A/N: I loved when she told him she was the goddess of computers and he could worship her later. If he was going to ask her about trying again, I thought these lines would be plenty of fun to play with.

She was waiting for him at his favorite corner café, mouth set firmly in a frown, but the corner twitched upward when he approached. "Wisdom."

"Amused, Pryde?"

"It's not every day I get a request from an aspiring devotee." Kitty raised a skeptical brow.

Pete took in her crossed arms and those long legs, then grinned at her. "You think the goddess of computers is accepting worshippers?"

The corner of her mouth twitched again. "You have an offering in mind?"


Those soft lips lifted into a smile. "At a coffee shop?" Amused again.

He chuckled. "At an internet café."