The Legend of Spyro: A New Age

Chapter 1: A new Dawn

2 weeks has passed since the defeat of Malefor and Spyro and Cynder have been relaxing in the Valley of Avalar ever since that day. The Dark master may have been defeated but his Dark army stills remains and Warfang is being prepared in case they attack

In a cave in Avalar, Spyro and Cynder were asleep in their dreams about one another. Ever since Cynder confessed her feelings for him, Spyro has been nervous around Cynder because he was to shy to confess his love for her. He felt ashamed he couldn't work up the courage.

Spyro stirred….

He got up and looked around to see Cynder lying on the floor. Spyro blushed about the fact he was thinking about her in his dream . He got up and stretched his wings and then proceeded to the Entrance of the cave and saw the beautiful Sun shining down on Avalar. Spyro decided to watch the view until Cynder awakened. 1 hour later Cynder awoken and saw Spyro at the Entrance. She stretched her wings and then decided to go sit with Spyro.

"Morning Spyro" Cynder said. Spyro jerked his head round and saw Cynder coming up to him. Spyro got nervous and said" M-Morning Cyn-Cynder ". Cynder sat next to him and said" What's the matter. Is something wrong"? Spyro shirked of his shyness and said" no im fine I just didn't expect you to be up yet". Cynder was disappointed by this because she thought he was going to say what she has wanted him to say.

Spyro looked into Cynders Emerald eyes and was starring into them. Cynder did the same and was looking into Spyros' purple eyes. For a while there was Silence. Spyro couldn't help but gaze into her beautiful eyes he almost lost himself to the beauty. Cynder had the same feeling except she was completely lost into the gaze.

Spyro broke the silence" What should we do now Cyn". They looked out into the valley below and the Cynder answered his question" we can do this" Cynder pushed him back and took off into the air and said" Catch me if you can purple boy". Spyro got up and Chased Cynder through the skies of Avalar. Spyro yelled" no fair you cheated". Cynder giggled. Even though he was behind he was enjoying his time with her.

Meanwhile in Warfang….

Cyril was starring into the distance from the balcony of the temple towards where the Dark army was massing for their next attack. Volteer asked Cyril" what is with the WORRIED, UPSET, DEPRESSED, ANXIO….." But he got stopped by Terrador "Enough Volteer, Cyril I know you're worried about Spyro and Cynder but we must get the defences ready for the Dark army before they attack."

Cyril looked at Terrador" I know your right but do you think we can possibly hold out another attack I mean we almost lost Warfang in the last attack." Terrador looked down to the floor in shame thinking Cyril was right. Volteer saw this and told Terrador" we mustn't give up my friends im sure we can hold out against this wretched army. Im sure Spyro and Cynder will come back eventually."

Cyril Said" I think we should evacuate the City and head to Avalar where it's safer." Volteer Stood their silent while terrador popped up his head thinking. Terrador broke the silence saying" I know you may be right but how can we protect the civilians when we evacuate we would be at are weakest then and you know that Cyril.

Terrador got up and left the balcony and proceeded to the rampants while Cyril and Volteer Sat there confused about what to do. Terrador landed next to a catapult crew and asked" Is there any problems here". The Caption Mole walked up and said" We are low on ammunition but we sent a team to gather some more from the ruins of Warfang ." The Earth Guardian brought a Smile to his face and moved on.

Back at the balcony Cyril stood there with a scared look on his face. Volteer noticed this and said " It is okay to be scared Cyril. It is proven by a scientific fact that the blood Sugar and Adrenaline in your syst..." . Cyril interrupted "Yes Yes Volteer no need to blabber on about obvious knowledge that we all know you chatter box.

Cyril and Volteer decided to look into the pool of visions to check on the dark army and could see the apes were there with the dark army. Cyril knew the Apes were a real problem. The dark army suddenly turned around and left heading for the Burned Lands.

Cyril was left confused and went to the Market to check for problems.

Back in the Valley of Avalar...

Spyro was still chasing Cynder through the Sky. Spyro noticed a river below them. An evil idea formed into his head. He used his Time ability to catch Cynder. He then grabbed her went flying down to the river in a dive. Cynder screamed" SPYRO WHAT ARE YOU DOING." Spyro didn't listen and went full speed into the river. Spyro was looking underwater and saw Cynder swimming to the top. He raised his head and was pushed by Cynder to the side of the river. "You buffoon you could have killed us". Spyro laughed and got out the river. Cynder pounced him and they went rolling down a hill. They both laughed as they went rolling. They came to a stop at the bottom and Cynder was on top of Spyro. Spyro blushed in the position he was in. Cynder noticed this and blushed too. They gazed into each other's eyes and enjoyed it.

Spyro said "Cynder".

Cynder said "yes Spyro".

Spyro said " I..." Cynders heart started beating really fast thinking this was the moment she waited for.

"I.. I.." the words didn't come out his mouth.

I... I really enjoy hanging out with you" Spyro hid the sorrow and shame in his failed attempt.

Cynder hung her head in disappointment saying" I do as well Spyro". Cynder got off Spyro and said" We should head back to Warfang. The guardians must be worried about us." Spyro nodded in agreement and took off in the direction of Warfang.