charmed and twilight crossover


Hi my name is bella swan or bella halliwell. I am the the youngest of the 4 charmed ones (A/N: in my story there are 4 charmed ones) and the most powerful. My powers are empath(can read and control emotions), i can see into the future, levetate, freeze and blow up things with just a motion of my hands, orb, heal, sense evil, move thing with my mind, and read minds.

My boyfriend and his family are vampires and i was sent to protect them by the elders, really old people in robes that live up in the sky and made of all good, because they (my boyfriend and his family) are pure good and demons will go after them and try to kill them. But I fell in love with one of them, edward cullen.

But they left to protect me and now i have to find them but first i have to go to my sisters, piper (the oldest), phoebe (second oldest), and paige (second youngest).