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A young boy was crouched in a bush, watching two girls playing on a swing set. They were swinging as high as they could, and he watched them with an obvious longing to join them. Anyone who didn't know the young Severus Snape could have easily mistaken his pained longing for friendship for greed.

"Lilly, don't do it!" shrieked the brown-haired girl. It was too late though, and the young girl flew off the swing, laughing proudly as she landed lightly. She turned to her sister, beaming in delight from her flight.

"I'm fine!" Said Lilly. "Hey, Tunney, watch this!" She picked up a flower and Petunia hesitantly peered at it. In a moment, it had begun to open and close its petals rapidly.

"Stop that!"

"It's not going to hurt you." Said Lilly, rolling her eyes. Even so, she stopped, and Petunia relaxed.

"How do you do that?" she asked longingly.

Severus stood, and in a vague attempt to look normal he straightened his cloak. No way would he reveal his ridiculous smock to the girls. "Isn't it obvious?" he drawled.

The girls jumped, and Petunia yelped.

"Isn't what obvious?" Asked Lilly once she realized who had addressed them.

Severus opened his mouth and began to say 'that you're a witch', but choked it off. He didn't want to offend her the first time he ever spoke to her! What came out was, "That you… erm, well… that you can do magic." Lilly raised an eyebrow, and Petunia shrieked. He hurried on, mentally cursing himself for sounding so stupid. "So can I, I'm going to be a wizard next year!"

Petunia sneered at him. "Come on Lilly, let's go home. This boy is obviously crazy."

Severus flushed. "I'm not crazy!"

"Well then you're a freak, and that's worse. Come on Lils, we are leaving!"

The two girls ran off, though Lilly managed to shoot an apologetic grin back at Severus, who was left standing alone, devastated. That was not how he wanted their first conversation to go…

The next day, the girls hesitantly returned to the playground.

"What if that boy is here again?" hissed Petunia, clutching Lilly's arm. "You know, the one who said he was a…" She shuddered, and spat out the next word. "Wizard?"

Lilly grinned at her sister, green eyes sparkling. "Stop worrying! Besides, I kind of like the idea. And you have to admit, it makes sense in a way. How else could I do all these things?"

"There's no such thing as magic!" Yelled Petunia, but Lilly didn't look completely convinced.

They sat on the swings in silence for a time, until Petunia broke the silence with a whispered shriek. "Lilly! It's him!"

Sure enough, Severus was slowly walking down the road to the playground, and as they watched he came through the gates. He looked slightly better today, wearing khaki pants and a black turtleneck sweater that looked suspiciously like it had belonged to his mother at some point. He approached the girls, and brushed his slightly greasy looking black hair out of his face.

"Well if it isn't Mr. Wizard." Said Lilly with a slight smile. "You didn't even bother telling us your name."

"Severus. Severus Snape." He said, examining the ground.

"I'm Lilly Evans. This is Petunia, my sister." She examined him curiously. "Are you really a wizard?"

Severus looked indignant. "Of course I am! And so are you. Well, you're a witch at least. Petunia is a muggle though."

Petunia drew herself to her full height. "And just what is that supposed to mean?"

"You don't have any magical talent." He said, barely concealing a smirk.

Lilly was quick to come to her sister's aid. "There's nothing wrong with that!"

Petunia ignored this, glaring at Severus. Slowly, her eyes widened. "I ran into a boy at school yesterday that everyone always says is really weird. Like, weird stuff happens around him. I didn't bother to apologize, but today my homework was missing right after I did it!" She gasped. "Could he have been a…" She couldn't quite bring herself to say the word though, and instead looked at Severus accusingly.

He shrugged. "Possibly. Accidental magic is commonly used for things like that. Of course, after eleven we can't do magic outside of Hogwarts, but that's only until we reach seventeen."

Petunia looked pained, but curiosity won out over the need to disguise ignorance. "Hogwarts?"

This time Severus didn't bother hiding the sneer. "Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It's where Lilly and I will go to learn magic."

Lilly had been listening raptly, and finally was unable to remain silent any longer. "You mean I'm really going to learn how to do magic?"

He nodded. "We'll be in school together I think." He added, and continued with a shy smile. "How old are you?"

"I'm ten, I turn eleven January 30th, so in two months."

"Same here." In response to Severus' surprised expression, she added, "Fraternal twins."

He gulped. His parents complained enough about raising one child, what would they do with two at once? "And I do January 9th." He turned to Lilly. "We'll get our Hogwarts letters on our birthdays."

"Why isn't Tuney a witch?" Said Lilly, frowning slightly.

"It doesn't always run in families, so it's possible for one twin to be a witch and one to not. My mom's a witch, but dad's a muggle, and here I am a wizard. It all depends."

"Both my parents are muggles. Will that make a difference? I mean…"

Severus shook his head violently. "Not at all."

"Oh." Said Lilly, visibly relaxing. Behind her, Petunia crossed her arms and rolled her eyes at Severus. "So what's Hogwarts like?" Asked Lilly, clueless to Petunia's resentment.

"I don't really know." Said Severus, looking back at the ground.

"But you said your mom was a witch!"

"She is." He replied, gaze hardening and smile turning glassy. "But she doesn't talk to me much. Neither does dad."

"I'm sorry." Said Lilly, and Petunia's gaze softened a little.

"It's no big deal." He lied easily, shrugging as he did.

Lilly searched her mind, determined to find a new topic. Before she could think of anything, Petunia cut in. "Er, do you two want to get on the swings or something? I'm getting tired of standing."

They quickly agreed, and headed for the swing set. Lilly broke out into a run, and Petunia and Severus sped up to match paces with her. Petunia took the rightmost sing, jumping smoothly into it. Lilly ran past the middle swing, grabbing the chain so she spun around with it, red hair flying out and smacking Severus in the face as he calmly seated himself in the left swing.

Laughing wildly at the disgruntled look on his face, Petunia began to swing as Lilly gasped out an apology through her own mirth. He rolled his eyes and accepted the apology, and then whipped his head so his own shoulder-length hair flew out in imitation of Lilly's. This caused the two girls to fall off their swings with shouts of laughter.

When the calmed down he put on his best innocently puzzled smile, and asked, "What?"

They giggled hysterically, and after a minute he joined them, looking rather pleased with himself for making them laugh.

"You looked just like her!" Panted Petunia after they finally calmed down.

"Hey!" Cried Lilly, looking insulted. "You seem to forget that I have red hair, which is obviously better for whipping."

They looked at her seriously for a moment, thinking this over, before they collapsed with laughter again.

Severus allowed himself to bask in the feeling of acceptance, which was so rare for him. It seemed that Lilly liked him, which felt wonderful. He wasn't sure Petunia would ever like him very much since he had magic, but she wasn't glaring daggers at him anymore. He decided to take another risk. "True, but I think he can all agree that black hair is at least better than brown."

Petunia narrowed her eyes at him, and flicked her head. Severus found himself with yet another face-full of hair, and watched Petunia and Lilly giggle with a smirk that bordered on a smile.

Absent-mindedly, Lilly picked up a flower and began to make it open and close. When Petunia noticed the smile slipped off her face, and she began to glare at Severus again.

Lilly stopped suddenly, and over her shoulder at a house. She stood with a groan, and motioned to her sister. "C'mon Petunia, mom's calling."

"Goodbye Severus." Said Petunia with the hint of a sneer.

"Bye Sev!" Called Lilly, and he waved goodbye to them as they marched off.

He turned to leave, and allowed himself a triumphant smile. He thought, for the first time in his life, that he had just made a friend. Maybe even two.

I ask for your forgiveness for making Lilly and Petunia fraternal twins, it was the only way I could have them born close enough to eachother to be in the same year! I won't make a big plot device out of it, and it should only be mentioned once or twice more, and that's only if they have a birthday party. I also mad them all ten, turning eleven soon, for plot purposes.

I chose to make them act slightly silly, because that's how ten year old girls act, and most ten year old boys too. I know Snape would be a bit more reserved, but since he's trying so hard to get Lilly's friendship he would act more friendly. Petunia and Sev will never be best friends, but she will tolerate him, especially since he's smart enough to not just talk about wizardly things around her. J.K. is a great author, but Snape would have been smart enough to not make an enemy out of Lilly's sister in my opinion.

If there are any discrepancies I haven't explained that you would like me too, or any comments/plot ideas please drop a review and I'll attend to it immediatly! Thank you for reading.