Fez. My Fez. Everything was done for him. He has to understand that. I did this for him, for us, so no one could tear us apart. I needed the pawns out of the game so I could make my mark, make him know that I am the only one he needs in his life. I am the only one that matters. My heart belongs to him. That redheaded Amazon stole him away from me, that tiny little harlot had taken his eyes away from me and on her used-up body. The king, the bishop, and the knight were a means of distraction; they kept him away from me. They thought they knew what was best but all they did was take him away from the person I knew he was. And now I would show him that tonight. I could show him how beautiful our lives could be together. And if he didn't see it my way, then we would die together.

Fez woke up with a throbbing headache worse than the worst hangover of his life. He rubbed his eyes and yawned loudly then looked around. He was hoping that everything had been a dream and he would wake up in the apartment he shared with his soon-to-be girlfriend Laurie… but to his surprise he was in an old bed that smelled like his host-mother's cheap perfume and mothballs combined. It was horrible.

"Guys!" He called, his voice sounded so loud to him. The air was thick with a horrible stench and clouded with dust. He coughed and sluggishly carried himself out of the small room he didn't remember ever entering.

"Kelso?" Fez asked, walking down the old, creaky stairs. He waited a few moments to call his best friend's name again. Everything felt weird. He didn't hear anyone talking, or moving around, and it was starting to scare him. But they would make fun of him for being scared- even though he knew Eric was probably just as afraid as him. "Kelso where are you?!" He cried, walking into the kitchen where his tall friend had killed a spider for him; that was true friendship. But he wasn't in there, and he wasn't in the dining room. In fact… no one was anywhere.

"Hyde…? Jackie…?" He asked, his voice fading to a whimper. He heard the crackling of a fire in the living room and decided maybe someone had fallen asleep in there. That would make sense because it was freezing in this house.

It was a horrible decision to come here. He should have said no because Jackie didn't to either. Maybe they could have convinced everyone to do something else… like go dancing or go to a movie. Sure, it wasn't as thrilling as going to an abandoned house, but there was a fine line between adventure and scary-time.

Fez felt his stomach and jaw drop in horror as he stared at the body in front of the fire. Why was Hyde's father-but-not-father here? Hyde wouldn't have called him… did he own the house?

"Excuse me, Mr. Hyde, but what are you doing here?" He asked, approaching the unmoving body. "Mr. Hyde…?" He called, quieter this time as he poked the arm. He shrieked in alarm and terror as the stiff body rolled over at the lightest touch. Fez couldn't move or speak as he gaped at the large hole where the older man's stomach should have been, and found glassy eyes boring into his own.

"Oh my Jorba Linda… guys there's a dead body!" He screamed as his body wracked with fear-induced trembles. "Oh what do I do, what do I do…? Kelso?! Eric? Hyde?! Where are you?!"

"They're not here anymore."

The small young man's near-hyperventilating breath stopped in mid-inhale as he heard the all too familiar voice from behind him.
"What the hell are you doing here?" He asked slowly, fear beginning to course through his blood as he stared at the back of the blonde head. "And what do you mean by that, you crazy b-?"

"I am NOT crazy." Fez's eyebrows raised in disbelief at the outburst and even scoffed.

"Right and I am not a direct descendant of-" The dark-toned boy stopped himself and shook his head. "No, don't do that, you always do that. What did you mean by saying they're not here anymore?" He asked as he tried his hardest to ignore his conscience, which screamed at him to run away from here as fast as possible.

"I meant exactly what I said," the voice was a whisper as the person stood up to face him. Fez whimpered as he caught sight of the hazel eyes that he had been relieved to think of never seeing again.

"Caroline. What did you do to my friends?" He asked, voice sounding much braver and scarier than he thought could be possible. Her eyes lit up as he spoke her name, and she took a step toward him. He backed away from her.

"They took you away from me. They made you believe things that weren't true. They made you one of them; but Fez, you don't need them. So I took you away from them. They won't bother you anymore. They won't trick you or hurt you anymore. It was always me who cared about you the most, when they-"
"THEY ARE MY BEST FRIENDS, CAROLINE! You are NOTHING to me!" He screamed, tears streaming down his face as he held back violent sobs of anger that he wouldn't let show. This was a side of him he had never permitted to show. "How psychotic are you to actually think that after four years I still have feelings for you?"
"But you do, Fez… I see it in your eyes. I see the way you look at me. That crazed passion that you only get when you're with me… I love you, and we are meant to be together forever… alone."

"NO!" He bellowed, clenching his fists and hitting them against his sides. "The way I look at you is in pity, I feel nothing but sad for you! And now that's even harder to feel. What did you do to my friends?!"

I stared at the brown eyes that held so much love and passion for his friends. He would never look at me like that again. He would never look at me like that at all. But if I can't have him, then no one can.

"I made them go away."

"Caroline. What. Did. You. Do?!" Fez cried as desperation clawed at his every being. He wasn't the hero of the group… but if it was for his friends then he'd lay down his life. And if there was a chance he could save them then he would do whatever it took.

"It's hard to explain…" she sang quietly, a malicious smirk pulling her lips. Fez felt his jaw clench tightly and he exhaled through his nose slowly. "But I can show you."

Fez felt his stomach drop. What did that mean? Did it mean they were dead and she was going to use them as a feature in a psychotic horror house show? Or were they alive and suffering? Fez whimpered as his heart thudded painfully. Kelso, Eric, Hyde, Jackie, and Donna were all suffering because of him and his stupid relationship with Caroline that happened years ago and now it was all coming back to haunt him. If only he had known how crazy she really was…

Fez took a deep breath and met her amused smile with determined eyes and a dark scowl.

"Fine, but this doesn't mean you're getting out of this alive."

She laughed bitterly.

"Your attempt of bravery is so cute, Fezzie," I cooed, then linked my arm with his. He quickly jerked away and cursed in his native language. "Come with me," I whispered before pulling a bag over his face and tying it tightly.

Fez could feel his body and feet moving yet he didn't know which way he was going. They walked for a considerable amount of time in silence and it was killing him. What was Caroline trying to prove? What had she done to his friends? Considering what happened to Bud Hyde, he wasn't sure if he wanted to know. But if they were alive somewhere then he'd do anything to make sure they were okay.

At the sound of a creaky door opening, he felt his body being pushed forward into a room of bitter cold. His skin prickled and his teeth began to chatter almost uncontrollably. He felt the blindfold loosen on his eyes and when it fell, he caught it. Spinning around to face Caroline, he whimpered; she was gone. Although the last thing he wanted to do was to see her right now, he would have at least liked to know where she was rather than having to wait for her to strike again.

Fez began to glance around at his surroundings. It was mostly dark in here and there was a terrible draft. The old boards holding up what must have been a shed or barn creaked as the wind billowed through the night. He pulled out his lighter and ignited the end; he had to find something to guide him. However, there was nothing in the old building he could use to create a lingering light; if he burned anything in there it would simply burst into flames and turn to ash within five seconds.

Periodically, the lighter would shut off and he have to flick it again; he wished he had Hyde's zippo. The thought of the name made his stomach churn, however, and he shuddered violently. He had to stop thinking though. He had to find his friends.

As he turned the corner, however, the lighter fell from his hands; finding them wasn't so hard after all. He felt tears burn his eyes as he stared at the body in front of him looking too much like wax than he would like to ever see.

"Ay… Kelso?" He whispered, trying to muster the courage to check his best friend's vital signs.

But the way the man looked on the ground told him it would be almost pointless to check.

He had to.

"Sorry to say it, sweetie, but he was almost too easy."

Fez whipped around in a fury of anger and considered bashing her skull in. But the problem was that she was a woman and he'd rather not get arrested; he would figure out another way.

"Then again… he was one of the easiest people I ever knew. Seems fitting, dontcha think?"

"You son of a bitch!" Caroline laughed out loud.

"You mean to say "daughter" of a bitch."

"I will KILL YOU!" he couldn't handle it anymore. Fez slammed her body against the wall and wrapped his hands around her throat. He felt his fingernails dig into her skin and for a moment, he saw a flicker of fear in her eyes. Then she smiled at him.

"Go ahead and try!" She gasped after she kicked him in the gut. Fez spluttered and nearly lost his balance as the wind was knocked out of him. "Kill me like I killed your friends, get revenge, it's what you want, do it!" Fez shook his head.

"You sick fucking bitch. Tell me what you did to my friends." He growled menacingly.

"Ooh, getting feisty." She chirped, pulling out a wax figurine from her pocket. He glanced at it momentarily and felt his heart sink; it was him. "But you asked for it."

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