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Lily awoke the next morning feeling strangely out of place. When she looked around, she sat bolt upright. "I'm at Hogwarts." She whispered happily. Standing quietly to avoid waking her sleeping dorm mates, she snuck off to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Once she emerged, showered and fully dressed, the others were just waking up. Hoping to talk to Severus and Petunia before breakfast, she hurried down to the common room. Even as she stepped through the door she could hear voices calling to her, though not the ones she had hoped for.

"Oy! Evans, right?" Lily glanced at the source of the voice and groaned. There sat Potter, Black, and Remus, with a new boy cowering behind them. She waved and smiled at Remus, and he grinned and waved back.

"Morning Lily." He said quietly.

"Hey Remus!" She said, pointedly ignoring the other three boys.

James' jaw dropped. "What, I don't get a hello? A good morning hug? Nothing?"

Lily struggled, but managed to keep her composure. "You want to come with me to see if I can catch Tuney and Sev?" He shrugged and walked over to her, calling goodbye to his friends, who were yelling something-or-other at them.

As soon as the portrait closed behind them they both burst out laughing.

"Did you see Black's face?" Lily gasped.

"Sirius? What about James? He was speechless!"

Lily made a face. "I wish."

They laughed and chatted as they made their way down the stairs, before Lily finally paused. "I wonder why they didn't follow us?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Remus asked with a smirk. To Lily's surprise, he was quite good at smirking. "He wanted to stay and make sure he flirted with every girl! Why do you think we were down there that early?"

Lily shrieked with laughter, and they ran down the final steps nearing hysteria.

"Do you get the feeling we missed something?" asked a bemused voice.

Lily looked up and squealed. "Sev! Tuney!" She grabbed them in a hug, and began to laugh. "How did you sleep? Our dorms were so cool!"

They chattered on about their separate houses for a few minutes before Petunia's stomach growled. "Time for breakfast!" She announced as the other's laughed.

Lily made a face. "I don't want to, we'll have to sit at different tables…."

At this Severus and Petunia smirked. "Says who?"

Petunia continued. "I was reading through Hogwarts, A History, and it clearly says that the houses must sit together at the celebration feasts. Other than that, we're free!"

Lily gaped at her sister as Severus chuckled. "You look ridiculous."

Shaking her head, she grabbed his hand and pulled him after her as she hurried into the Great Hall. "Which table do you want to sit at?" She asked even as she headed for her own.

Severus, who had blushed faintly when she took his hand, quietly stopped her. "I doubt I would be very welcome there Lils."

"Why not? If you're worried about Potter and them I'm sure we can take them!"

He sighed, looking away. "Slytherin and Griffindor have always been rivals. Everyone from my house hates you and your housemates, and everyone from your house hates mine."

Lily shrugged. "I'm sure you're exaggerating Sev."

Petunia intervened. "He's not Lils, I've seen it myself last night at the feast. Come on, let's sit at my table."

Severus turned to Remus, who had been trailing after them. "Are you going to sit with us, or wait for your… friends, Potter and the rest?"

Remus glanced at the girls, and saw Petunia staring at him questioningly. Hurriedly he looked back to Severus with a grin. "I think they'll live without me for one morning…"

The four sat down and began to eat as the other students filed in. Ravenclaws barely gave them a second glance, and Petunia explained that the rule was common knowledge in her house. Lily swallowed her mouthful of sausage and looked at the others. "Hey, how long do you guys have until your first class?"

"Petunia and I have charms in an hour."

"We have transfiguration in an hour. Want to take some stuff outside and eat? It's a pretty day!"

They agreed, and spooned eggs and sausage onto pieces of toast. Each downed their glass of pumpkin juice, and they headed outside with the food wrapped in bundles of napkins. An hour later they split up for their classes, and Lily and Remus walked to transfiguration together.

"Oy! Remus! Evans!"

Lily groaned, and Remus froze. "Hi James."

"What are you two doing together?"

Lily turned to face the boy. "We ate breakfast together with Sev and Tuney, remember? Or is your head to bloated to take in one more thing?"

James reached a hand up to mess his hair. "Hey, relax, I remember now. So why are you still together?"

Lily gave him a look that asked if he had a mental disorder. "We're walking to transfiguration, same as you." She said slowly.

"Oh. Right!" He flashed her a grin. "Well I can take it from here Remus, thanks for keeping an eye on her!" He said, offering her his arm.

Lily leaned over and made retching noises, much to Remus' not very well hidden amusement. She began to walk quickly and he followed, sending an apologetic glance back at a shocked James.

The separated for Transfiguration, Lily choosing to sit by Mary while Remus returned to James and Sirius. After Transfiguration came double potions with the slytherins, and Lily instantly slid into a seat next to Severus. "Hi!" She whispered.

"Hey!" He whispered back.

Professor Slughorn came bouncing in and started up a speech on potions class. Quickly Lily pulled out a piece of parchment and scribbled on it before passing it to Severus.

-So how did Charms go?

He raised his eyebrow, and she chuckled at how much he resembled a teacher scolding a student.

-Passing notes in class? Shame on you Lily.

She rolled her eyes at him.

-Oh hush. So?

-It went well. I take it Remus has gone back to his friends?

Lily turned and glanced at the boy in question, who was doing his best to be invisible as Potter and Black acted like morons.

-I'm not sure.

-I'm surprised he was willing to eat breakfast with us in the first place. Potter seems to keep a close eye on people that are "his".

Lily covered her mouth to hide her laughter.

-You make him seem like you-know-who! Honestly Sev… Think we'll do anything in this lesson?

-Based on where his speech is at now? I'd say the answer is no.

-Well at least you're here; otherwise I'd die of boredom. Sit by me in Defense?

-I thought we had a free period next?

-We do. Then lunch. Sit by me there too?

Severus smiled at the paper.

-I'll sit by you.


Severus used his hair to hide the light blush the last note caused, and began to write his reply when something landed on his desk.

-Sit by me at lunch? You know you want to. –JP

Severus stared at the note in disgust before realizing it must have been meant for Lily. Smirking, he wrote his answer.

-As much as I'd enjoy that Potter, I'm afraid Lily may get jealous if I abandon her to sit with you. If you had asked just a minute earlier I could have agreed, but I just promised her I'd sit by her for the rest of the day. –SS

-What the hell Snape?

-Well all right, I wouldn't enjoy it, but when your note landed in front of me I thought I should try and be nice.

-That note was for Evans!

Snape smoothed the paper, which was becoming increasingly wrinkled, and allowed Lily to read over the conversation.

-You are such a prat Potter! Leave Severus and me alone!

She threw the note at Potter with a glare, and Snape sneered at the boy. Slughorn clapped his hands loudly and announced that the lesson was over, and students poured out of the room happily.

"Let's find Tuney and go to the library!" Lily said, grabbing Severus' hand.

Remus, who had been standing behind them overheard and smiled. "Mind if I come?"

"You're welcome to come unless you're worried what Potter may think."

He shrugged and followed them, trailing behind a bit.

"LILY! SEV!" A voice from a sea of yellow called. "OVER HERE!"

They found Petunia and went to the library, where they spent most of the time getting to know Remus. He made a nice addition to their group, and the girls quickly accepted him. Severus remained leery, but talked and laughed along with the others. When free period ended, they walked down to lunch together before they were stopped once again by a shout.

"OY! Remus! You ditching us for them?"

Remus looked over to saw James and Sirius waving at him, and sighed. "I'd better go…"

He ran off as they called goodbye, and Severus, Lily, and Petunia sat down to eat. The rest of the day passed in a blur, and before they could blink they were sitting in the same places for dinner.

"Well, what was your favorite class?" Asked Severus, raising an eyebrow at the girls.

"Transfiguration!" Petunia said, beaming.

"Potions seems fun, but Charms was the best today." Lily said, shaking her head at her sister.

"Defense was obviously better." Severus said with a sigh.

"Well that's perfect!" Petunia said, clapping her hands. When the others gave her questioning looks she explained. "Remus told me he's really good at History, though he doesn't really like it, and this way we have someone who likes everything if we do our homework together!"

They burst out laughing, and Lily put her arms around the other two.

"This is going to be a great year, I just know it!" Petunia announced.

Meanwhile, Remus was assuring James for the hundredth time that he wasn't going over to the "dark side."

"So did Evans talk about me any?" Asked James.

"No, she didn't. And you've asked me that one before."

Sirius leaned over. "Well here's a new one, did Evans ask about me?" When James looked at him in shock he held up his hands. "The brunette, James, not the ginger."

Remus had stiffened slightly, but shrugged and said "Sorry mate, not a word. We talked about other things."

"Well tomorrow bring us up!" James said, waving his wands as he spoke.

"Yeah, you can be our… Wingman! That's the word! Make 'em see that we're their type." Sirius added.

Remus laughed. "I really don't think either of you are either of their types."

"Oh? What is their type then?"

'Lily's type seems to be Severus, and I don't know Petunia's but I'm hoping to find out.' He said to himself. Out loud, he replied with "Oh… I don't know… guys who take school seriously for one."

"Hey! I take school seriously!" James said, and Sirius almost fell off his bench laughing.

"Well I still say Remus should set us up." He said once he recovered.

"Yeah, keep hanging out with them Remus! Maybe with you we can lure them away from Snivellus…"

"And into our waiting arms." The two high fived eachother, and Remus rolled his eyes. At least he had found a way to juggle his two groups of friends. If he could he would have dropped James and Sirius, but he didn't need to make enimies out of his dorm mates. He needed them to be on his side in case anyone ever found out… But no, it was best not to think about that now. He looked across the tables and saw Lily put her arms around Severus and Petunia, and smiled as Severus looked away and grumbled and Petunia grinned and flipped her hair out of her face.

"This is going to be a good year, I really think it is." He whispered to himself.

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