Title: One Night with the Wolverine 1/3

Rating: Depends on how mature you are

Summary: A slightly AU one-shot where Rogue finds herself attracting the King of the Cage for Xavier.

-Actually, there is no sensible plot…it's just my attempt at smuttiness…

Note: I was watching One Night with the King when the title just got me thinking. There are powers, but no ancient royal plots. It's just that Xavier has other ways of getting what he wants. If you haven't already noticed, I hate Jean and tolerate Xavier. Don't know why, I just do.

This is my attempt at smut, so constructive criticism is welcome.

Oh, and by the way, can someone find me a Logan?

Italics = Rogue's inner ramblings

Bold = Other Telepaths

Now, onwards….

I park my bike to the side of the seedy bar in the middle of Bumfuck, Canada. I swing off it, pissed that I am here. Making my way to the entrance of the establishment, I barely notice the curls of smoke from the dumb fucks smoking behind me.

Pulling off my hood and unbuttoning my forest green coat, I open the door when I hear a hitch in someone's breath.

Oh great. Barely set foot into the place and some redneck is ready to make a move. What the fuck am I doing here? Fuck…FUCK!

But then again, I know I look good tonight. I mean, if I was a guy, I'd totally bang myself.

I swing my coat over my arm and scan the crowd. I already tune out the stares turned to my tight, mini green dress and thigh high black fuck-me boots. Re-adjusting the straps on my shoulder, I can now feel the gazes on my unusually perky boobs courtesy of my new Bombshell bra.

Acknowledging Bobby and John, I walk past them entwined at a corner table. I should probably warn them that people in this part of the area aren't open to their kind of behavior. But then again, no one's paying attention to them, so they should be alright.

I snake past the booth Jean is sharing with 'Ro, but manage to throw the weather witch a smile. Someone should warn Jean that the red halter she's wearing really clashes with her hair.

Finally, I see my good friends in a shadowy, corner booth and make it past the cage where Piotr is the current reigning King. I barely toss him a glance as an unfortunate soul is dragged off from the center.

Kitty is sipping on a fruity drink and showing off her legs in the form-fitting brown mini. Jubes just jumps up when she sees me. The girl can't sit in one place too long. She smoothes out her bright yellow pants and matching blazer before grinning at me. We hug and I take notice of her blouse-less condition. The swells of her breasts are no doubt attracting many of the men in the building. In fact, I think this was the same outfit she wore when we got Remy.

I throw my coat on the seat and am sure to sit on it so that I don't contract some venereal disease in this place.

"Damn, chica. Your tan looks great!" Jubes quips as she leans against the side of the booth.

"What-the-fuck-ever," I respond, taking a sip of Jubes' abandoned drink.

"Awwww…what happened?" Kitty asks.

"I just threw Xavier a bitch fit."

"Why?" they both chorus.

"You think I want to be stuck here attracting some dick head? We all know Jean could have handled this one. God knows she wants to."

Jubes pops her gum before responding. "Have you seen this 'dick head'?"

"NO! I just get back from a two week stakeout in the middle of a desert only to come to some seedy joint."

"Oooo...no wonder you have such a yummy tan," Kitty says jealously.

"Skin cancer more like it," I say as I fiddle with my low ponytail and then throw it over my shoulder.

"Cheer up. Have you seen Wolvie?"


"Yeah. Wolverine. That dude just oozes sex," Jubes croons.

"Not interested."

"You may not be, but we're all stuck out here because the Professor can't get a reading on him," Kitty says quietly.

"I still believe my presence was not required," I say.

"True. Jean probably could have handled this one, but Scott doesn't really want her here especially after the whole Angel show. Besides if the dude chooses you, I suggest you do the dirty deed and become a woman before you start humping the couch," Jubes laughs and Kitty joins her.

"I am not going to start humping the couch. That's what Remy's going to be doing if you don't get back to him soon."

"No doubt. But I wanted to see what the Wolverine fuss was about," Jubes says as she pushes a stray platinum strand out of my face.

"Yes, I wanted to see, too. He's an interesting choice for the team," 'Ro appears with three beers. She deposits them on the table. "Have fun ladies. May the best one win..."

She walks off in her white tube top, swaying her white mini skirt clad ass to whatever they call music in this joint. I make a mental note to ask to borrow her white knee boots.

"How lucky is that bitch? I mean, both Beast and Kurt have decided to share her," Jubes complains.

"Whateves….all I know is that I wanted to curl up in my bed for some much needed sleep instead of being in this hell-hole," I say, drumming my still gloved fingers on the table.

"You have to see this guy, though," Kitty says. "Piotr is up right now, but the Wolverine should be on soon to claim his title. Then it's our time."

"Seriously, chica? All you wanted to do was sleep tonight? Can you say 'virgin'!" Jubes smacks her gum while rolling her eyes.

"So? Not everyone has a swampy boytoy. Besides…there was going to be pizza and chocolate….and me finally catching up on True Blood. Eventually I would fall asleep to visions of Eric Northman…" I say drifting off.

"Mmmm… what about Jason?" Kitty pipes up.

"Or Alcide," I reply.

Jubes raises her eyebrow at me. "Eric. Definitely. Especially after what Bill did."

"Stop there. I haven't gotten that far yet. Either way…too many hot guys on that show," I say wistfully.

"I still think you should make an effort to bang the Wolfmeister," Jubes says to me.

"I'm going to have to agree with her," Kitty says.

I'm silent for a minute. "It wouldn't be so bad if it was just casual sex. But I want my first time to be special. It has to be special. It shouldn't be something I lose as part of Xavier's sexcrutiments."

Sexcruitments. That was what we called Xavier's ploy for attracting important mutants to his team. These aren't mutants who are runaways or come to Westchester because they have nowhere else to go. These are mutants that have survived on their own cunning and just needed a little more persuasion to join the team.

Xavier had rescued Scott, who in turn recruited Jean. Jean and Scott were in a relationship, but Scott had long turned a blind eye to a sex-addicted Jean…or so we thought.

Xavier also managed to rescue Ororo, who participated in the sexcruitments to attract Beast and Nightcrawler. Everyone soon realized that Storm had a thing for blue and couldn't decide. Beast and Nightcrawler came to some sort of agreement and the mansion had its first ménage a trois. What a lucky bitch!

I, on the other hand, had no interest in recruitment missions and that was mostly due to my skin. My expertise lay in staking out labs, extracting top-secret government files, and beating the crap out of the Brotherhood while saving humankind. My job description did not include exploiting my body and using sex to attract useful mutants to Xavier's grand plan whatever it may be.

If I wanted to be a prostitute, I would have let Cody be my pimp, instead of keeping track of his accounts and performing occasional blow-jobs for him. Luckily, I ran into 'Ro and Scott when I was on the run after Cody made a shady deal with Magneto, somehow ended up dead, and I found myself at the top of Liberty Island. That, however, is a story for another day.

I have been with Xavier for the past few years. The man clothed, fed, and helped me control my skin. When I first realized what Xavier's ploy was, I was shocked. Then I accepted it. Finally, I took part in a few, which luckily did not have me resorting to sex…yet.

When we were sent out to recruit the Russian, we found the quiet man preferred the slight Kitty and they immediately hit it off.

We were off our mark with John. I found his flirting ignited some bad boy fire in me, until I accidently brushed up against him and found that he liked ice better.

The only one who came close enough to me to consider sex was Remy. He made me melt and shake and almost forget my name. I almost found myself being his recruitment and not the other way around, until Jubes walked past with her boobs practically exposed, and Remy was lost.

However, no one was interested in sexcruitments anymore. Xavier must have noticed the lackluster behavior in recruitments, especially when people started pairing off…with the ones who recruited them.

When Xavier found a mutant in the middle of nowhere who supposedly had a reputation that preceded him, Xavier was excited. I had only heard rumors of the Wolverine's ruthlessness and Xavier immediately proposed the idea that this was the last addition to his special team, and therefore, the last mission that would involve such sexual relations.

The only problem was the Xavier couldn't get a reading off the Wolverine to know who to send. Wolverine would fuck anything that had a pussy, but Xavier needed something more substantial to get Wolverine to come to Westchester…

...which is why the female members of the elite X team are now randomly dispersed throughout the seedy bar. I wanted to sit out on this mission, but Xavier forced me to come, too. Apparently, Wolverine is too damn important to lose. Whatever!

We are all grudgingly interested in the legendary Wolverine. Even Xavier himself is out here. The Blackbird was strategically hidden in the surrounding forests and I had just left Xavier with a fuming Scott in a discreet vehicle in the nearby area.

It was no secret that Scott wanted Jean to quit volunteering herself for sex missions, especially after the whole Angel debacle. But in my opinion, Jean needed the sense knocked back into her. Something 'Ro would have done if she wasn't so busy surrounding herself in blue fur. Scott may be a tight-ass, but he was a loyal and cute tight-ass.

Okay, so sue me. I have schoolgirl fantasies about him—they're just fantasies though…

I knew there was a one-out-of-five chance I would have to do the down and dirty with Wolvie tonight. I was excited and frightened at the prospect. On one hand, I really wanted to have sex, but I wanted my first time to be special, not a pump and dump that Wolverine was famous for.

I quickly scan the crowd again and notice that all of the women have directed lusty gazes towards the cage. The men, who didn't have eyes on the cage, are all hungrily gazing at certain women, me included. Yuck!

Sometime during my disinterest…ok, dozing off, Jubes suddenly pokes me in the shoulders.

"There he is. LOOK!"

"Huh?" I sit up, but the Wolverine has his back to me. I see a tall, muscular man make his way to the cage. He throws off his jacket and then sheds his flannel shirt and wife-beater before entering the cage where Piotr is waiting.


I am now staring at the most incredible backside ever.

The way his muscles bunch as he shakes his arms out…

The way his ass looks as he shuffles side to side and seems to appraise Piotr…

Especially the way his ass is encased in some of the tightest jeans I have ever seen on a man…

Holy motherfucker!

How is it that I suddenly find myself reacting to just this guy's backside?

I could slowly feel myself getting wet. I mean, my lacy underwear is not even enough of a barrier from the wetness beginning to seep out of my core and causing my thighs to stick together. I must be more deprived than I thought.

Piotr and Wolverine exchange heavy blows as Kitty whispers, "The professor wants Piotr to lose."

I don't think Piotr has a choice because Wolverine looks like a formidable opponent. He seems to be recovering pretty quickly from what Piotr throws at him. Kitty has her hands covering her mouth in worry as Wolverine gives Piotr a swift upper-cut.

I should feel bad that a good friend is getting seriously pummeled. However, all I could think about was the way Wolverine's back rippled at every movement. I am still getting wetter and uncross my legs to get some air and maybe rise up to get a glance at his face.

Quite suddenly, I see Wolverine stand straight. I have no idea what he's doing, but as he slowly turns his head I could have sworn he was sniffing the air out. Then, he turns all the way—no way in HELL— he is looking at me. That's impossible. I am in the shadows.

*Quite possible, my dear. He is a feral. Have you suddenly forgotten about their senses?*

The professor is gone as soon as he finishes. He knows I don't like people in my head. I already have enough of them in there.

Truth be told, I've suddenly forgotten a lot of things when I see those intense hazel eyes lock into mine. My fingers itch to run through his course muttonchops and brown hair. I shift to ease my discomfort and he seems to smile…or smirk more like it.

I really wish I had read the dossier we had about Wolverine instead of bitching at Xavier for making me come.

How the hell could he see me? There were at least three ho-bags in front of me in addition to all the female members of the elite X-team around me.

I never thought I was into hairy guys, but just looking at this guy is making me rethink my priorities. I quickly recross my legs.

Either way, our temporary moment ends when Piotr throws a few punches at a distracted Wolverine. Wolverine goes down for five seconds before roaring back up and delivering the final blow at Piotr. Wolverine must have a healing factor because I know Piotr can pack some serious metallic heat.

Piotr is out and dragged off as the announcer comes to the middle of the cage. Kitty immediately rushes towards a semiconscious Piotr. She bends over him and her mini rides up higher showing off her panties. Some douche gets ready to pinch her ass. However, Piotr is just conscious enough to grab douche-bag's hand and crush his fingers.

Meanwhile, the announcer back in the cage attempts to lift Wolverine's hand up, but to no avail until Wolverine lifts his hand himself. That action causes the announcer a jolt as he finds his hand suddenly jerk upward. Composing himself, he yells into a microphone, "There you have it. Your king of the Cage again….THE WOLVERINE!"

Various cheers and boos echo around the bar, but I am again locked in on the hunk of man staring back at me. His teeth are bared and his canines look deadly.

I am no longer aware of Kitty and injured Piotr…or Jean suddenly primping herself for her grand introduction to the Wolverine. I'm not even aware of Jubes or 'Ro looking from me to the Wolverine and then at each other.

Jean can go fuck herself…or Scott for that matter.

The only thing I want right now is that man's teeth ripping my clothes to shreds.