel's touch, but to no avail. Castiel had well and truly exhausted him. "Soon, baby, I promise," he said, nuzzling Dean again with a small smile, and then stood up, clothing himself again, and held out his hand for Dean. The boy took it, too tired to care for his nakedness as Castiel led him back down towards his cage, docile until he saw the bars drop and he frowned.

"I thought you said you'd let me go," he growled, angry, fighting against Castiel's hold.

The Alpha growled a little and threw him into the cage, locking it closed before Dean could react. "I didn't say it would be an immediate release," he replied stiffly.

"Bastard." Dean's eyes were glaring bloody murder at Castiel, his hands curled into fists, teeth bared and second set starting to elongate and set over his usual set.

"I'm trying to help you," Castiel growled, and left it at that, disappearing from his room before Dean could get the last word in. The changeling snarled in anger, unable to believe he had let himself be used like that, and punched the wall in frustration. The cage was meant to house changelings so it was too strong to break through but that didn't stop him trying. He was too tired to do any lasting damage, and curled into a ball in the further-most corner of the cage, trying to will himself into sleep, but the pain in his ass and where Castiel had touched him kept him up well until his Alpha returned.

Everything was set. Dean had been reclothed in some of the clothes Gabriel had stolen from his house while doing recon. Unfortunately, Gabriel had also found scents of werewolves around the place and the vampires knew that it wouldn't be much time before the wolves found their scents and started to hunt them down. Taking the Alpha's mate never ended well for those who tried.

It was simple but effective – Castiel handed Dean the concoction to drink and the changeling took it, distrust obvious in his eyes but he was in no mood to refuse a possible cure – and besides, what else could they possibly do to him? It smelled of ashes, Dean knew there were probably many unpleasant things in it, mostly because it was hardly all liquid, but he choked it down anyway, gripping the cup in both hands because withdrawal from Castiel's blood was making his hands shake, and he drank it down like mother's milk. There was a split second of nothingness, and then Dean fell onto the ground, emptying the poison of Castiel's blood from his body, onto the marble floor. It was rank, foul, smelled of rotting meat and eucalyptus, of all things, and it burned his body on the way out. He could feel his fangs extend, fought out of his body, trying to stay in and failing. His body convulsed, dry-heaving onto the floor when nothing else was coming out. He screamed until his throat was hoarse, eyes clenched tightly shut, trying desperately to suck in air around the venom and just managing to succeed. Gasping, he stayed like that for a good fifteen minutes, too paralyzed with pain to move, and then he heard it.


The werewolves were on them – their animal smell stung Castiel's nose. He snarled, keeping Dean close to him because the boy was probably the only thing that would save his life at that moment, and Dean was stumbling along behind him only because Castiel was probably going to take him to Sam and that could only be a good thing. He was slower as a human (or whatever his non-vampire variant was), his heart jack-knifing and distracting to Castiel, more tired, breathing heavily, needing to rest but Castiel wouldn't let him – they had to find the Alpha wolf. Already Castiel could smell the blood of some of his children being slaughtered, and that was just bad business. Gabriel had gone to free most of the older changelings so that they would be able to fight and help the Elders defend themselves, but if the werewolves had come with an army then they had to act fast.

"I have your mate, you son of a bitch!" he yelled when he reached the front foyer of his house, brandishing a silver blade. "Come and get him!"

To Dean, it was like the wolves just appeared in the blink of an eye, but Castiel watched them approach. The Alpha stood in the center, three flanking him on either side. He was huge, bigger than Castiel remembered him being last time, his hair long and falling either side of his face, strong jaw and fists tightly clenched together to stop them moving. The Alpha's nostrils flared, taking in both Castiel and Dean's scents and his eyes darkened. His upper lip curled back at the same time a growl echoed around the marble foyer and Dean flinched away, only held back by Castiel's hand keeping a bruising grip on his shoulder.

"Sam," Castiel said in greeting, dipping his head. The Alpha nodded stiffly in reply.


Dean's eyes widened, looking between the two powerful creatures, and really, his heartbeat was getting very distracting. "You know each other?" he demanded, caught between confusion and surprise and anger.

"Give him to me," Sam said instead of replying, holding out his hand towards Dean as though expecting him to just appear there. Castiel's grip tightened just a little and Dean hissed, covering Castiel's hand with his own, trying to pry it off, but of course he couldn't.

"Summon all your wolves," Castiel demanded, "and call off your attack on my house. I will forgive your trespass if you forgive mine."

Dark hazel eyes watched Castiel for a long moment, the Alpha wolf silent, before he nodded, his face going curiously blank for a moment. Dean flinched in surprise when, suddenly, the room was full of werewolves, some of them with their teeth and claws extended, blood around their mouths and hands. The scent of blood was nauseating even for Dean, who gagged into his sleeve, his eyes meeting Sam's again when the wolves moved around to stand behind their Alpha, no longer forming a ring around Castiel, and the Alpha vampire let Dean's arm go.

It hurt to move – Dean's legs felt like they were made of jelly but he managed to get over to Sam's side, and collapsed in his mate's arms, burying his face in Sam's strong chest and wrapping his arms around him. He almost sobbed in relief, feeling Sam's warmth and his strong, steady heartbeat against his ear. Sam's arms held Dean close, petted through his hair and Sam placed a light kiss to Dean's temple, inhaling his scent before he stiffened and looked back towards Castiel, murder in his eyes.

"You bit him," he accused, a snarl in his voice.

"And I changed him back," Castiel replied, straightening, holding his head high. "I didn't realize what he was and I made a rash move, one that I amended as best I could under the circumstances." The Alpha vampire sighed, biting his lower lip, an expression as close to sheepishness as it would ever get crossing his features. "I admit I made a rash mistake that I shouldn't have made and Dean paid the price for it. Ignorance made me stupid but I did what I could to keep him safe and heal what damage I caused."

"Fucking him?" Sam demanded, snarling still.

"I had to drain him safely. I didn't mark him." And it was true – Castiel's bite had faded when Dean transformed back into a human. Dean turned his head, looking at Castiel over his shoulders, an unreadable expression on his face. "I didn't claim him irrevocably."

There was a long, drawn out pause where Castiel stared down the assembled wolves, the wolves who bore the blood of his Children on them, and Castiel was possibly livid with anger but he hid it well. Dean caught movement out of the corner of his eye and saw Gabriel hovering at the entrance to the foyer, the entrance that led back towards Castiel's rooms. He had blood spatter across his face but looked otherwise unharmed.

"Don't kill him," Dean finally said, breaking the silence because it looked like no one else would, and Sam looked down at him. Dean placed a hand over Sam's heart, digging in a little with his nails and hugged Sam to him tighter. "Let's just get the hell out of here," he muttered into Sam's shirt, and the Alpha werewolf relaxed very slightly, nodding. Already his wolves were beginning to disperse, responding to his psychic command, and when it was only Castiel, Sam, Dean and Gabriel, Castiel stepped forward, just a little.

"You won't ever be able to bite him," he said, eyes fixed and serious on Sam's face. "You won't be able to change him."

Sam smirked a little, petting through Dean's hair and the boy shivered slightly. It was weird, because Sam only looked about seventeen but he had been a mammoth already and almost as old as Castiel himself was. Dean looked so young and small next to Sam's towering frame. "Don't worry," the werewolf replied; "I am not as rash as you, Castiel."

The vampire's eyes narrowed, and he swallowed back his retort, nodding again before he took his leave. Sam backed away from the door with Dean following eagerly behind, though he did wince at almost every step, and Sam led him to his car (because giant werewolves running around a small town just aren't inconspicuous). He settled down happily next to his mate, sighing and playing absently with Sam's fingers as they drove.

"You did well," Sam murmured into his hair, placing a light kiss to Dean's forehead and the Incubus smiled, settling a little deeper into Sam with a sigh, eyes falling closed.

"I only did what you told me to, Sammy," he said, his cheeks coloring in embarrassed pleasure at the praise.

"I wish you hadn't fucked him," Sam replied with a sigh, thumbing at Dean's cheek, and the boy froze, fixing wide eyes up at his mate but Sam relaxed with a smile. "It's okay, Dean – you did what you had to do and allowed me to get a strike on his people and a tour of his house."

Dean smiled and joined Sam in his laughter, laying a hand over Sam's heart and leaning up for a light kiss. "I missed you."

"I missed you too, baby," Sam whispered, brushing a hand through Dean's hair. "And don't you worry – when we get home I'm going to thoroughly erase each and every one of his marks from you." Dean shivered at the dark undertone and bit his lip harshly. He couldn't wait.

It was always a race. Castiel's race was the most diverse but not the largest or most powerful. In fact, with Hunters getting better and better every day, his Children were dying out more quickly than he'd seen since the witch hunts. Sam's race was getting stronger because they were able to hide what they were for most of the month, so the killings took a lot longer to link together and the Hunters were a lot slower on the uptake. Castiel's mouth thinned out into a line and he sighed, running a hand through his hair before he turned away from the carnage that Sam and his people had wrought on his Children. He'd get his revenge for it. He closed his eyes and made his mind go blank, sending out the thoughts to all those of his Children who were Creators themselves – Gabriel, Uriel, Boris, Claudia, Tiffany, Rosa, Carlisle, everyone and anyone he could think of. They would find Dean Winchester again and creatures like him and bring him back to Castiel – who knew what the vampire could be capable of with a weapon like that at his disposal.

His eyes flared open, his message sent, and he smiled. The Hunt was on.