Quileute Legends

The Old One

as told by Sam Uley to Jacob Black;

from my fic: True Vamp.

The Cullen's aren't the only vampire's out there, Jacob. There is one legend, kept secret from the rest of the tribe by the Council, about how a man, named Soar, the son of Tain, the hunter who helped the wolf Lunabell*, met a strange man in the woods. The man was pale, paler than the Cold Ones, with long black hair and black eyes, but he did not venture into the light, and seemed terrified of the torch Soar carried.

Soar was of course, afraid, and he called out to the Pack for protection.

Then the man attacked. He leaped right for Soar, and seemed to fly, which of course he did, because the man, who we call the Old One, had wings like a demon, and fangs like a snake. Fortunately for Soar, the Pack, including Kenku, Fell, and Jacen*, arrived and got Soar out of the path of the Old One.

But the Old One was fast, and he turned and attacked Fell, sinking his fangs into Fell's leg. Terrified for their brother, Kenku and Jacen both leaped for the Old One, and he released Fell when he spun around to knock the two wolves out of the way.

Soar, seeing that the pack was in trouble, did the only thing he could while the Old One was distracted: he threw the torch.

Immediately the Old One caught fire, and screaming in agony, leaped clumsily into flight, flying over the tribesmen's heads at such speeds that they hardly had time to react—

—(Paul Interrupts)

Rest of Legend Not Told In True Vamp:

And then in a massive tidal wave of water the Old One dove into the ocean; and no matter how long the tribe waited, the Old One did not reappear.

They assumed he had drowned, or burned to death before the water could put the fire out.

Unbeknownst to them, that vampire is alive and well.

He is Antony Thorn.

Captain of the Darkwings Fleet.