A shadow came up slowly to five year old David, "No," five year old David said.

The shadow grabbed David by his shirt, "You will do as I say, or so help me I will kill you," the shadow said.

David sat up from his nightmare looking around and found himself in the Ghost Zone, 'Never going to happen, not again,' David thought.

David got up and ran a hand through his white hair and flew towards the Fenton Portal. Unknown to David, a figure was watching him, "Found you," the figure said and followed David invisibly.

David entered the Fenton Portal and found Danny, Sam, Maddie, Jack, Jazz, and Tucker crowded around a microscope, "Uh? What's going on?" David asked.

No one answered so David just went upstairs and found Dani, Tina, and Andrew on the couch watching T.V., "Wow," David said, "Boring today."

Dani turned, "David!" Dani yelled and hugged him.

"Hey David," Tina and Andrew said turning around.

"Want to come watch America's Funniest Home Videos?" Andrew asked.

"Sure," David said, 'Anything to get my mind off that nightmare.'

Two hours later…

"Yes!" six voices yelled in unison causing the four teens to jump, "Kids get down here!" Maddie yelled.

The teens went down to the lab and found the six adults smiling, "What happened?" Tina asked, "Because this is starting to get a little creepy."

"Yeah," David, Dani, and Andrew said in unison.

"We've made a discovery," Jazz said.

"Yeah," Tucker said, "It appears that all ghosts have a part of their human forms in their ghosts form."

"Really?" David said in shock.

"Yeah," Sam said, "And when they figure that they start to age, but stop around their 30's."

"And," Danny said smiling, "We found a way to strengthen their human forms making them a Halfa."

The teens mouth dropped, "Say what?"

"We can do it for you David, if you want to," Jack said.

David looked at his friends for help, "It's your choice David," Dani said.

David took a deep breath, "Okay," David said.

The adults smiled, "Tina, Andrew, and Dani go out into the living room and wait we'll be done in a few minutes," Maddie said.

Dani, Tina, and Andrew nodded and exited the lab when the lab door closed with a slam. Tina and Andrew went over to the T.V. and Dani paced back and forth waiting for David to come out. Suddenly, the door opened and a boy with brown hair and light blue eyes and wore a red T-shirt with blue jeans and red and blue tennis shoes, "David?" Dani said in shock.

David laughed and nodded, "Yeah it's me," David said causing Tina and Andrew to turn around, "Oh, my, word," Tina, Andrew and Dani said.

David laughed again, "Now you can come to school with us," Dani said.

"Great," David said sarcastically.

The four teens laughed and then went to sit down. Soon Tina and Andrew had to go home and Danny, Sam, Dani, and David went to their house.

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