10:Journey's End, Chapter One: The Eleventh Hour

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Chapter Song: "Move Along", by The All-American Rejects

(Sarah Jane PoV)

Outside the Tardis, Mickey Smith and Jackie Tyler came running, alien-tech guns clutched in their hands, flanking Sarah Jane Smith, who was running ahead of them, desperately trying to reach the small, blue Police-Box before something horrible happened.

Or rather, something more horrible than what was already going on.

In the distance, she could hear the squawk of Daleks and the harsh, high-pitched noise their weapons made as they murdered any rebellious humans. A sudden shower of sparks erupting from the light atop the Tardis made her run even faster, and the windows of the apparent Police Box glowed gold with an eerie orange light.

Panic filled her, and she began to shout as she dodged stationary cars, some with their owners still inside, their blank eyes staring wide in their cold, pale faces. "Doctor!"

When she finally reached the Tardis, she yanked on the doors roughly, but they refused to budge. She began hammering on the doors, shouting desperately for the Doctor as Mickey and Jackie joined her, because now she could hear the mechanical whir of servos as a group of Daleks approached from the cover of a large truck, their squawking mechanical voices betraying the smallest hint of pride at their invasion of the Earth.

A split-second before the Daleks would have been out from the cover of the truck, making both parties visible to each other, the doors flew open and bathed in golden light streaming from behind him, Jack Harkness reached out and dragged them into the ship, slamming the doors shut an instant before the Daleks swiveled their eye stalks to the Tardis.

Almost the second they were inside, she saw that the glow had been coming from an unfamiliar man dressed in a very familiar blue pinstriped suit, who was now looking around with a dazed expression while everyone stared at him.

His hair was long and dark, and a part of the front flopped down one side of his face, while in the back, it continued down his neck were it ended in a small tuft of it curling up slightly. His nose was wide, though not by a lot, and his eyes were a soft, dark brown.

A smile suddenly lit up his face as he looked around the Tardis (which in some places was spewing sparks from ripped circuits halfheartedly); a familiar, half-crazed smile that could only belong to one person.

"Oh my god," she gasped, barely audible, "Doctor?"

The Doctor's head snapped up and he beamed widely at Jack, Rose, and Donna, (not seeming to notice that Mickey, Jackie or Sarah Jane were there), opening his mouth as if about to speak for a second before frowning, his brow furrowed in concentration.

"Donna! Rose! Jack! —Tardis!" he shouted, making everyone jump, "Ohh, something important's happening isn't it?" He said, almost too fast to comprehend, "Unfortunately, I can not remember. SO! What's happening?"

Jack opened his mouth to speak, "Doctor, it's the—"

But once again, the new Doctor interrupted.

"NO! Wait, let me guess!" He said grinning madly, and he swung around, towards the door, finally noticing the others. "Mickey!" he shouted in delight, and then turned his eyes on her shocked face, "Sarah Jane!"

Then his eyes widened, and he laughed. "Oh, I know! It's the Invasion of the Smith's!" He said dramatically, throwing his arms out and nearly hitting Donna in the head; she just barely managed to jerk back in time with a cry of indignation.

He ignored her. "You've got the same name, but you're not related; coincidence? I think not!" he said in a mysterious voice, tapping the side of his nose knowingly. Everyone just looked at him, dumbfounded.

"Oh, wait, never mind, that wouldn't happen, not in a million years. And! My head is really fuzzy and I can't think straight very well—Ooh, a Banana!" He exclaimed whipping it out of his pocket, only for it to be slapped out of his hand by Donna.

"Oi! Spaceman! We're dealing with the end of the world here! Daleks, Davros—Don't you remember any of that?" she demanded, then turn to face Rose, who had been watching silently, "Is he always like this after he regenerates—or whatever you called it?"

Rose nodded, keeping her eyes on the Doctor. "Doctor?" She asked, stepping forward, and the Doctor turned to look at her: his face younger than Sarah Jane had ever seen it.

The Doctor smiled at her, and Rose walked forward cautiously. "Hey Rose." The Doctor said, watching her watching him. "Hey…Doctor," She said slowly, "how're you feeling?"

The Doctor opened his mouth to speak but pain flashed across his face and he cried out, one hand flew to the center of his chest, the nails digging into his skin before he collapsed to the floor, unconscious, his head slamming harshly into the edge of the console.

"Doctor!" Everyone shouted, starting to run forward, but a sudden crash of movement sent everyone flying, Sarah Jane included.

Falling to the side, she threw her hands out instinctually to catch herself, but her right hand slammed into one of the support struts and her arm jerked inward, leaving her left hand unable to get a grip on the rail that separated the floor from a fifteen foot drop to the base of the console, and the unforgiving floor below.

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