The Legends of the Quileutes

Legend one: Tain and Lunabell.

By Allebasii

From my first fic, Gone Wolf.

Long, long ago, before the Great Spirit Chief, Taha Aki, when those who died simply ceased to exist, a young hunter by the name of Tain was hunting a red deer. Now Tain was one of the best hunters from the tribe, and he had been tracking this deer for days.

One night, the deer finally went to sleep. Tain shot it with an arrow and his aim was true. The deer died and he went to collect it. Just as he packed all the bones and meat into his pack, an old and starving she-wolf entered the clearing he was in. It was a little odd in that it didn't look exactly like a normal wolf, it's paws looking like furred, clawed hands as it shifted it's weight, and it's eyes had an intelligence like that of man.

Remembering his tribe, who were descended from wolves, he felt bad for the female and took out half the meat from his pack and walking slowly, dropped it on the ground in front of the wolf. The old she-wolf cocked her head at him, and began to eat. Tain sat down and waited till she had eaten her fill, and began to walk away, when a woman's voice sounded behind him.

He jumped and whirled around, but the wolf was the only being there. 'Hello?' He called. Just then, the wolf rose onto its hind legs and opened its mouth.

'Thank you, young hunter for the meat. Should you ever need help as the darkness closes in, and life seems impossible, call out my name, and I shall help you. I shall go now, for the night is almost over, and I must go back to my family.'

She said to him. She was about to turn around, when Tain called out:

'What is your name wolf?'

She stared into his eyes for a moment, then spoke again as she walked away;

'My name is Lunabell.' Then she faded into the darkness of the forest.

When he returned to the tribe, he told everyone his incredible encounter with the she-wolf, and the Chief named him the Master Hunter of the tribe for his wisdom and skill with the bow.

Many years passed, and Tain fought many a battle and gained much glory. He took a wife and had many children, until one night, as he lay in bed, now an old man, he felt death coming, and remembered the wolf from all those years ago. He had told everyone what the wolf said, and they vowed to remember it. Now he felt the darkness gathering, and he called out to his wife and children. They gathered around his bedside, cried for him. He told them not to be sad, and that he would watch over them when he left. Suddenly, he cried out that name he had heard all those years ago:


Just then as he finished, his family watched as a silvery, transparent figure of a wolf standing on two legs and with furred and clawed hands for forepaws appeared, The figure floated above the bed and held out her hand for Tain's. As soon as he took it, the light left his eyes, and a silvery figure like that of the wolf floated out of his body and, with a last look at his family, Tain flew into the sky with the she-wolf.