Chapter 4

Danny and David arrived at a hotel in the North Carolina Outer Banks. Danny and David turned human and checked into a hotel room with a kitchen and supplies. David sat on one of the beds and got lost in his own thoughts and worries. Danny started to cook dinner for both him and David. Danny looked at David who looked depressed, "David?" Danny said worriedly.

"Huh?" David said coming out of his thoughts.

Danny sighed and stepped away from the stove and walked over to David and sat down beside him, "David, what's wrong?" Danny asked.

"I'm just worried," David said.

Danny put a calming hand on David's shoulder, "I'm sure Dani's fine," Danny said.

"You don't know that," David said.

"No, no I don't," Danny said, "But I know Dani's a strong girl."

"Yeah, so was I," David muttered under his breath.

"What?" Danny asked.

David sighed, "Nothing," David said.

Danny looked at David, "David is there something you're not telling us?" Danny asked.

David shook his a little too quickly. Danny gave him a look, "David, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," David said in monotone.

Danny sighed, "David we want to help you, but you have to tell us," Danny said.

"No," David said, "I-I can't."

"David," Danny said.

"No Danny," David said.

Danny sighed, "Fine," Danny said, "But tell me this one thing."

"What?" David asked Danny.

"Do you like Dani?" Danny asked.

"What? Yeah of course I do she's my friend," David said.

"No not that way," Danny said, "I mean as in love?"

David blushed, "Um, well, uh," David said.

Danny gave a small smile, "David, I'm okay with it, but I just want to know," Danny said.

David looked at Danny, "Yes," David said.

Danny smiled, "David, I know Dani can be slightly clueless, and that's my fault, but I can tell that she loves you too. Just give her some time, and please tell us what's got you so scared when you're ready," Danny said.

David nodded and Danny went to finish dinner.

The next day…

David and Danny left the hotel and flew for 6 hours to Paris, France, "Okay," Danny said, "Now all we have to do is fine Dani."

David closed his eyes and heard quiet whimpering, "Dani!" David yelled and flew towards the whimpering.

"David!" Danny yelled and followed him.

David and Danny arrived at the Eiffel Tower and found Dani on her hands and knees rubbing her shoulders, "Dani!" Danny and David yelled and flew to her.

"Daddy! David!" Dani yelled.

Danny and David held Dani close as she cried, "It's okay Dani," Danny said.

Dani cried, "Well, well, well," a voice said.

Dani started to shake and David winced in fear. The three of them turned and saw Uncle Ted standing there, "Looks like someone didn't follow orders very well," Uncle Ted said, "We're just going to have to fix that aren't we David."

Dani and Danny turned to David in shock. David stood up and stood in front of Dani and Danny, "Leave them out of this," David said.

"David," Dani said worriedly.

"Time to go David," Uncle Ted said.

"What!" Dani and Danny yelled, "No!"

"David," Uncle Ted said, "We leave now or both your little girlfriend and her dad die."

"David!" Dani yelled.

David looked at Dani and Danny, "I can't let him kill you," David said.

"But-" Danny started.

"No," David said, "This is why I didn't want you to come."

"David!" Uncle Ted yelled.

"One minute!" David yelled.

Uncle Ted glared, but nodded. David went up to Dani, "I'm sorry, but I can't let him kill you," David said.

"But David-" Dani was cut off when David kissed her.

Dani was shocked at first, but quickly kissed him back. David broke away and looked at David with sad eyes, "Why do you have to go with him? What does he want with you?" Dani cried.

"David!" Uncle Ted yelled.

David sighed, "He's my uncle," David said and stood up.

"DAVID!" Uncle Ted yelled.

"I'm coming!" David yelled and kissed Dani's cheek before walking up to his uncle.

"About time," Uncle Ted said, "Let's go."

"David!" Dani and Danny yelled.

Uncle Ted grabbed David's wrist and they both were surrounded in a purple aura and were gone, "David," Dani cried into her dad.

Danny tried to calm his daughter down, but not succeeding. Danny held Dani as she fell asleep. Danny pulled out his phone and called his parents, "Mom," Danny said into the phone, "Put the phone on speaker, have I got a story for you."

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