Did you know that a female Rugaru is called a Rugara? Nope, neither did I, that's why I just made it up!

Now we all think those boys are tasty, but ...

Disclaimer: Don't own them, but would baste them in a light chilli sauce and simmer them over a low heat if I did.


The two Rugara hungrily eyed their tightly bound and squirming lunch, eagerly discussing the anticipated feast.

"Lets have a breast fillet off this one, there's lots to spare;" Sam cringed as a wandering hand wandered somewhere he really didn't want it wandering; "lovely lean bit of rump too!"

Her companion agreed; "there's not so much of this one; good lean brisket though;" she licked her lips as she grabbed Dean's side ignoring the outraged yelp, "but, I think I might start with a nice juicy slice off the flank!"

Dean scowled; "dude; after today, I am so turning vegetarian!"