"Pepper!" Tony demanded one night as the credits rolled on their movie. "Let's play twenty questions."

Pepper raised her eyebrows. "Is that the game where you have twenty questions to figure an object out?"

"Yeah. But let's not play that way." Tony said. "Let's play where I can ask you any twenty questions that you'll have to answer truthfully. And then you can ask me twenty."

Pepper looked at him unsure. "I don't know Tony. It's late."

"But I'm not tired." He whined.

"But I am." Pepper replied.

Tony decided to compromise. "Okay, fifteen questions."

Pepper sighed. She knew Tony and he wasn't going to stop pushing this. He could be so childish sometimes. "Okay, fine."

Tony grinned. "Okay. First question. What's the first memory you have?"

Pepper thought about it. "I think my third birthday. I had this frilly pink dress—it was ridiculous—and all my preschool friends were there and there was music and all this crap. It was crazy but I loved it."

Tony nodded thoughtfully. "Hmmm. Sounds like something you'd hate now. So, why did your parents move to California and when?"

Pepper thought about it. "We moved because my dad had lost his job in Tennessee and he'd gotten a job in California. I was almost five years old."

Tony smiled. "What did you do for your sweet sixteen?"

Pepper rolled her eyes. "You know what I did for my sweet sixteen. I went to a dinner party and met you, you took me on a highly dangerous ride on the motorcycle you built, we ate fast food, went to the beach, and I had to explain to my parents why my new dress was ripped. It was because of your motorcycle and I couldn't tell my parents I'd left the party."

"But come on, it was fun." Tony laughed. "So, what was your first job?" He asked next.

"I worked at McDonalds."

"Where did you graduate high school?" he asked.

"I didn't. I got my GED so I could go to France for a year with my uncle."

"What's your favorite color?"



"Because. Just because." Tony glared at her. "Because it's the color of your Iron Man suit." She admitted. "Are you happy now?"

Tony grinned. "Very much so. What's your favorite thing about your job?"

Pepper gave him a dirty . "I suppose I'm supposed to say you? But… I guess that is the best thing about my job." She confessed.

"What's the worst thing about your job?"

"Can I say you again?" she joked, "Kidding. The stress, probably."

Tony pretended to look hurt. "How can I be the best and the worst thing?" she laughed. "Who was your first boyfriend?"

"This guy named Oliver Johnson."

"First kiss?"

"Jacob McCoy."

"First guy you had sex with?"

Pepper rolled her eyes. "You're impossible. Kevin Robinson."

"What would you do if I bought you lingerie?"

"Wouldn't you like to find out."

Tony raised his eyebrows suggestively. "Do you have a sex fantasy?"

Pepper groaned. "Tony, this is getting ridiculous. I refuse to answer that, and I'm going to bed."

"I was kidding, Pep. I'm sorry." He said.

She started walking to the their bedroom, her back turned to him. "But I'm still tired. And I'm still going to bed."

"One more question, Pep. Please." he paused. "Pepper turn around." He said.

Pepper sighed and turned around. Tony was right behind her on his knee holding an open velvet box. "I'm not good with words. Actually, I suck with words. I don't know how to say what I feel most of the time and I probably don't tell you I love you enough but the truth is that I do love you, Pepper. And I don't want to live without you. Ever. So my last question is... Pepper, will you marry me?"