The Marathonguy saves the Exmas

by Snarfette

Chappie 3

oVER THE everything that was happening, Thohth was watching. "This is bad, because of how bad it is," he said, wysely and calmyly, to no one listening (hes' dead.)

But the miracle had happen'! Marathonguy said, BOXING DAY! And fisted fake Marathonguy Clone 2 until he died. "loAl thats totally in 2 days n stuff FAIL" said Darundal. And that was the miracle.

But the original Marathonguy Clone was outraged. He got on his ship, and started to set a crash course for Marahton Guy and Dury and all the Bobs! But Durndal sayd, "eye PUT soam of t3h torpedoas LOL", and made a minefiled around the place were they all where, and were the Maratonguy glone wanted to smascrash his space ship's.

"FOOLISH DUMB ONES!" sasid Tycho frtom far far away, to no one listening but not because he was dead like Toot, but simply because hewa s far far far away, as in like 1 trillion square miles. But Tyko cnew that the Maraguy Clone robot would not be detere'd by such simpleton things like maines!

And the Maraguyclone said, cur7ses to the torpeadoes and full speed ahead. Suddenly he blew up. MaratonGuy had victorious!

Victorioaus, the real Marathonguy ran-fisted a Bob, who said, They kill bob! and then died. But the alliterating alliteration was still alacks, and all bobs where now dead, some killed by Maraguy, some buy his clones, but all were like toth: dead.

Also, no Exmas three? It had burned down in the attack, as a ppropriately due to an Exmas attack that the trhee gets burned down.

This means that, unfortunately, Exmas was not saved. Or was it...? Durandylan made new bobs, and whipped out a new Exmas three, who he humorously called, "LIKE TOTALLY A FOUR, lol." So the bobs made alliteration of the kind that is alliterated, you know the one that alliterates as in alliteration, and Christmas was indeed saved, because of all that happened thank sto Drundal.

Somewhere somewhen Tycho is brewing more plans, observed by Toth who was dead. So it's the end... or is it?

AN: First story is out, so exciting! Unfortunately, I have a sneaky suspicion that there will be flamers. Let me the first to say this: you flamers are preppies. Stop flaming, you preppies!

PN: I hope this was painful for you as it was for me. Why, I told this tale to my cat and she came down with a nasty case of death. Life hurts.