Abby stood up from her desk and stretched, it was 2am and she had been in the lab since 8am the previous day. It had been like this all week, every team seemed to have a never ending supply of urgent evidence. Man was she tired. She looked around the office, Caf Pow cups littered every surface, testament as to how she had managed to keep going for so long.

She thought about tidying up then dismissed the idea and decided she'd come in tomorrow. It was supposed to be her weekend off, but tidying up didn't really count as work.

She said a sleepy good night to security, jumped in the baby hearse and headed home.

She was half way home when a screech followed by a thud brought her head snapping up from her chest where it had dropped as she dozed. She looked in a daze at the crumpled hood of her car. "no, no, no" she shouted.

She untangled her seatbelt and pushed open the car door, as she got out she walked straight into the waiting police officer.

"Ma'am, are you ok? Can you step over here away from the vehicle?" The officers asked questions that weren't really questions, Abby would know that tone of voice anywhere.

She walked with the officer to his waiting car, where she gave her name and was given a breathalyser test.

When the breath test came showed up negative, and the officer had checked she was who she said she was, he looked on her a little more kindly.

"Want me to call your boss?"

"NO!" Abby was suddenly filled with fear, Gibbs must NEVER find out about this.

"Uh, I mean, no, he lives too far away, can you call Special Agent McGee instead, he lives closer"

The officer did as she asked and shortly McGee pulled up beside them.

"ABBY! What the hell? Are you ok, what happened?"

"Timmy, I'm fine, just tired, can we please just go home?"

McGee nodded and helped Abby into his car.

"Before you go Miss Sciuto, I need to write you a ticket for dangerous driving"

Back at Abby's apartment

"Gibbs is going to freak"

"Yeah I know Timmy, that is why he is NEVER going to find out"

"Abby, this is Gibbs we're talking about, you know he's going to find out, and it'll better if he finds out from you"

"no way Timmy, I can't have Gibbs mad at me, and anyway we only have to hide it till I get my car back"

"I'll think he'll notice that you're not driving Abby, and what about the ticket, you know everything like that goes across his desk"

"well, you can pick me up and take me to work, I'll get a cab back home and if he asks I'll just tell him that my car broke down"

"and the ticket?"

"well, I'm thinking you or Tony or Ziva could intercept that report before he sees it"

"Abby…" McGee looked at her closely "you sure you want to do this?"

"Please Timmy, just help me ok, he never has to know"