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This is a little serious. Selective Mutism is a real disease that many children suffer. I hope that I can teach you a little about it while you enjoy a nicestory :)

Warnings: Yaoi (boy/boy), Swearing, sexual themes, adult themes, some blood (maybe), Medical stuff.
Pairings: Prussia/Canada. And being myself, I'll probably sneak in some USUK x3
Other: This is a high school AU. Al and Mattie are twins. Most characters are seniors in high school unless stated other wise

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I'm the quiet type. I'm the kid who can go all day without speaking and not feel weird or as though I need to get something off my chest. I'm not sure exactly why that is. I guess it's just my personality... Maybe. I've never liked to talk much. I'm a kid of few words... Or something. No one really ever noticed that I didn't talk much. My brother tended to hold the spotlight and I didn't really mind. As long as it wasn't on me, I was fine.

I'm the quiet type. I'm the kid who can go all day without speaking and not feel weird or as though I need to get something off my chest. I do know why that is, though.

Hello, world. My name is Mathew Williams. And I am a selective mute.

Being a selective mute does not mean that I am shouting "Screw you world! I'm not going to talk and no one can make me!" No, it's more that I literally cannot speak. I'll open my mouth and try to talk, but nothing comes out. I'll form the words in my head and try and try to get something out, but it never does. And I must look pretty silly trying to speak when nothing comes out.

I could say that I don't know why I don't talk. But I do. Ever since she died, I stopped. Everything stopped. My brother and I went to live with my aunt in New York city. She died a few month ago. Even though we lived with her for six years, I still didn't know her very well. She was hardly home. She was really nice to us, but didn't spend much time trying to get to know us.

We inherited a small sum of money and bought an apartment in the city. We go to school and work also. It's kind of a sad life, but I'm fine with it. My brother, Alfred, is really nice. He doesn't try to make me talk and he really understands me. With just a look, he can tell if I'm sick or in pain or something. We might be twins, but I guess three minutes does make a big difference. He really is that protective older brother.

I never really thought about talking again. I was not concerned with speaking or trying to get my voice back. The thought didn't cross my mind very often. Maybe before I fell asleep when everything was quiet, but not much more than that. It wasn't until I met the "most awesome dude on Earth" that I began to think of speaking again. He told me he would get my voice back. I didn't believe him.

My brother and I work at a convenience store in downtown New York. It's low pay, but the boss is nice and gives us bonuses around holidays so we can buy each other presents.

It's late August and I am stocking the shelves in the back of the store. I am the shelf stocker. My brother runs the cash register. He has great people skills. Often I find him talking with customers for hours on end on a slow day. They're usually his friends. He has a lot of friends. They're nice... I guess. They just don't understand me. Alfred always tries to get me involved in activities with his friends, but is usually forced to give up. It's not that they don't like me. It's just that I'm... different.

I hear the bell on the door ding a couple of times as someone comes through the door. I look up, curious as to who it is, but I can't see the person above the shelves. I see a flash of white, but quickly return to stocking the shelves. I'm putting soups away. The big name brands go on the third to top shelf so people can see them easier. The off brands get grouped around them. I'm so focused on putting the soups away correctly, I don't notice him standing behind me.

"Excuse me," he asks. It's a kind voice, but it startles my anyway. I drop the can I was holding and watch as it rolls over to someone's foot. I look up and am meet with bright red eyes. Seriously. Red eyes.

"Sorry about that," the red eyed man apologizes as he bends down to pick up the soup. "I didn't mean to scare you. I was just wondering where the soup was. But I guess I found it. How awesome is that? I am totally physic or something awesome like that!" He hands me the can, apparently an off brand veggie soup. I timidly take it back and place it on the shelf.

He bends down next to me and starts thumbing through the cans. Our hands touch for the briefest of moments, but I yank mine back and begin to fiddle with my shoelaces.

"Alright. Chicken noodle or beef?" he turns to me and asks. I look at him shocked for a moment. It takes me a while to realize that he wants my input on what soup he should buy. I pause for a moment before pointing to the chicken noodle. He shoots me a bright smile and stands up.

"Thanks! Yeah, chicken noodle is awesome isn't it?" He asks. I pause and nod a little. He looks down at me and I squirm under his gaze. "You don't talk do you?" he asks. My heart jumps at the sudden question. I blush and look down, embarrassed at my fault. "Hey, that's awesome by me," he says, "I don't care. You must be Mathew Williams. I'm Gilbert, by the way. We go to school together, but I'm so awesome you probably knew that." Actually I didn't. He flashes me a smile. "We should hang sometime," he tells me before walking off to go buy his soup.

I get up and just stand there for a moment. Someone actually talked to me! He seemed pretty nice, too! I was invisible to everyone else, but he of all people talked to me. I wonder if he thought I was weird for not talking. He seemed cool about it, but you can never tell what people are thinking.

I stayed back until I heard the bell ding and I knew he was gone. I came out to the front as Alfred locked the register. Glancing at the clock, I notice that it's time to go home. Sometimes the day just drags on, but today it went by quickly. My brother looks up and smiles at me.

"Hey! Did you meet Gilbert?" he asks. I nod, curious as to how he knows him. "He's a pretty cool dude, isn't he? He's a buddy from school. Anyway, it's time to go. You go on without me. I've gotta give boss-man here the keys after locking up." I nod and go to the back to grab my things. I come out and walk right out of the store.

The hot air hits me and almost takes my breath away. Being August, it's pretty hot here in New York. The store was a little chilly today, but I didn't mind. I tend to prefer cold to hot. My brother disagrees. We're really close, but we have differing opinions often.

As I walk down the streets, I can't get Gilbert out of my head. He was so nice, but I bet he thinks I'm weird just like the rest of Alfred's friends. I wonder why I hadn't met him before. Maybe they had just become friends a little while ago.

He did seem a little odd, though. I mean, he didn't look like a drug dealer or a bad person or anything. He just looked odd. His hair is bright white. I'm not even kidding. White. Maybe it was a disease or something. But his eyes were blood red as well. Well, 'blood' makes him seem bad. I liked calling it ruby. Yes, he has ruby red eyes. They're pretty, though. I wish just for a split second that I could tell him that myself.

I guess I'm thinking too much about things as I find myself in an area I had never been before. I stop and look around wondering where I am. No one is around. I took a wrong turn somewhere and now I'm lost! Great!

I hear the honk of a horn and the buzz of an engine. I look in front of me and find myself standing in the middle of the street, a truck zooming towards me. I open my mouth to scream, but I can't speak. I try to run, but my legs are glued to the spot.

There's a shout and a force slams me so hard, I am forced to shut my eyes. I fly through the air for what feels like an hour before hitting my head against cement. There's no pain, though. I try to open my eyes just a little bit, but my eyelids are suddenly so heavy. I see a familiar flash of white before completely losing my senses.