Kate Deline arrived at Las Vegas airport arrivals lounge to see her mum, dad, sister and boyfriend. She couldn't wait to swap the New York snow for the Las Vegas sun. She was the envy of all her friends at college being a Vegas girl. She ran over to her family but it was Danny she wanted to see first. "Welcome home baby." He said kissing her, they had been together for 2 years and had somehow managed to make their relationship work over the distance. Danny had been out to New York several times but now she was home for a few months and he had her all to himself. "Come on Danny you've got all night and every night with her let her family have a turn" Gillian said laughing. "I've missed you mom." She said. "Hey Kate it's good to have you home" Delinda said hugging her sister. "D...Can't breathe...need air" she said trying to break from Delinda's grasp. "Sorry I've missed you that's all" she replied "you and Danny are having dinner at Mistique tonight and it's all on me." She continued. Her father was the last person to welcome her home, "it's good to have you home sweetie" Ed said hugging his youngest daughter. "Thanks daddy, I need to ask you something now I'm home for a few months I'm going to need a job and I was wondering if I could possibly work at the Montectito, I'll do anything I don't mind." "I think we have a vacancy on the hospitality team but I'll speak to Sam first." He replied taking hold of her bags and moving out of the way so she could be next to Danny. "So has Delinda told you about tonight?" he asked taking hold of her hand, "she's told me about dinner at Mistique" "I've asked Mary to book us into the best suite we have, I'm all yours tonight plus you're dad's been kind enough to give me the night off." Danny had planned all this not only because it was her first night back but because he was going to ask her to move in with him, he loved her with all his heart and knew she was the one however she had another year at college, only once she had finished would he consider asking her to marry him. "Danny what is all this about?" she asked "you'll find out later but we need to get you settled back into normality the student way of living can't be good for you." He replied laughing as they all made their way out of the airport