Black so black I felt like a blind old man I thought in my sleep."Agh" I heard myself say as I woke up."Ah you're awake " areo said as I sat up but he pushed me back to the dirt I in a hospital I did not reply. I opened my eyes a crack, He looked lost in thought then I was out again.I woke up what felt like a few hours later nobody was in the room but me.I guess the other kids left I thought.I pushed myself up when no headaches came I tried to stand I felt no reistence then strange I thought.I walked around same then areo came in I immediatly started asking him told me to stop talking when I did he told me how there had been a terrorist bombing and how I had somehow been in the center of the blast yet I he told mehow he worked for the government and that there was a secret war going on between russia and persia where I I asked how there could be a secret war He said they used spies.