Soul Binding Deal

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Chapter 1-

Alice Liddel was cautiously walking around, making sure not to be spotted by a certain someone. Above her, several multicolored lights hung high and bright. To her left and right, neon colored tents were to be found.

Yes, Alice was in the circus.

A sigh of relief escaped through her lips when she rounded the corner of a concession stand. The ringmaster was nowhere insight.

Again, the foreigner thought of how she ended up in the circus.

"Hey! Alice!" Boris called out to the girl in the clockmaker's office.

Alice turned, smile on her face, to look at the cat. "Hello Boris," she greeted.

Julius looked up from his desk, anger and annoyance evident on his face. "Would you stop barging in here like that? You've done it for the past two weeks," the bluenette snarled, returning to his work.

"Julius," Alice sighed, shaking her head. "You don't have to be so rude."

The man scoffed.

The cat grinned. "It's all right Alice. The man's just upset because he hasn't had his beauty sleep."

Alice turned to look at the punk in disbelief. "Boris!" she scolded.

An innocent look crossed Boris's face. All his kitten traits were starting to take over. His ears flopped down, his tail swished, his nose twitched, and his eyes went wide. "I-I'm sorr-ry Alice. I just wanted to go to the circus with you," he sniffled.

A shudder went down the girl's spine. "Why the circus?" she asked, to overwhelmed by the boy's cuteness to completely refuse.

Boris kept the act up. "There's this ride there…"

"There's rides at the amusement park. Where you live," Julius saved Alice from speaking, not looking up from his work.

Now the cat's eyes went watery. "Y-yes but none l-like this one." His voiced cracked.

So… Alice was at the circus. Still, Boris was nowhere to be found! He had run off to get cotton candy, but never returned!

Fed up with waiting, Alice decided to go look for him. Her eyes scanned the area everywhere for the cat, while making sure the ringmaster was not there. Sighing again, this time in frustration, she turned around. "Ahh!" she shrieked.

Standing there, so close, was the ringmaster himself. A smile was planted on the Joker's face. A sick and twisted one. "Now," he almost purred. With his hands on his hips, White began to circle around the girl. "what would you be up to, Miss?"

Alice shivered. The tone in his voice, the feeling of his eyes on her, made her scared out of her mind.

As White came back in front of her a voice shouted out, "F****** b****! Where do you get off thinking you can just f****** drag your a** around this place!"

"Now, Black, there's no need to be rude. The fact that she is here means that she has the freedom to wander in and out as she pleases," White sighed.

"Who gives a f***? If the b**** isn't going to stay I don't want her lazy a** here!" Black hissed from the mask on White's belt.

Alice took a step back, catching a glint in White's ruby eye as he looked down at the mask. "I-I'd better go," she mumbled, turning around and preparing to make a run for it.

Then, White caught her wrist. "Since you're here, why don't you play a game of cards?" he asked, all the sweetness in his voice overwhelming. Alice could almost smell honey on his breath as he spoke, it was that sweet.

Before an answer formed the world melted. All the bright lights were replaced by flickering, dim ones. All the tents replaced by bars of steel. Alice groaned, turning to the jester. "Fine, one quick game."

A strong arm wrapped itself around her slim waist. Stands of red hair fell on her cheek. "Well then, w****, why don't we make the game interesting," Black sneered into Alice's ear, causing her yet again to shudder.

White walked closer, reaching his hand out to caress the foreigner's cheek. "Yes, we should," he mumbled, bringing his face down to her own.

Swallowing hard, Alice squeaked out, "How?"

Evil smiles appeared on both Joker's faces. "You win, you can leave-" White started but was cut off by his counterpart.

"If we win, you f****** have to plant your a** here and let us do whatever we f****** want to do with you!" Black hissed.

"Oh, and," White added.

Black looked up at him with an eyebrow raised.

"you have to perform in the shows, for all your little friends to know that you belong to us."

I really hope that came out ok and that I didn't get their characters wrong. If I did please tell me!