Chapter 7-

Black Joker stumbled onto the stage just as Alice announced him as the last performer. The audience erupted into laughter, that was, until Black recovered from his astonishment and glared at them, yelling, "All you f****** b******* better shut the f*** up before all you're a**** get thrown into a cell!" As soon as his swearing fit was over the crowd fell silent. Even if the situation was funny, there were limits to people's laughter when it came to the darker Joker.

Alice, however, walked over to him.

"What do you want, b****?" he snarled.

The girl smiled up at him. All Black did was glower down at her. His expression faltered when her face inched towards his. "I want," she whispered. As he was about to grab her, she dashed away. A huge smile lit up her face as she held up a whip. "This!"

Black looked to his waist, where he kept his whip, only to find it missing. He ran after Alice, who was heading towards the latter and up to the tightrope. "Get back here!" he yelled at her. A second later he was right behind her. His hand reached out, about to yank her to him by her hair, when an unexpected sound rang out.

The darker Joker stood, frozen, with wide eyes and laughter sounded from behind the stage. It could only be White laughing. Cautiously, Black turned to where the sound had come from. His crude expression soon turned into a mortified one. If there's one thing I'm afraid of, it's this, he thought as he saw the baby elephant charging for him.

The prison guard ran, trying to avoid the beast. Now the audience was laughing along with his counterpart and the foreigner, who was standing in the middle of the tightrope. "I'm going to f****** kill you all! Especially you, b****** White and b**** Alice!" he screamed.

During his screaming, Black's speed had slowed. Looking behind him, he found the elephant's trunk about a foot from him. A high pitch shriek fill the big top and Black started running again. Now the audience was dying. To hear the cold clocked prison guard shriek like a girl in fear, of a baby elephant no less, was something clock stopping.

"Aww," Alice sighed. She maneuvered herself so she was sitting on the rope.

Black looked up at her as he ran under where she sat.

"Poor Black. Now what could get you out of this mess? Oh, your whip! Where is it? That's right, here!" At this she waved her right arm, the whip in hand.

Black stopped so she was facing him. "Give me the f****** thing back!" he yelled.

Alice pouted, and pretended to think. "Hmm, no."

"B****!" Black shouted.

Her eyes widened and she pointed behind him. "Watch out!"

Looking back, he saw the elephant rushing towards him. With another girlish shriek, he began running. After circling around the tightrope he had an idea. Reaching a ladder Black began to climb up.

Alice got on her feet as he walked onto the rope unsteadily. His shaking of the rope made her nervous. "Give. Me. The. Whip. B****." Each word was a new sentence, proving his anger.

Beneath them, the elephant waited, expecting Black to fall. Reaching the brunette, Black grabbed the whip. He tried to yank it out of her hold. All he succeeded in doing was causing Alice to loose her balance.

She fell over, lost her grip on the whip, and fell head first down to the ground. Of course, once again, there was no net. Alice was now the one shrieking. Meanwhile, Black tried to catch her with his whip. The crowd fell silent, waiting for Black to save her, or for Alice to literally die. What no one expected to happen was for neither of these outcomes to happen.

Before she could hit the ground, the elephant's trunk wrapped around her waist. Alice staid there, upside-down, wondering what had just happened.

Everyone in the big top blushed bright red. Now Alice wondered why they were doing that, until it hit her. She was upside-down… with a dress. She shrieked again and fumbled to cover herself up. The elephant seemed to laugh and returned her to her feet.

Nightmare's POV-

My blush had faded when Alice started yelling at Black and White had revealed himself. Gray stood up. Now's the time, he thought. Before he could run down to where Alice was and abduct her, I put my hand on his wrist. Gray looked back at me incredulously.

I smiled at him. "No. She's happy with them, she has finally found her home here in Wonderland," I told him.

Gray's look staid the same but as he looked towards Alice, who was still yelling at Black and who had White's arm around her waist, he smiled. It was a pained smile, but it showed he understood. "Let's go back to the tower," he mumbled, and I let him go.

Normal POV-

Alice sat on a couch in the prison. White sat next to her and Black across from her on the other couch. He was sulking, but that didn't matter. Not in the slightest. "I performed for you," Alice said.

White smiled at her, his arm around her shoulders. "Yes, you did," he agreed.

Now she looked at him expectantly. "I can go now."

Black snapped, "No! The deal f****** was that you'd have to f****** live here!"

Alice pouted, but then the new side of her took over, like it had during the show. She stood up and walked over to Black, who she then sat next to. He glared at her, about to say something. Alice cut him off by pressing her lips to his. Black's hand snapped up to her head, going to force her closer, but she broke the kiss and went back to White's side.

Putting his arm back around her, and ignoring the swearing spree of Black, White chuckled. "My life has just turned way more interesting."

The foreigner looked at him curiously and he smiled at her before kissing her cheek. "B******. You're an idiot, you should've just forced an actual kiss on the b****," Black declared.

White chuckled again and Alice blushed, looking away. The ringmaster said, "I am a gentleman, unlike someone I know."

Black huffed, annoyed.

The end! Yay!

Poor Black, I had to make him afraid of elephants. Well I hope you liked it and please thank Horsewhisper3 for requesting the story!