The Marathonguy saves the Exmas

by Snarfette

Author's Note: HERE IT IS MY FIRST STORY PUBLISHED! You can tell it's quality by the amount of exclamation points I'm using in this note! Enjoy! XOXO Snarfette

Publisher's note: You won't enjoy this. Also, my wife left me. On Christmas day. I hate life.

Chappie 1

It was Exmas in the universe of Maraton, and Tycho was being evil. "CURSES TO THE DAMNABLE EXMAS CELEBRATION! DAMNATION TO THE MARATHON GUY, AND TO DURENDEL TOO! THEY WILL ALL SUFFER, but not like G did." ranted Tyco. "RISE ROBOT RISE!" he sayd to clone of Marathonguy that had been created during the Blood Tide's of Lowon, and the robot ruse.

Because Marathonguy is a robot, his genetic human clone is also a robot. And the robot said, "I AM A ROBOT YOU ARE MY MASTER WHAT ARE my orders.", he asked.

"YOU WILL BE CLONED AGAIN! RISE ROBOT RISE TOO!" Tyhco said, and another genetic clone of a robot came up, and due to his DNA, he also was a robot. "You're master, me robot, orders?" he asked too, similarly to the first one, but somewhat stupider because of Laplanck's genetic drift.

"YOU TWO WILL KILL DURENDAL AND THERE AL MARATHONGUY. now." The robots wondered how they'l go to Dury and Mary, their chosen nicknames for Durendial and Maratonguv, so they w ere shown a space ship, and they obeyd Tyco's order's, and gat into the spaceship.

But Tooth the Wise AI robot, he was watching. "It is on," he wrote on the terminal that no one was reading, because he was deep underground on Lawon and offline, "but in manners NOT in any way similar to Donkey Kong!"

AN: OH SNAP! Isn't this exciting? Get to the second chapter, or 'chappie' as they're known around here!