Here is another story about the amazing TV show Glee (which I do not own, unfortunately). I had to write an opening to a story in English entitled 'The Outsider' and once I started writing it I realised that the character I was writing was in fact Kurt Hummel. So I submitted this for English and then changed all the mentions of the character's name to Kurt Hummel. Oh and we had to use a lot of sub-clauses hence why they are used so much.

Enjoy and review. I like constructive criticism to. My English teacher doesn't like this so tell me what you think. And should I continue this?


The Outsider

Hey. My name's Kurt Hummel. I'm sixteen years old. Sorry, I probably should have warned you about me. I'm gay. Actually, I'm the only open gay guy in this town, in Ohio, although sometimes I wonder if I'm the only open gay guy in this world.Seriously, the grief I get here for being gay. Anyone would think it's a criminal offence. I have never, and I mean never, met another gay guy before.

I don't really have that many male friends either (they are all scared they could 'catch the gay'. Whoever started that is the most homophobic person there could be) the girls are pretty great though. They make me feel like one of them.

My best friend, Mercedes Jones, says that - although I am in fact male - I am nothing like the obnoxious boys they are forced to converse with every day and, obviously, I dress better than them (it's not really hard to compete against baggy t-shirts and old jeans. Especially with my new Marc Jacobs jacket which is totally to die for). I am like one of them. One of the girls. Sometimes, that reputation gets me pushed down the stairs or shoved into a locker, I don't let that get to me. I am strong. Nobody puts Kurt Hummel down. Well maybe just one guy.

There's always one that will break your heart. Shatter it into a million pieces. He doesn't even realise he's doing it. Nobody realises. Even I don't realise.

Until it's too late.