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Hello… I do not believe we have met. But if so, it is a pleasure to see you again. I will be your guide as we look closely to a turn of betrayal made by a boy, who later learned of the evil he had done, and how his life remained in the hands of the only person he had hurt the most. This boy's name was Rosh Penin.

Rosh had only three things he had feared the most:

Fear of death

Fear of failure

Fear of being alone

These fears influenced his attitude and actions. Which lead him to the path of the Dark side.

To understand how these fears came to be, we will start at the beginning. Come I will tell you a story…

Rosh was an only child; he had a loving mother but a neglectful father. The day he was born, his mother wanted nothing more but to look after her son. She was always there for her child. When he cried, she comforted him. When he did something good, she embraced him. When he was about to go to sleep, she would tell him stories. But it only lasted for so long…

Hidden underneath that smile of hers was something that would take her away from her family forever.

When Rosh was 4 years old, his mother had caught a disease that started off as just a simple cough. "I won't worry about it," she thought. But that was her first mistake.

Another year went by, and her cough grew worse to where her son and husband would notice. Her husband conversation was one to behold.

Their conversation went a little something like this

Father: What's wrong? Are you feeling okay?

Mother: I'm fine,-cough- you have noth-cough-nothing to worry about.-cough-

Father: Honey, I think you should see a doctor.

Mother: NO-cough-!I'm not lea-cough-leaving this house for-cough- one second!

And that was her next mistake mistake…

Days went by , and every moment she grew paler, and weaker. The damage was greater the moment she coughed up blood. She collapsed down on cold hard floor. Rosh began to scream, the father rushed to his son and wife, only to find her laying unconscious , with her face in the blood she had just coughed up. They called the doctor, but he had arrived too late.

Her heart beat was coming to a stop, and her eyes were very slowly beginning shut. It was almost too hard to believe. Rosh staid by his mother's side until her last breath. Seeing death in the face, taking the person who cared for him most was all the more terrifying. The terror struck into the child's heart to never want this to happen again. Rosh lived out the rest of his young life never wanting to die.


Rosh was now left in the care of his father. A man who was anything, but caring. Rosh was a simple child, but his father, did not want a simple child. Every little mistake Rosh would make was unacceptable.

I would tell you more, but that leads to something beyond what I have just told you. Come again, and there will more to how this boy grew to something regretful.

Thanks Narrator for telling us that much. More coming soon, right?

Narrator: of course.

Me: I didn't want this one to be extremely short , but it is REALLY difficult to write something like this. I'll put as much as possible but until then, this is it. I would REALLY enjoy feedback, if you think this story sucks and want me to make it better in some way, or just have so ideas of what to happen next.

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