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Chapter 16: Spyros' Family.

It has been 4 months since the survivors of Warfang Came to DragonFang. Cyril has given up on convincing Frost of leaving Shadow but is not happy about it. Spyro has been preparing as Cynder only has 2 months to go before she needs to lay her Eggs. The guardians have been helping people get setup in the City so it is like Warfang now.

Spyro woke up with Cynder in his arms. He decided to stay like that until she woke up. His wish was granted for another 20 minutes. Cynder stirred" Morning handsome." Spyro blushed and licked her cheek" Morning gorgeous as you always are". Cynder blushed and Kissed Spyro. Spyro lost himself to the pleasure while he rubbed Cynders belly.

Cynder's belly has gotten very swollen and large so it is harder for her to get up or take off when they are going somewhere. Spyro has been exploring the city since Cynder has been relaxing. When the love birds parted lips Spyro said" How long is it until you need to lay our eggs." Spyro licked Cynder's cheek and Cynder stared into his eyes" 2 months but before that lets go to the guardians to see if they need help setting up." Spyro nodded and got up leading the way out of the room.

Meanwhile hundreds of miles away in the ruins of Warfang...

Tyrone was walking around searching for any body's of the battle months ago and especially the purple dragon's one. He was walking around for ages and got tired of looking" They must have escaped before the Golems unleashed the shockwave. There isn't many body's here." He turned around and walked over to another Dragon the Same colour as him but a bit lighter" I'm afraid there isn't any sign of Spyro here love." The mysterious dragoness said" He must have retreated to somewhere else my love but just because we won doesn't mean I forgiven you about kissing Cynder."

Tyrone put his paw on her shoulder" Hey I didn't really love Cynder I was trying to get her to join the Side of my Fathers again so we could kill the one who killed my Father." The Dragoness pulled him into a kiss." Oh don't worry he will die we just need to train are children when they arrive in the Dark ways and then with them we can crush Spyro and his Children." Tyrone smiled" I know Jade we will not fail. We will finish what father started". Tyrone walked out of the plaza and back to the Burned lands where Malefor used to rein.

Back in DragonFang...

Spyro led Cynder to the guardian's chamber. Spyro heard talking on the other side of the door and listened to the conversation as he leant on the door." It is good to see you again after all these years. We thought you were killed in the war. I'm glad we were wrong." Unknown voice said" Yes I'm glad I lived to see you as well. I trust you have been taking care of my Son ever since I left him with you." Spyro got suspicious at that part" Yes he is well I'm sure he will want to meet you." Mysterious voice said" How is Cynder anyway. If I recall correctly Spyro saved her and was freed from Malefor and joined him at the temple with you". Spyro got very suspicious that the mysterious voice said she had a Son and knows a lot about Cynder" Well she knows quite a bit doesn't she." Spyro nodded to Cynder and then listened again" Oh yes I heard Ignitus died please tell me it isn't true." Terrador voice came up" No he's alive He has become the New Chronicler." Cyril's voice came up" Well I guess I should go round up the Young ones to meet you. Be back in a minute. Galaxia"

Spyro and Cynder panicked by this and used their cloaking abilities (Spyros' light and Cynders Shadow) so Cyril wouldn't see them as he disappeared around the corner. When he vanished they turned off their abilities and decided to go in. The Second they entered Terrador said" Spyro, Cynder. Didn't Cyril see you?" Spyro looked to him" No we saw him turn to the Corner opposite the way we came and went out of sight." Terrador laughed" Well Cyril has gone out for nothing. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he gets back." Terrador looked to an Ice Dragoness" Oh yes before I forget there is someone you should meet. Spyro, Cynder this is Galaxia, Elder". Spyro got a confused look on his face "What's an Elder?" Galaxia turned to him and answered his question" The Elder's are Dragons and Dragonesses who serve as mentors and advisors for the rest of the Dragon race. When Malefor became 100 years old I was 30 and he was 600 before you defeated him." Spyro now understood" Anyway glad to meet the purple dragon who saved us all from the Darkness and Evil over the lands and ah yes Cynder." Cynder shock her head as she thought she was going to say something about her past.

"It is good to see a hero who evolved from the Darkness and saved us as well. Look Cynder you may think all Dragons who hate you want you to be dead but I understand you were controlled by Malefor and I know it wasn't your fault." Cynder smiled to her" Thank you." Galaxia turned back to Spyro" now Spyro I have come here to tell you something in Private so can everyone else give us a minute in private please. Everyone except Spyro nodded and left the room and shut the door behind them." Now Spyro what I am about to tell you can either make you the happiest dragon ever or the most upset dragon ever." Spyro remained silent.

"Okay do you know your mentor Ignitus" Spyro nodded" Well you see he is my Mate. And this story will take place just a bit before the raid on the temple. We met at the academy when we were young. We trained with eachother everyday and he was always got nervous when he saw me. 1 year later he asked me to be his Mate and I said yes by the fact I wanted him too. 468 years later we attempted to have a first child but when I layed the Egg the Egg went pure black and shattered to pieces, that means a baby dragon dies from a stillbirth. Ignitus couldn't take it and wouldn't leave the room for a week. 100 years later we try again and we did get a baby but she only lasted a year because of a disease. Ignitus repeated the same thing as last time. Almost a year before the Raid on the temple Ignitus had been scanning through every book he could get his hands on about dangers to new-borns. And then he knew how it would work. So we tried again and we left it at the temple for safe keeping." Spyro shuck his head" Wow I'm sorry I guess it got destroyed and Ignitus almost snapped over it." Galaxia smiled" No Spyro in fact it was rescued during the Raid, not by me but Ignitus." Spyro got suspicious" What are you talking about." This Egg was sent down a River and when it hatched it was a purple Dragon who got adopted into A Dragon Family." Spyro went wide-eyed" Wait Are you saying you are my-my-m-my Mo-Mo." Spyro stopped.

Galaxia moved to him" Yes Spyro I am your mother and Ignitus is your Father." Spyro was so wide eyed and couldn't imagine that his mother was still alive and His Father was Ignitus. Spyro ran up to Galaxia and hugged her as Tears came from his eyes" I can't believe my mother is right here in front of me." Galaxia nuzzled him" Spyro it is Okay I am here now. I know I was never there but I had to guide the dragons to Safety so I am sorry I couldn't be there." Spyro parted from the hug and said" I don't know why you wasn't with me but I am happy you are here and what's best you will get to tell stories to my children when they arrive." Galaxia went wide eyed" You mean your" Spyro smiled" Yes me and Cynder are mates and we will be parents soon." Galaxia smiled and nuzzled Spyro" You are Sure My boy" Now I think we should let everyone back in. Spyro nodded and went to the door.

Spyro opened it and the Guardians and Cynder, Frost and Shadow came into the room and gathered round the room."Well Galaxia I'm sure it went well. Terrador finished as Galaxia nodded" Cynder walked up to her" While you were talking Terrador told me the whole thing and are you really Spyros' mother." Galaxia nodded" Yes Cynder I am and I will look forward to seeing my Grandchildren asleep next to you and Spyro when they arrive." Cynder blushed and nuzzled Spyro for telling her about the children. "Well pleased to meet you. I am Shadow and this is my Mate frost." Cyril glared at Shadow when he said that and Frost noticed this." Yes nice to meet you Galaxia I'm sure you will be staying I hope." Galaxia looked to Frost" Yes I will be staying to be a Mentor to the young ones of this City as I can see I will be of more use here as there are more Dragons here." Frost nuzzled Shadow as they left the room while Cyril didn't turn his Glare away from Shadow.

"Cyn I think we should go back to the room or go to the lake." Cynder nuzzled him and said" Let's go to the room." Spyro nodded and led her to the room. When they left Galaxia turned to the guardians" Wow I am so proud of Spyro that he is going to be a Father already.

At Spyros' room 10 minutes later...

"I am so happy I have a mother at last but I wish Ignitus... I mean dad was here as well so I could hug him as well." Cynder rubbed up against him as they were on the Balcony at night." I know and I am happy are children will be have a grandmother." Spyro smiled at Cynder and licked her cheek." Thanks Cyn and best of all we only have 2 months left to wait. Cynder laughed as she had to correct him" 3 actually because they will take a month to hatch after I have layed them." Spyro got embarrassed" You should know this Spyro but I won't tell anyone if you give me a kiss." Spyro was happy to oblige. The couple locked lips as they were on the balcony. When they parted they looked to the Sky in the Night. The pair had their eyes fixed to the Sky as they loved the look of the Night. Today is a Day they will not want to forget ever.

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