Kate was stood at check in when she heard a scream behind her, it was her college friends, "oh my god guys what are you doing here?" she asked "we've come for the opening week of the pool and we knew it was your dad's casino." Her best friend Lizzie replied "listen maybe you could hang out with us while we are here." She continued "sorry Lizzie but I start my new job tomorrow, I'm going to be busy during you're stay." "Okay the least you can do is meet us for a drink tonight." Lizzie said. Kate felt very awkward about what she had to say next, "actually I've got plans with Danny tonight he's got something planned for me and I don't know what it is." "How do you and Danny keep your relationship going over the distance, when I moved to New York my boyfriend and I split up straight away mainly because he didn't want to travel a few hours to see me every now and again?" Lizzie asked "we just work at it, we love each other and we've been together 2 years and unlike Tommy he's actually been out to see me." Kate replied. "Anyway the pool is opening on Monday but until then please feel free to explore the casino and please gamble my dad likes it when people do that." She continued "I tell you what I'm not doing anything now we could have a drink now." "Yeah sure okay then" Lizzie replied following Kate to the bar.

"So have you spoken to Tommy since you split up?" Kate asked her best friend "No I tried to but I can't bring myself to speak when he answers the phone." "You've got to have more confidence in yourself sweetie; I never thought Danny would speak to me let alone ask me out." Kate said trying to reassure her friend "yeah but you have got everything going for you-a great job, a gorgeous boyfriend and you are popular at college everything I ever dreamed of having." "I tell you what I'll speak to Sam and see if she can out you all in the best suites we have." Kate said as a good gesture to her friends.