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Those Days


"Ouch!" Harry exclaimed as he hit his head on the bed. He pulled himself out from underneath it, rubbing the back of his head. That really hurt. He shook his head, and looked at the book he'd found. On the front, it said:

To Sirius,

Happy Birthday!

This is so you can remember that we had fun during these hard times.

Love you forever

Lucy xx

Harry raised his eyebrows. Who was Lucy? Sirius had never mentioned a Lucy before, as far as Harry knew. He opened the book at the first page. There was a picture of James, Harry's father, Sirius, Remus and Peter Pettigrew. Harry looked at the next picture. It was of two girls, sitting and laughing. Harry recognised the first immediately – she had long, straight, red hair, Lily, Harry's mother. The other girl had curly brown hair, and she was smaller than Lily. He guessed this was Lucy.

He turned the page.

Harry immediately recognised Sirius, dancing with the girl he had seen before. He recognised the Gryffindor common room in the background, and both were wearing Hogwarts robes. So this girl, Lucy, had gone to Hogwarts. The next picture was more posed – Sirius and Lucy were smiling and waving at the camera, sitting in the snow.

There were lots of Sirius, the girl Harry suspected to be Lucy, James, Lily, Remus and Peter. He turned the page again, and found one of a wedding. His eyes widened slightly, as he realised it was Sirius' wedding. Sirius was married? The girl, Lucy, was standing beside him wearing a white wedding dress. James was standing to Sirius' left, laughing, and Lily was on Lucy's right.

"You okay, Harry?" Harry jumped as he heard a voice by the door and slammed the book shut. He looked up and saw Sirius leaning against the wall.


"What you got there?" He said, coming forward.

Harry suddenly felt very embarrassed. This was clearly private, or Sirius would have told him about it beforehand. He felt bad for snooping, and went a little red.

"I'm sorry, I was just...I dropped something under the bed and found this...I didn't mean to pry, it's just I...I'm sorry..."

Harry trailed off as Sirius took the photo album from Harry's hands. He watched as the laughter disappeared from his godfathers eyes, and his face went slightly paler.

"I had totally forgotten I even owned this..." he murmured so quietly Harry had to strain his ears to hear it. "How could I..."

He sat down on the bed, opened the first page and smoothed it out, before laughing slightly, but Harry saw the tears coming to his eyes.

"Sirius?" he questioned softly.

Sirius looked up.

"Who..." he sat down next to his godfather. "Who is that?" he asked, pointing to the girl sitting next to Lily.

Sirius smiled, an echo of past happiness and Harry thought he detected sadness also, "That," he said, "That is Lucy Chalke."

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