Good Morning America

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: Flank.

Added Musketeer Word: punch

Set: After 6.11

Summary: Life isn't a Disney movie, but it sure can have it's comical moments, even for a Winchester.

The first punch hit the ugly good.

There was a stunned silence. He thought he'd done the bitch.

When he turned, exhausted, a terrible squealing taught him better.

Instinctively he went for a karate chop and sent it flying towards the wall where it shattered with a satisfying thud.

He flinched when he heard Sam groan.

"I... it wasn't me."

"So the alarm clock went suicidal?"

"Yeah – no – it... Mickey-Mouse-clocks suck!"

"I loved Mickey Mouse."

"That's just like you, smart-ass."

He wasn't prepared for the flank attack, but he retaliated with his own pillow, chuckling, happy to have Sam back.