"Gilbert? Did you pack the blankets and clothes?"


"And the kitchen plates and silverware?"

"Of course, Birdie!"

"What about the lamps and dorm furniture?"

"I got it, I got it. Geeze, Mattie, I know where everything is." I look up at my albino boyfriend and sigh before returning to the list I had made up. I think we have everything, but I can't be sure. With Gilbert, you can never be sure.

"Alright, I guess we should get going," I finally say, putting the paper in my pocket. Gilbert smiles and jumps up from where he was sitting on the building's front stairs. I can't be sure if he did what he was supposed to do because every time I would come outside, I would find him playing with his cellphone or throwing rocks or just generally slacking off.

He comes over to me and sweeps me into a hug, pressing a kiss to my lips. I squeak at the sudden action, but melt into the kiss. I wrap my arms around him and smile. "I can't wait to get to college. This is going to be amazing."

"It's gonna be awesome!" Gilbert winks. "Now, let's go, I'm starving!" He lets go of me and hops into the driver's seat. Confused, I take my place in the passenger's seat.

"Starving? We could go back in and get something to eat..." I suggest.

"Eyebrows is cooking," Gilbert scowls. "No way in hell am I eating what he makes." I can't say I don't agree, so I simply nod and we're off.

A few hours later, I climb into the back seat to pull another shirt out of my clothes box. I got mustard on my shirt and didn't want to show up to college with a stain. I dig out a pink shirt, but don't really like the style, so I put it back and pull out another. This one is pink as well and I frown, not remembering where I got a pink shirt like it. I put that one back before opening the box fully. To my surprise, every white shirt I own is pink.


"Yeah, Birdie?"

"All my white clothes are pink now... Can you explain." Gilbert laughs nervously.

"Heh... Well, you see... The washing machine was so unawesome..."

"Oh, Gilbert..."

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