STORY SUMMARY: Secret military programs, the discovery of admantium, mutant terrorism, and the development of the Cure all have far-reaching effects that will eventually span the globe and change the face of evolution.

DISCLAIMERS: All characters and organizations (with the exception of small, mostly unnamed minor characters) throughout the series are the product of Marvel.

CANONICAL NOTES: This story arc utilizes movieverse canon for events, characters, and relationships: X1, X2, X3, and XO (Wolverine: Origins). Powers for major characters follow movieverse, with the exception of Remy LeBeau/Gambit who is based on comicverse. Characters granted minor roles in the films or that do not appear in the films are pulled from comicverse. Organizations and progams will follow comicverse. Weapon X will follow movieverse: as a project of the United States military instead of Canada's.

LANGUAGE AND ACCENTS: Cajun French is courtesy of Heavenmetal (many thanks). I will attempt to reproduce accents in this story arc.


- 3a -

Story Summary: All she had was photographs. All he had were memories.

Canonical Notes: Set in the aftermath of X3. Concurrent with the first chapters of He is Fire, He is Pain.

Author's Note: A bit of an unintentional addition to The Burning story arc inspired by LJ community 100 Word Stories. Hope you like.


- 1 -

All she had left was photographs: moments snapped in time of a scowling St. John and his more photogenic friends. No, that wasn't right. Bobby, Rogue, Jubilee, Kitty—they were all more willingto have their pictures taken, but John...

Kitty sighed and set the photos back in her box.

He took the best pictures.

She held onto the last one, the only one she had with him smiling on the front steps of the mansion, smiling for her. "Happy birthday, Kitten," he'd said before kissing her.

"Happy birthday," she whispered in her empty room. All she had was photographs.