Abby took her time waking up, enjoying the feeling of the crisp sheets, then remembering she didn't have sheets on her bed she had a moment of blind panic before she realised she was at Gibbs place. That knowledge sent her burrowing under the covers again.

Eventually she decided that she couldn't hide in bed all day and that the time had come to face the music.

She got up and noticed that Gibbs had put some towels and a set of sweats in her room.

Gibbs heard the shower start up and took a deep breath, the next few hours were going to be difficult no matter what.

Abby came downstairs slowly, and stood nervously in the kitchen doorway "hey" she said.

Her hair was still damp from the shower, without make up and in his oversized sweats she looked so vulnerable, Gibbs had to dig deep not to go over and smother her in bear hug. Instead he kicked a chair towards her; she took the hint and sat down.

"ok, I screwed up, let the yelling commence" Abby sat staring at the table in front of her.

After a minute or so of silence she looked up "you're not yelling"


Another minute passes

"Abby, you know what disappoints me the most?" Gibbs voice was soft, without a hint of anger "you called McGee instead of me the night it happened"

Abby didn't trust herself to speak, she could feel the tears building and knew that if she tried to talk the dam would burst, so she signed quickly 'I'm so sorry' and ran from the room.

Gibbs waited a couple of heartbeats then followed her, he found her curled on her bed sobbing.

He propped himself up on the bed beside her, reached out and pulled her into him. He held her tightly until her sobs had stopped. When she was calmer, she lifted one of Gibbs hand and signed 'forgive me?"

Gibbs smiled and kissed her.


A/N – I'll leave it up to your imaginations where that kiss landed…

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